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Blake is an Alpha-Born Beta; will her walls and history get in the way of destiny?

Fantasy / Romance
Annie E
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Chapter 1

I sit in my office, humming along to the final verse of a Panic! At The Disco song playing in my earbuds, and catching up on pack paperwork that Logan and I procrastinated on (again) when I notice the movement by my open window. Though I continue paging through the armory financial report- confusingly high for people who are basically weapons themselves- I am less than surprised when a pair of warriors jump out at me as Mozart's 5th Symphony begins.

It takes me about 1 minute to take them out. I need to pick up on training, I've clearly been slacking. The two warriors, Emma and Sean, are a couple of the most advanced that I've ever worked with, so I had offered a bit of a challenge- If they can successfully sneak attack me, they get a week off of training at their leisure, along with $500 each. It's been almost a year and they still are at training bright and early every morning.

"Nice try, guys. it might have worked if you found a better entry point." I chuckle, offering my hand to help them up. It probably wouldn't have, but I'm training them, not killing their spirits.

"I doubt it," Emma replies, ignoring my hand and standing on her own, "But we'll get you at some point, Beta."

Her partner, however, had no qualms about taking my hand, chuckling as he responded"Hell, if we tried to sneak up on the most bad-ass fighter in the country, at very least, and lived, I figure we're doing alright."

"You aren't wrong," I smirk, "But you can damn well do better, considering I've been seeing more of you two than of my bed lately. Speaking of which," I continue, "I'm pretty confident that we have reached the point where you can just call me Blake, Emma. Not in front of those visiting Ego-Monsters tomorrow, but otherwise."

"I'll call you Blake when you call the leadership of most of the packs on this continent Ego Monsters to their faces, Beta Ceirtlín."

I groan at my full title- I passed up being Alpha for many reasons, but a big one was all the damn formality and rules getting in the way of doing the actual job. I'm just 23 to their 20, but that title always makes me feel ancient. Meeting with the Alphas and their horny heirs and sexist guards tomorrow was going to be 90% a waste of time, but Logan said I couldn't just come when they got down to business (what is the point of mind-link if he won't use it?) so deal with it I must. "I would, but your Alpha would be less than thrilled, especially seeing as he has to leave Luna Rose's bedside so close to the pups for this meeting."

Logan and his mate, Rose, are expecting twins and Rose has been on doctor-ordered bed rest for over a month due to the high-risk pregnancy. Between that and the fact that they had their first child, a boy named Leo, only a year ago, Logan has been extremely protective, to the point of being smothering. "Speaking of which," I add, "I need to bring this to the Alpha to look over before tomorrow, so you two should get going. I better not hear anything about issues with training while I'm with the Egos, got it."

"Yes, Beta." I roll my eyes as I close the window before leaving my office, file of paperwork in hand, and lock the door behind the warriors. After we part ways, I mind-link Logan as I head towards the Alpha wing of the packhouse, "I'm bringing some paperwork for you to look at- I'll be in your living room as not to wake Rose."

Shortly after I settle into the grey-leather couch, my best friend and Alpha comes in, clearly annoyed at having to leave his mate in the middle of the night. "Couldn't this wait until morning, Blake! It's 3 a-freaking-m! I just got Leo back to sleep and your mug is not the one I was hoping to see," he whisper-yells, the bags under his brown eyes as apparent as his messy blonde hair, likely from running his fingers through it in frustration.

"You ready to look at our info for the meeting tomorrow, or wanna keep yelling and go in blind? I'm fine either way, just need to know if I'll be here long enough to recline this sucker." Logan glares at me and grabs the file off the coffee table. He flips through and scans each page, occasionally asking about one figure or another.

"Wait, the Brotherhood showed up near Blood Moon?" He asked, eyes looking at the brand hidden under my tattoo sleeve with concern before quickly looking into my eyes.

"No," I cross my arms, once again mad that those assholes will, to some extent, always be linked to me, "Two brothers showed up near Blood Moon and were imprisoned almost immediately. Don't borrow trouble. We already have enough issues with the packs fighting each other with the common enemy gone. You can ask Alpha Devon about it, but there isn't much more to tell unless a lot happened since I printed this an hour ago."

Logan's concern doesn't entirely leave his eyes, but he knows not to push it. "Do we even need all this research? The only thing we really are bringing to the agenda is 'stop being idiots and starting wars with each other.'"

"Yeah, but you said I can't just beat up the offending Alphas, so I figured I have some free time and will destroy them with facts instead of the fun way."

Logan looks at the clock and cocks his eyebrow "Free time?"

"I don't sleep much," I shrug, knowing that Logan knows better than to ask why. Shortly thereafter, we say our goodbyes and I head to my house.

While I was offered a perfectly fine wing of the pack house when I returned and became Beta 5 years ago, the old fixer upper down the road was much more my speed. It was small, private, and gave me something to do on the long nights when nightmares kept me awake. Of course, I quickly ran out of things to fix, having turned the quaint three bed, two bath into a slightly less quaint two bed, two bath, and one office. There has yet to be an end to the teasing for choosing to turn the bedroom connecting to my own into an office, Logan and James in particular loving to talk about future mates and need for a nursery.

They don't seem to get that I have no expectations for a mate- particularly one who would deal with my bullshit, and barring that being an issue, me procrating would just result in even more fucked up kids in the world. They just respond that I'll change my mind when my mate finds me, that I'm just being my self-deprictating self, that I'll be a great mother, and any other response that they can think of that will disregard my confidence that I won't find what they have with their mates.

If it happens, swell, but I'm not holding my breath. Besides, this pack business, particularly the land disputes turned war between Snow Wolf and New Moon packs, was keeping me busy enough without my wolf going all mushy on me.

With about 3 hours left until my alarm, I am finally showered and in bed, examining the ceiling. Even though I know the Brotherhood showing up is just a fluke, just two idiots wanting to continue what my uncle started, I can't help but worry. If they truely wish to continue my uncle's work, they'll need something to get started.


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