The Queen’s Injustice

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Every corner Selene turns someone is there. They all have smiles on their faces and something to say. Never mean or hurtful, always kind and perfectly scripted. Her Royal titles should give her the freedom to do anything she wants, yet all they seem to do is trap her. She has no one, not anymore. They took the source of her happiness many years ago, now all she can do is wait. Wait for her chance to escape the tight confinement’s of the Castle. A part of her heart knew why she wanted to travel to all the main packs. A part of her knew why the dreams stopped the moment she made her plan. A part of her also knew she shouldn’t go. She should have listened to that part.

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Every great ruler is faced with even greater loss. The first time I experienced true loss was the day I was told I would never have parents. That they died victoriously in the battle against our natural enemies.

They fell against the Vampires during the Ice War. 17 years ago the two sides went fought with all their strength. The King and Queen of the Werewolves died that day. My parents. Their blood soaks the ground that they now call the Valley of the Dead. Millions of innocent citizens died, neither sides won. The werewolf kingdom not only lost both of its rulers, it lost a vital piece of its heart

The ice war took the Vampire Queen from its king, causing him to slowly descend into insanity. He cut all contact with my kingdom, making a treaty to ensure that our species would never cross again. The King had a little boy who was a direct image of his mother. White like hair, eyes the colour of the dark moss. The rumours say that the King would abuse the boy, letting out his anger for his lost soul, I would hate for them to be true, no matter what his parents did to mine.


Definition of Injustice- lack of fairness or justice.

There are moments in every life that define who you are. The first word you say, the first step you take, the first friend you make, your first kiss, your first love.

I have been guarded my entire life. Never have I stepped foot out of the Palace grounds. The people that I have met have been carefully picked from millions by my Council. Not one person has ever stepped out of line.

I have never been yelled at or picked on. The people around me keep their real opinions hidden behind their perfect smiles. Every word had been carefully orchestrated to make me feel a certain way, to make me think a certain way.

With the exception of some, everybody around me had been fake. Until him...

Someone the council would never have taken into account. A servant boy, someone invisible to everyone but me. He was a bright star in the dark night sky, he was a rose amongst thorns. The centre of my universe.

He was real. I know he was. It doesn’t matter how many times the people in my Council tell me otherwise, it doesn’t matter that they tell me lies about him. That he was a spy from the Vampires or that he moved on with another. The lies do not blind me. I know what we had was real, the heart break he left behind a constant reminder of his lack of presence.

They took him away from me. They took my heart away from me.

For that they will pay.

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