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The Dragoso Series 3: Peace in Agony

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Book 3 in the series Fear in Dragoso is said to be an illusion to the mind. Something that must be faced in order to be conquered. Join Trevor and his siblings as they battle for peace among dragons against not only fear, but the strongest member of the Council of the Underworld.

Fantasy / Action
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Chapter 1

As children, humans are told there is no such thing as monsters. Nothing hides in their closet at night waiting to jump out and scare them. They’re nothing but a bad dream, a nightmare.

A dream can’t hurt you, no, but dragons know monsters are no illusion, they aren’t just a dream. They are real and can hurt those around them. They are usually just feral creatures acting on instinct.

But when monsters have a master to control them-

You best hope someone will rise to the challenge and triumph over them.


Birds chirped idly among the trees of a forest. It appeared as any ordinary day, the sun was out, predators were hunting for their meals, prey searching for hiding places.

A large black and white mass fell through the trees, hitting the ground hard. The dragon groaned and opened his eyes, waiting for them to refocus. Once the dizziness subsided from his head, he lifted it slowly and looked around.

“What in Kaylano’s name hit me?” he questioned and looked back at his back, raising an eyebrow at his singed feathered wings before getting to his feet. He looked above him where he had fallen through the trees. Broken branches and scattered leaves illustrated the path he had taken on his way down. The dragon snorted at the damage before turning his attention to the forest around him, his senses sharp. There was no telling what could be hidden in the trees waiting to pounce on an unsuspecting target.

A branch snapped above him and the dragon looked up swiftly, scanning the treetops for any sign of an enemy. A bird flew from its hiding place, chirping angrily as though the dragon had disturbed it. Maybe he did, he was a large creature after all.

The dragon started through the trees, walking at a somewhat average pace. He couldn’t rush, lest an enemy think he’s purposely trying to get out of the forest as fast as possible.

Unusual sounds soon reached his ears and he perked up. He couldn’t place what he was hearing. Idle talk? They spoke differently from what he was used to. Humans perhaps? What were the other strange sounds? An unusual bell. The clicking of metal hitting something lighter than it. Something squeaking.

Through the trees the dragon came to a fence that surrounded what looked like a town of sorts. Many humans mingled about going about their day. But just a sniff of the air, a breeze passing his way, he knew they weren’t all humans.

The air shifted slightly and a scent reached his nose, one that was right behind him. The dragon spun, his tail nicking the fence, but he paid it no mind, as his focus was on the male standing against a tree. At first glance he looked like a high school student who no doubt played a sport of some kind, he wore a sports jersey.

“You know, it’s not nice to spy on people,” the human stated, his arms crossed and he was rather relaxed for being in the presence of a dragon.

“And it’s not polite to speak to my kind that way,” the dragon snorted.

“What? A black winged Archangel Dragon?” the male scoffed. “I’m not even remotely worried.” His eyes betrayed him and the dragon swung around, facing four dragons hovering behind him.

“I hope you have a good reason for lurking around Drake,” the leader of the four stated, looking the dragon over. “Arc.”

Arc scowled. “Anna Dragon as I live and breathe.” A light flashed behind Arc and he was hit by a dragon swinging his head into Arc’s side.

“Let’s go.”


Trevor stared at the suspicious dragon that laid in the holding cell. His siblings had gone their separate ways and Kathey had left after scanning Arc’s mind.

“You are still here?” Trevor looked over his shoulder as Sylark approached him.

“Yes. You here to read his mind too?” Trevor questioned. Sylark stood beside him and crossed his arms.

“Kathey and I discussed what she saw. I am simply here to confirm the information. She is not as skilled as I am in telepathy. She also has more concern for privacy and morality than I.” Trevor hummed and looked back at Arc.

“What was he doing out there?” Sylark was silent for a moment before glancing at Trevor.

“He doesn’t know himself, actually.”

“And there is your answer,” Sylark remarked and turned to face Kathey as she approached.

“He was struck by some unknown magic and fell into the forest,” Kathey explained. “He came across Drake by mistake. As for his wings, there is nothing. No memory, no recollection, nothing.” Trevor’s eyes widened.

“Is that even possible?” he asked. The telepaths glanced at each other.

“Anyone with head trauma can. But in the world of magic, his mind could easily be tampered with if someone was skilled enough to do so,” Kathey said.

“Agony?” Trevor questioned.

“Maybe. He is a Tenkkoa after all, they have remarkable magical ability, as proved by Severik,” Sylark replied. Trevor turned his attention to Arc who rested peacefully.

“So what now?”

“We have no leads on the Council right now,” Kathey started. “Best to go about your day as usual. I alerted Salem since I heard you were interested in fighting with weapons. He can make weapons fit to anyone’s fighting style just by watching them fumble around with a choice practice weapon.” Trevor shrugged and ran his fingers through his hair.

“You should give it a try, Trevor. It is not everyday you get to do these things with the benefits you have currently,” Sylark advised and Trevor nodded.

“Right. I may as well,” Trevor replied and started off, giving the two a half hearted wave.

Kathey and Sylark watched him go before turning to observe Arc.

“You can stop faking it,” Kathey accused and Arc smirked before opening his eyes and lifting his head.

“So you lead a school now?” Arc asked, the grin still on his face.

“Yes, it was agreed that I wouldn’t take the throne when Dawn and Dusk stepped down. I had been helping dragons as it is so I found a way to do more than make them seek me out personally. You know a lot about us, hell everything in Dragoso minus human technology. But nothing about yourself. Just your name and everything about Archangel Dragons.”

