Life After Death

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Everyone knows that once you die, your life has ended. However, one fateful day due to one fateful accident. The dead has risen to purge every living thing on Earth with no intention to stop. Maia Morrigan - a girl with no experience with any of these creatures - travels with an unlikely group (Kian Emerson, Ryan Decker, Olive Bowler and Nick Silva) to seek refuge in the Government from these monsters while being led by stranger Ted McDillan. On the way, they encounter a family seeking the same thing as them. As they travel together, Maia grows closer to them and eventually uncovers a ground-breaking secret. Will they all manage to get there alive? Will they ever find out what caused this mess? Will the Blanche's family's secret break out?

Fantasy / Horror
Selene J Brighton
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

"Maia! Maia Morrigan, wake up!" A voice rattles in my head. "Come on, I know you've got it in you!"

A pair of two strong, firm hands were rocking my shoulders in an attempt to wake me up. Confused, my eyes fluttered open to see a familiar face.

It was hard to make out certain features but I was sure that it was Kian. A boy from my class that was known throughout the year. He had short, dark hair that was neatly swept to the side. He was only inches taller than me but many could mistake him for an 18-year-old rather than a 15-year-old. I had never talked to him in my life so it was a surprise how he knew my full name.

Drowsy, I began to scan the classroom thoroughly. In one corner, were around roughly nine students scattered across the room along with a few teachers. A few had just woken up - similar to me - and had no clue of what was going on, others were attending to some of the teachers and the students, one teacher was in the corner of the room in tears she was clutching onto a rosary and was whispering prayers to herself. She had scratches and bruised marks across her arms. Beside her was Ryan - another boy from year who was also Kian's' best friend. He had mid-lengthed mousy hair along with marble-like eyes. In any case, he's a very quiet and at the same time sporty character. At the moment, he was bandaging the teacher's arms and was trying his best to calm her down. Unlike Kian, I had actually spoken to him quite a few times but we were from separate groups so I had never really developed any sort of friendship with him.

Then, a foul, rotting stench entered my nose. I looked down at my clothes, my uniform was drenched in dark, sticky blood. I was soaked from head-to-toe in the thick, rancid mixture. I couldn't think straight, what was going on? Where was I? Why couldn't I remember anything?

"What happened?" I mumble as I tried to stand until I lost my balance. "What's wrong with Miss Carr?"

"I really don't know." He fumbles in his words, "Ryan, Olive and I found you trying to fight off these monsters!"

"Monsters?" I muttered bewildered. "Kian, you're talking nonsense. Where are we?"

"We're on the third floor of the school in the highest classroom." He said briskly. "Maia, this is very important, Do you remember if anyone was with you the last time you remember?"

I retraced my steps slowly. My memory was a blur of images all in the wrong order. With all this sudden commotion there was no way I could concentrate on remembering anything. I paced my breathing and waited for my mind to recollect itself. Then, it all came back to me, I was waiting in an empty corridor outside the studio for Nick to finish his music lesson. I was minding my own business until I saw a group of teachers limping at moderate speed towards me. I waved towards them but he didn't seem to acknowledge me. As they edged closer towards me I then saw their distorted, decaying faces, with eyes that were a milky white one of them even had their left arm removed entirely. I recalled screaming for help, as I began to run to the door at the end of the hall. They were all locked, and as they all began to crowd over me. A foul, rotting aroma gave off their bodies. Then, my head blacked out.

"Nick was with me, I was waiting for him!" I exclaim anxiously to the boy. "I-I was in the corridor waiting and then these 'teachers' came and they a-attacked me. I can't remember anything after that but we need to find him."

"Nick? Nick who?" Kian questions me seriously. "Nick Silva, where is he?"

I nod my head.

"In the music corridor!" I blurt, "We need to find him before those teachers get to him."

"Maia, calm down," Kian says quietly. "We've checked all the rooms on that floor, he's not there. We found his teacher and a few other students but we didn't find Nick."

"What do you mean you found the teacher other students, surely he should be with them." I protest.

"Maia, the teachers you were assaulted by... T-They got to those people, they're one of them now." Kian says. "Nick was nowhere to be seen."

I sat up with tears in my eyes, it couldn't be. This had to be some sick, crazy dream. I knew Nick too well for him to just turn into one of those things.

"Kian! Ryan!" I need you over here." One of the teachers - Mr Den - called from across the room. "I need you over here right now, there are people on the stairs."

"Yes, sir!" Ryan answered. "Alison, could you cover me over here?"

