The Kings Chosen

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He's intoxicating. Everything I can't resist; yet I want more. He knows my secrets and my every want and desire. He restrains me when I'm so much more. He's a walking nightmare that shouldn't exist. I'm suffocating when he's near me, like I can't even breath. He's a demon in skin, all I can do is fight. He rules with an iron fist but he isn't my king. I'll kill him if its the last thing I do. She's power and my will of desire. I need her to remain in control. She's everything she isn't and so much more. So beautiful, yet so victing. I'll make her understand what her mind can't help but resist. Her people despise her, hate what they don't understand. She's a master peice, that needs to be controlled. She's not a monster, but my queen. I'll poesses her if she only resists.

Fantasy / Drama
Deja Swinehart
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Ch. 1- One Of the Many

Chapter One: The Beginning

The birds were chirping loud above us as they played and swirled in the morning wind. The warm sun was beating down on the crown of my head as we made our way to the West Wing of Unity Class one. The school held many students from within our clans of different individualizes according to our Species and Class.

Here, we all fit in, taught to work together as a team and family to better ourselves with our abilities to be stronger as one. As a whole, just like the generation before us-even the Argia. The first shape shifter’s that had walked the earth among other species. Back then, we were like gods to the humans, superior in any way imaginable that protected them from the Iluntasuna.

They were immortal creatures that fed on the blood of humans and sought to control the human race. The Argia stayed to themselves, not wanting a war that would damage the land and the people on it.

Their children after them had led us to victory in the battle against the vampires, the Iluntasuna. They would’ve put the shapeshifters under their control for power, slavery, and protection. Their existence would mean nothing as they would become nothing but slaves like the humans. Maybe even pets.

Our leaders made this home for all of us to learn and grow together as a whole. To find our place among others, a family, to find a home and a place to remain strong. To learn of our strengths and weaknesses among other like us with the same instincts of that of shifters. As one. All except for me.

“Mother please wait.” I say as I look at her face nervously with uneasiness rolling in my stomach making me queasy. “What if something happens?”

Looking up at the back of her head as she pulls me along, she looks back down at me with confusion as we continue our way to the school without stopping for a brief second and looks back up. “What are you talking about Eleanora? Nothing will happen today.” My mother says as she makes sure I keep on walking along side her by pulling my hand gently.

“They don’t like me, nobody here does.” I pause to kick a rock out of my way.

I continue ranting, afraid to hear the disappointment in her voice. “Why would they allow a hybrid into their school? I carry the blood of the enemy. To them I am no more then the rival they’ve been fighting for years. I see the stares and hear the whispers from them, even from the elders.”

My mother, so strong and fierce at times looks back at me softly and keeps walking. “And what is it they say?”

“They want me locked up and exiled to the Dead Lands to be with the Iluntasuna Mother. I am a freak, I don’t belong anymore in there then I do here with you.” I tell her honestly as I see the high peaks of the school starting to show near the whiteness of the clouds.

She remains quite at this, so quite my thoughts are louder then the sound in the winds. “Ella,” my mother says after a bit.

“The gods gave you to me not in shame but in admiration in what I have created for this world. You bare the right to live in this life just like me and the rest. Their no better than you because of their blood. To the gods eyes we are the same.”

Her hold on my hand tightens as she runs her thumb over my knuckles that are white from gripping hers. “Wear your skin like you would mine because no matter what, you not only carry me with you in your blood, but in your appearance and heart as well.”

“The moon goddess gave you to me, set you right in my paws,” she reply’s as she continues to rub the skin of my knuckles with her thumb, “you were made to do great things and one day you’ll find your purpose. You have a huge part in this world as do the rest of us.

“Your sole purpose of survival is out there, you just ought to catch it within your claws and hold onto it. Your meant for great things my dear, as mine were having you,” my mother pauses to bend down to my level next to the doors of the building. “let your guardian lead you. You’ll be just fine.” She kisses my forehead and pulls me into a hug.