“I can’t control what I can and can’t remember, Anna. My mind certainly proves that much.” Kathey shook her head and looked to Sylark.

“You know what I cannot understand?” Sylark questioned. His mind brushed Kathey’s slightly, almost like he was nudging her.

“What’s that?” Kathey asked.

“How an Archangel Dragon could end up falling a mere mile away from Drake. It seems like a coincidence, do you not agree?” Arc scoffed and shook his head.

“Look, I was just flying around and was shot down from there. I didn’t even know about Drake and this school until you told me about it. I don’t even know what’s been happening in the world,” Arc defended and he huffed. Kathey raised an eyebrow. Arc looked almost frustrated that he wasn’t aware of what had happened in the world and what was currently occurring now, possibly.

“What do you know about the Council of the Underworld?” Kathey asked. Arc looked up and swallowed.

“Uh...they serve in the Underworld as servants to the Underworld King. They’re just some tale for commoners to scare fledglings. To Archangel Dragons they’re demons of sin and don’t deserve to exist in our world. There are eight members, that’s all I know,” Arc explained. He looked between the two telepaths as they stared at him. “What more do you want from me?” Kathey shook her head and hit a few buttons on the keypad next to the cell. The doors slid open and Arc stood.

“You’re going to be watched 24/7 until we can trust you. Can you turn human?” Arc nodded and he glowed white. His body shifted and in place of the black and white dragon stood a young man with long black hair adorned with a streak of dark blue and a streak of silver. His right eye was black while the left was white. He wore a t-shirt, skinny jeans, and sneakers. On his left hand he wore a black band on his ring finger and a white band on his middle finger. The ever present pentagram pendant was around his neck as well.

“Now what?” Arc questioned.

“Sylark will show you around. I have to talk to a few students of mine about that little test they had earlier. Excuse me.” Kathey nodded to Sylark before heading upstairs.


Trevor scanned the wooden weapons hanging on the wall in the Armory. He wasn’t sure what to go with. The traditional choice would be a sword, but Trevor didn’t want to go with the cliche. He ran his hand through his hair and exhaled.

“May I make a suggestion?” Trevor jumped and looked over his shoulder at one of the Armory managers, Criss. The man had slightly longer azure blue hair and his eyes were a strange purple. He wore a purple and black plaid pattern flannel, worn out blue jeans, and black sneakers.

“Uh, sure?” Criss approached and pulled a short sword and shield off the wall and held them out to Trevor. “Okay? Why these?”

“Oh it’s quite simple really.” a boy with black cat ears and tail swung down from a pull up bar on the ceiling and Trevor yelped in surprise.

“What the hell is it with you two scaring people?” Trevor questioned and the boy, Sly, laughed before dropping to the floor.

“It’s fun. Anyway, you have the build of a typical warrior. They use swords and shields in battle and use them both effectively. Wanna train with one of us?” Sly explained and Criss rested an elbow on the boy’s shoulder. Trevor held the sword and shield, looking between the two in his hands before looking up at Criss and Sly with a skeptical look on his face.

“You do realize I’ve never held something of this weight before and the only fighting I have is my dragon form. Anybody I face is going to beat me no problem,” Trevor advised. His cheek twitched and he looked over his shoulder to see Salem standing in the doorway that combined the armory with the forge.

“If I may, gentlemen, there is something we hold close to our hearts without realizing it. Dragons even more so, do not embarrass Trevor,” Salem stated before reaching for the wooden rapier hanging on the wall. “I may have hundreds of years of experience and training in me, but I know when a battle is a battle and when teaching is teaching. Care to face me?” Trevor looked at Salem’s weapon choice before nodding. Salem led him out to an opening in the grass and he bowed to Trevor before getting into a stance, his not dominant hand placed behind his back and his weapon pointed forward.

“Um...” Trevor mumbled before looking at his hands.

“Do what feels natural. Trevor. Only then will you learn.” Salem lunged forward and Trevor held up the shield to absorb the blow, his arm screamed in protest from the abuse. “Do not keep still, you still receive damage when blocking attacks. Watch your opponent’s moves, calculate what they will do.” Salem danced back a step, twirling the blade before thrusting it forward. Trevor lifted the sword and parried the attack, stepping forward and hitting Salem with the shield, causing the vampire to recoil and smirk. “You’re learning. En garde!”

As Trevor and Salem danced around, they were being watched not only by Criss and Sly, but Kathey had made her way outside and joined the two.

“He’s looking good out there,” Kathey noted and Criss nodded.

“Indeed. He’s a fast learner,” he stated.

“Gets it from his father. Nixes Dragons always were quick at picking up new things, it’s in his blood,” Kathey replied.

“Speaking of his father, has he made contact with Evanna since the four of them were moved here?”

“No, there’s no telling where he actually is. He called Evanna when they got sick, he must be here on Earth somewhere. Could have a satellite phone for all we know. I asked Dryber to snoop around, he couldn’t find anything.”

“How’s he liking it here?” Sly asked.

“Well, considering he had nowhere else to go after Garrett was killed and the Hunters disbanded, it was the least I could do to let him stay here. He’s settling in well, been a big help with the hall monitor,” Kathey replied. She looked up when Trevor yelped and was on his back, Salem pointing his wooden rapier at Trevor’s neck. “I’d say he’s ready, Salem!” Kathey called and Salem smiled before holding a hand to Trevor.

“I agree, my lady,” Salem replied. He pulled Trevor to his feet and clapped him on the shoulder. “I require your time for a few minutes Trevor, I have to get some measurements for what I’m about to make for you.”

“Thanks, Salem,” Trevor graced and followed Salem into the forge.

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