As Alison moved over to Miss Carr continuing to bandage the teacher slowly. Olive walked over to me in place of Kian. She knelt beside me and patted my back in an attempt to comfort me. It helped quite a lot as my breathing paced itself. Olive was a very straight forward person in my mind. She was an all-rounder and a champion boxer in the county. Her short honeycomb-coloured hair brushed against her shoulders as her blue eyes gazed warmly into mine. She really was a composed girl but it did confuse me, however, when Kian said Olive was with him and Ryan. Olive and Ryan used to date and as far as I knew they disliked the sight of one another.

"How are you feeling?" She asked as she handed me her own bottle of water.

"Better," I respond, "How did you end up here?"

She hesitates. I knew, immediately, I shouldn't have asked. I could tell I had brought some disturbing memories into the light. It was as if a shadow had been cast on her face, her expression darkened and she began to speak quietly.

"I was walking through the corridor aimlessly until I saw one of the younger students sprawled on the floor in a pool of their own blood. I rushed over to that poor, little boy, and knelt onto the floor. As I turned him over, he had these awful pale moon-like eyes and an aroma of musky decay." She shivered at the thought of it as if she were still there. "Worried, I asked if he was alright but he only replied with grunting. Next thing I knew, Kian was yelling at me from the other side of the corridor to get away from him, I thought he was playing a practical joke on me until the boy jumped onto me and started to aggressively pull my hair. Kian and Ryan helped me by kicking him off and as we began to run I saw that there were more of them around the halls. Then, we found you."

I looked down at the floor, shocked. It was so much information to process, in such little time. I was unconscious during my attack but to be fully aware of what was going on seemed more terrifying.

"I'm sorry, Oli-"

Suddenly, the doors of the classroom burst open loudly. Everyone's attention turned towards three differently-sized people who stood in the doorway.


"William, you're alive!" Mr Den sighs in relief and embraced his fellow teacher in a tight hug. "It's wonderful to see you - Holy Lord!"

I craned my neck around the professor to see what he was gawking at. Mr Reinhold wasn't alone, beside him stood none other than - the more or less calm - Nick Silva. He smiled back and waved at me with a sigh of relief. He was alive! I grinned as I began to get onto my two feet and proceeded to greet him happily but the longer I looked, I realised why the teacher was so startled. Nick's entire left hand, had been hacked off. What remained of it, was a stump that was wrapped up with a red-stained bandage. I stood in horror at him and once he realised what I was staring at he looked at his own missing hand and shrugged it off. How could he be so relaxed? Shouldn't it be frightening to know the fact that your dominant hand is no longer connected to your body?

On the other side of Mr Reinhold, was an unknown middle-aged man who wore dirty yet modern clothing and also had a small backpack slung across one shoulder. He wore a mud-coloured trench coat that was buttoned up to the neck along with plain, clawed jeans. His blood-encrusted trainers were worn out and broken beyond repair. However, it wasn't his clothing that alerted me, it was the large rifle and hand-held pistol that was strapped to his waist. He walked in and began to inspect the room thoroughly. His eyes were like mirrors reflecting everything that crossed its path.

"Nicolas, you find another way out of here." The senior instructor ordered the student. "Mr Den and I have matters to discuss very quickly."

As Nick approached Olive and me, he smiled crookedly at me. This was Nick Silva, I may have not known him for very long. But even I could tell throughout the time he had been missing, he stored some very disturbing memories at the back of his mind.

"Nick, what happened to your hand?" Kian and Ryan rushed over concerned. "Were you attacked?"

"I'll tell you all later, but we really need to go!" He dismisses our questions. "Hey, Carter, could you help me open this?"

As the older, taller student walked over to assist Nick in opening the roof window. I repeated the words in my head, where were we supposed to go? Why did we need to leave? I recited the day over and over again.

"Umm, Kian, you might want to look at this..." Rose - a younger student - squeaks gaping out the window.

I followed Kian and Olive towards the framed glass. I gasped in horror as hordes, above hordes of corpses roamed around the school grounds. They were all disfigured differently but even from the top floor of the school, I could see they all shared the same milky-white eyes and decaying bodies. I scouted the entire plain below us and then understood why we needed to leave. They were all crowding around the doors below us.

"They'll be climbing up to get us!" She cried.

"We'll be long gone by the time those monsters get up there." The mysterious man assured.

"Who are you?" Kian stood in front of the little girl protectively.