As she pulls away, she looks into my grey eyes and holds me at arms length. “Now, get in there and show them your strength.”

She gave me one last reassuring embrace before she stood up once again taking my smaller hand in hers. She stares right into my eyes and I feel her presence take a hold of my mind. Easing it down calmly. I feel my courage build as we feel the featherly light presence of her mother Ephraim as well as mine.

The only sound I hear at that moment is the soft whispers of the wind caressing my ears as we step into the building and the wind is closed off by the door and with it my courage goes down as my body feels with dread.

The first thing I notice is in the main lobby there is three hallways leading from it with a slab of metal with words curved into into them above each entry way.

The one to my right is a short hallway with a yellow door at the end labeled as Corridor One, eating section three. The other two on my left is labeled as Corridor two, Specials Class One and the other is Corridor Three, Class One.

“Come on, Eleanor, we won’t make it in time with you distracting yourself.” My mother says as she pulls me to left side of the lobby. Before we enter either of the Corridors, there is a wooden door with a bigger slab of metal above it labeled as Chief Zekeual, our commanding cheif.

“Are you ready, Ella?” Her voice questioned me, not that I had a choice.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” I say as I take a deep breath to calm my racing heart.

I can do this, I say to myself determined. I gather my thoughts and try to think of nothing as my mother brings her hand up to the door to give it a hard knock.

My mother is a strong warrior, I carry her blood with me. Every trail she makes through, I will follow with a mightier roar than before. A rough voice echos through the door that makes my muscles stiffen with fear telling us to enter.

My mothers voice goes through my mind with a strong gentle voice, “You can do this. Deep breaths. Don’t be frightened. Now be brave my little warrior.”

By the time she finishes talking, she grasps the door knob in her hand and pushes the door open. My eyes land on a tall older man sitting behind a slab of wood in the middle of the room.

He had a long black braid with grey showing throughout his hair down his back and wearing fur trousers. His hands spread out across his thighs in a calming stance, but I know anything but.

As his eyes flicker from my mother to me, a deep frown rests on his face at the very sight of me. “Ah, Althea and Eleanora. Please come in and sit. Tell me what brings you.” While his words may sound welcoming, his body language and soulless black eyes beakens me to leave.

I nervously go to take a step back away from him but my mother firmly pulls me to where the Chief. The hatred ruling off of Mr hits me hard and my body stiffens more. Sitting down where he had mentioned with her sitting right next to me with her hand still holding mine. The chief turns toward my mother and speaks with obvious distaste and envious. “What brings you here child?”

I look away from the chief to look at my mother. Her face determined as she looks right back at him with defiance. “I want my daughter enrolled into this school along with the other little one’s Chief.” She lets out and waits in silence.

I look back over at the man and see his eyes are now a hard solid black in a cold stare back at her with with hatred as thick as mountains and as cold as winter. “Why should I let that hybrid into my domain when she’s dangerous to everyone here? She’s a monster. You know the rules better than anyone else and yet you still ask that of me?” Chief’s voice raises to a higher pitch that echos through the room.

My mother glares back, a crack coming from under her clenching hands on the wooden table to restrain herself. “She has the right to be here just as much as every other child in this school. So please, save your breath Cheif.” She forces his title out of her mouth with a snarl. “The Book of Rights state that no matter the shifter or abilities, no shifter shall be turned away. Everyone is welcomed here, even the rogues.”

At this he lets out a furious growl and slams his fist on the board of wood causing it to crack. She remains where she is, passive and unmoving from her position. The only evidence of him bothering her, is the specks of grey shown in her green eyes. “The book states no matter the circumstances, there will be no Iluntasuna in our peaceful home. She,” he pauses to point a finger at me causing me to shrink back, ”she is as dark and soulless as they come Althea. She doesn’t belong here and neither do you anymore.”

My mother only raises her chin and levels her eyes on his, her determination unyeilding. “Don’t use that with me father.” She spits the word out of her mouth as if just by saying it left a bad taste in her mouth.




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