Storm City

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Chapter Three

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Without opening my eyes, I reach over to turn my alarm off.

I freeze when my hand lands on something cold, frigid even.

My eyes spring open and lock with brown ones and my blood drains from my face.

"You're awake!" she says excitedly, moving to walk closer towards me with wide eyes.

My body catches up to my brain and registers the complete bizarreness and danger of the situation. I scramble backwards out of the warmth of the cozy fur blanket placed atop me and put my hands up. "Don't come any closer."

Her face falters slightly but she does as said anyway. "You are not in danger, human," she says with a sympathetic smile.

I narrow my eyes at her. "I just got kidnapped by two crazy Game of Thrones fanatics," I retort. "How do you expect me to act?"

Her brows furrow in confusion before she shrugs nonchalantly. "Are you hungry?"

I take a momentary glance around me. The endless amount of snow amazes me. I've never been here before, yet I can't seem to shake off the sense of familiarity.

It was the oddest, most beautiful scene I'd ever seen. It looked like it came out straight of Google Images.

The forest itself features many towering oaks and lush undergrowth, but I don't fail to miss the silence. There was no animal-calls, birdsongs, or even the buzzing of insects. Just the quiet sound of the snow falling and slight wind.

Even the sky looked different. It was dull, lacking of any clouds and the flapping wings of birds.

The slight rustling of leaves lulled me out of my zoning out. "What'd you say?" I ask, somewhat pleasantly. It wouldn't help me if I pissed off my kidnappers. Who knows what they're capable of.

Verona looked at me thoughtfully. "I asked if you were hungry," she repeats her earlier question.

"A little bit," I say reluctantly. I didn't want to except anything from them, but food was food and I was starving.

Her face brightens and she meanders towards where some traveling bags lay. She pulls out some bread and a cheese stick. I grimace when she extends them to me with her clawed hand. If she noticed my discomfort, she

doesn't comment on it.

Even after almost finishing my food, she's still staring creepily. "Hasn't anyone told you it's rude to stare at people?" I blurt.

She smiles apologetically. "My apologies, I don't mean to be rude. I'm just curious, is all."

I blink at her in surprise. "About what, exactly?"

She looks hesitant to tell me and I narrow my eyes at her in suspicion.

Verona opens her mouth to voice her thoughts when a carcass is dropped onto the snow inbetween us, coloring the surrounding snow with a deep, dark red.

I stiffened. Rhys wordlessly moves from around me and saunters over to Verona, who shot him an amused look. She mouthed something but I missed it.

Rhys turned his head slightly over to look at me, studying me. I shifted uncomfortably under his intense gaze. It was like he was waiting for me to run or something. I wasn't that dumb, I glumly thought.

Verona clapper her hands in a quick, excited motion with a bright smile. "Allow me to make introductions. This here," she motions to the sulking Rhys, "is Rhys. Rhys, this is. . ."

I blink. "Remi," I mutter.

Verona grins. "That's quite a beautiful name, Remi."

I nod silently. I look towards the carcass and shiver. As far as I was concerned, this wasn't a normalcy in America. What even was that? It looked like something in between a hare and a squirrel. It's white fur was stained with its blood, leaving only its large, bushy tail clean. It's limbs were quite short, it had a small nose, and it even it's ears were small.

Rhys purses his lips and nodded back in greeting, but was otherwise silent.

I feel bile start to rise up my throat at the revolting image of the dead animal.

I rush up and scampered to the closest tree, letting it out and bringing the dreadful stench of bile to my nostrils.

I jump when I feel a hand on my back, massaging. I whirl around, still whipping my mouth. "Don't touch me," I demand.

"Are you alright?" Verona's expression was one of pity.

I close my eyes and lean against the oak tree. I hear Verona's sharp intake of breath.

I eye Verona in skepticism as looks at me in astonishment.

"What?" I exclaim.

Verona shakes her head and I don't fail to miss the flare of fear in her eyes in just that one small second.

She scampers away, losing her grace and almost tripping along the way. Her sudden change in character worried me.

Verona finals reaches Rhys and starts whispering furiously to him. I'm unable to understand what she's saying to him when his brows furrow in confusion and he momentarily glances at me.

A twig snaps behind me. I turn around and stiffen in fear at the sight of a large, black growling animal. It's black fur stands up, making it look bigger than it actually is to its prey. The animal's tense muscles ripple powerfully as it's about to throw itself towards me. It's jaw opens and a dark, forest green slime drips off its sharp canines.

I close my eyes, knowing I wouldn't have a chance at running from it. I don't get my life flashing before my eyes, but I do feel this weird urge to do something.

I wait for the impact of the animal with my eyes tightly shut and my arms shielding my head, yet it never came.

I sense more than hear Rhys in front of me and when I open my eyes there's no animal in sight. Just Rhys with a sword in his hands and and an expression one of minor annoyance.

I'm trembling in terror and when his eyes lock with mine the utter, lethal danger radiating off him had me wishing the animal had been successful.

Hard green orbs scowled at me. "Are you trying to get yourself killed?"

My fear immediately washed away as anger took over. "You think I chose to have an animal almost attack me? To be kidnapped by you two? I haven't had much of a choice in anything recently and you sure made that crystal clear!"

He stares intently at me before looking down and a laugh bubbles out of me. "Oh at least you have the decency to be ashamed," I said drily, putting my anger on hold.

In the blink of an eye, Rhys had abandoned the sword and was within arms length. He glared at me in rage with his hand wound tightly around my neck. "I am anything but. I will not be ashamed for using one mere life to my advantage to aid the survival of my people," he spat in indignation. "Mind your tongue, Remmington, for it is not of any use to me and I have no qualms ridding you of it."

Even though I could hardly catch a breath, I managed to let a disgruntled laugh out. "Wow, you really are deluded," I taunt. His eyes flashed and his grip tightened, making me cough and struggle to get a breath in. My lungs began to sting from the lack of air and I began to see dark spots across my vision.

"Rhys!" I hear someone shout, but to no avail. His hold was still just as strong, if not tighter than before.

The aching feeling in my chest from earlier came back tenfold and the need for air seemed to decrease somehow. I latch my hands on his forearm and dig my nails into his skin, letting out a muffled grunt when nothing seemed to deter him. Verona just overlooked with an obvious worried expression.

Just as Verona was about to intercept, something within me seemed to click. I let out a scream and used all my strength to pull his arm off of me and shove him away.

Black flames seemed to come out of nowhere and push Rhys 30 feet away from me and onto a tree. I had no idea what it was but it had definitely worked.

Rhys slowly lifted himself up. Both him and Verona stared at me with their jaws hung open. Their disbelief rivaled mine. Their eyes travel to my hand.

I felt as a I had just woken up from a century long nap, all energized and ready for anything. I couldn't even feel the cold anymore, nor was my stomach about to roar with hunger. I felt. . . indomitable.

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