"All answers will come in due time, Kian Emerson." The man responds calmly, "For now I'd prefer if you'd aid your fellow students, Carter Cook and Nick Silva, to get the remaining students out of this hell of a school."

Kian grunts clearly annoyed. He turned and walked over to the two boys who were trying to pry open the window with a broken chair. How did he know Kian's full name? Who was this guy? It seemed like none of my questions were ever going to be answered.

"Everything will be fine, Rosaline Farewell. Just stay close to your teachers and you will be fine. There is no need to be afraid." The stranger smiled.

"Your name would put us more at ease." One of the other teachers - Mrs Jarder - stood in Kian's place. "You may be a friend of Mr Reinhold but you have no authority to talk to my students."

He nodded accordingly and walked over to the two other teachers who were conversing on the other side of the room. I continued to watch the swarm of the decomposing bodies make their way to the door and once they began to attack the door by anxiety was raised. Soon, we began to crowd around the windows and stare down fearfully.

"How difficult is it to open a bloody window?" Olive growled at them frustrated.

"I agree with Miss Bowler." The armed man crossed his arms also displeased with how the three boys had failed to open our escape hatch in the past ten minutes. "We should be at the train station by now-"

All of a sudden, an ear-deafening scream echoed throughout the room. The high-pitched, startled squeal had caught the attention of all the people in the room. We all began to panic as Ms Carr was now on top of Alison and began to violently claw at her face. The stranger reached for the weapon attached to his waist and began to aim at the two. He was about to fire until Kian dived on to him causing the man to miss and shatter the window.

"Are you crazy?" He growls at him, "Do you want to get us all killed?"

I gazed back at Alison and Ms Carr and saw that Olive was also helping the girl fight off the crazed teacher.

"You could've shot Olive." He glared at him. "I don't trust your aim."

"Well, now those creatures down there have all heard that gunshot and will be up here quicker than you can say 'run'!" He growled in return.

Olive fought off the teacher and managed to press a table against her so that now the re-animated teacher was upon the wall. Alison lay on the floor clutching onto her face shaking and breathing heavily. Anxious, I hurried over to Alison until the man put a hand in front of me.

"We need to go now." He whispers under his breath. He glances over at Mr Reinhold who nodded in return, the mysterious man then pulled off his backpack and took out a small, wooden bat that had various dents around the oak. He then handed the stick to Carter who gawked at it bewildered. He pushed passed Nick and jabbed the window open, with one shove the window frame burst open.

"How?" Nick squawks in utter disbelief.

"We need a teacher out here first." The stranger ordered. "Mrs Jarder..."

The professor eyes him suspiciously but followed the instruction regardless. In order, Rose, Elliot and two other boys who were the same age as them. Next, was Mr Den who - similarly to Mrs Jarder - eyed the newcomer sceptically. Once the teacher left, Olive climbed onto the roof which was closely followed by Kian and Ryan. Then, it was Alison's turn.

"She can't come with us." The outsider claims rudely. "She is a danger to us all."

"She's our friend," Kian argues with him.

"You don't understand, Emerson, do you see the marks on her face? She'll turn into creatures such as your poor teacher." The man spat back.

"Can you both leave your bickering till later?" I interrupted urgently scolded. At that instant, we heard a loud crash and a wave of growling and grunting. "Just help her up already!"

He groaned regretfully as he hoisted Alison onto the roof. Soon it was Nick's turn which was difficult as he was missing one of his limbs. Without thinking, I ran to the door and peeked out to look down the staircase. They were on the second floor and still heading up. Petrified, I ran back into the room where I was hauled onto the flat roof. I sat beside Alison and Ryan who both looked downcast. Alison began to tremble uncontrollably, her complexion had gone white and was breathing fairly rapidly. As Carter was lifted to the rest of us, Rose called towards us to grab our attention.

"You might want to see this..." She stammered on the verge of tears. As we peeked around the rim of the building we saw the apocalypse that the school had become. From the window, we could only see a glimpse of those creatures. But now, we could look at the entire picture.

I examined the monsters carefully, but as I scanned I saw an unfortunate sight. I glanced at Elliot who was just as terrified as the rest of us. His brother and sister were down there, it was hard to make out certain facial features but the corpses were exact replicas as Elliot's older brother and twin sister - Aiden and Emily Jamison. I looked over at Ryan, we couldn't let Elliot see this.

"Elliot, come over here." Ryan beckons him over.

"Morrigan, Decker, get over here, now!" The man behind us yelled frantically.

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