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Piko and Olivia (Romantic Breaker Arcs 1~4 with illustrations)

By ArcadeDoll All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy

ROMANTIC BREAKER ARC 1 Chapter 1: Two Fine Pairs Of Pranksters

It is an early, ordinary and sunny morning that greeted the lush, laid-back neighborhood this Saturday. One may notice, if ever tried to take a turn passing by the plant and wood embraced homes, two pairs of twins playing in a once former cornfield turned part game yard and part flower and vegetable garden.

The set of siblings belong to two different families. Although quite different, one can tell that they have been close for being next door neighbors of residences adjoining the field and for functioning almost like a family.

"Catch!" A 16-year-old tealet male calls out as he tosses an extra large egg towards an attractive blonde, who in turn athletically catches it with grace and unchallenged.

"Nice overhand throw, KuO-ey!" She calls right back.

"Your baseball grasp hasn't turned shabby itself." The brawny tealet boy compliments whilst beaming he ran infectious smile.

"What on Earth do you think you're doing!?" An upset-yet-not-so-surprised gorgeous tealette girl rants rather inquiringly.

She is setting up a picnic table for breakfast situated adjacent from the play area of the field and gardens which is just a few steps from both families' kitchen backdoor.

"Guys, 'that' is suppose to be your science project which is also considered your midterms exam!" She reprimands the two ball players as they carelessly treat the XL egg like a football by tossing it back and forth to one another.

"Break it and you'll get an F from Professor Kamui! He has absolutely had it with your antics!" A handsome yet younger blond audibly calls out, whose voice originated from the kitchen door which was left open.

The mentioned professor, who taught Natural and Social Science in their school, also happens to be their homeroom teacher. And, he is rather also up-to-his-arms in exasperation over the older twin's infamy, not for being bad students but for being tough-as-nails-to-handle since they can't help but be menaces by nature.

One of their said antics happened just yesterday, which was a Friday, when the Science Midterms Project was given out. The entire class were grouped into teams of two, one male and one female student.

The project has to be done together for a span of 7 days as instructed by the professor. The groups were instructed to spend their week inseparably to monitor a specimen by jotting down information logs into a journal on an hour-to-hour basis on what they did for it together day-by-day followed by a brief presentation report due next Friday.

The mentioned specimen will, as said, become their 'SP progeny' or Science Project offspring.

Moments later, the specimen was revealed then assigned to each group. What their so-called 'progeny' or monitoring take-home midterms exam would be or will have to revolve to what appeared to be an extra large egg.

The so-called XL egg also came out to be plastered with either a blue or a pink sticker signifying the specimen's gender which each pair has to label with what will become their offspring's name.

The professor also prepared unique pairs of rings that the each paired partners will have to wear until the day of the presentation. It will symbolize that the 2 members per group are the only persons who can and should be partners. Removing it or swapping partners will not be allowed. The rings are to be submitted back together with their presentation report by next Friday. He strictly instructed his students that losing a ring will highly obtain a major deduction to their final grade.

Mikuo and Rin were assigned as partners for the project and as soon as the professor handed them their XL egg or 'child', they hastily scribbled on the pink sticker "BEST-MIDTERMS-EVER! K. Hatsune", then showing it off in class which immediately led for the whole class bursting into fits of laughter. For causing the rowdy uproar which disturbed not only their but other classes, not to mention including even those that are not on the same building floor, they were sent off to four hours detention and menial chores later that day.

Back to the present, the said XL egg has now a whitewash dabbed on the pink sticker on its previous name and was renamed 'Winner K. Hatsune'. Rin later used a pink highlighter to cover up the white colour from the whitewash.

"Hey! Don't wet your panties, sis! We can't help it if we're cool parents." Mikuo objects.

"Besides, we wanted her to become sports active" Admittedly, he includes.

"It's our child so we decide how to raise her, am I right, Winner?" In addition, Rin supports as she hugged the XL egg lovingly and then she sticks out her tongue.

Then the two high-five.

"Oh really... Have you ever even thought of what to login as a journal entry after doing that just now?" Miku, the tealet's younger sister, retorts.

"Hm, let's see..." He thought for a second as they come near her.

"6:21-6:39am... played football with Winner..." Mikuo says looking at his wristwatch as Rin readily writes it down on their journal. "Pretty simple if you ask me." Then they pose for a selfie, as part of their presentation on Friday with Rin holding the football on one hand and Winner on the other beside Mikuo holding this morning's newspaper on his left hand showing off the date today.

Before anything else or other heated argument surges, the blond male bursts out of the kitchen backdoor holding trays of food that he cooked and prepared for everyone.

"Breakfast is ready!" He calls as he and the pretty tealette sets the food on the picnic table.

"6:48am.. Breakfast commenced." The girl with the twin ponytails mutters whilst writing on their journal as she adds the extra details comprising from what food items are present to which seat her SP family are situated on the table.

"Pff, so much work!" Her blonde friend scoffs then an idea popped in her head. "Oh oh! hey KuO-ey dear, would you log in 6:48 to 6:57ish am breast-fed Winner please?" She says, not joking.

"Mmm.. righto!" He replies whilst munching a barbecue marinated bacon-wrapped fried leek, then he scribbles their journal entry.

The older Science Project couple then place food on their SP daughter's plate which they jokingly do so between chuckles and humorous side comments.

"Bacon for protein packed with amino acids which can make you build more muscle to pound on your nerd-fest of a cousin as you kids grow up!" Mikuo pronounces, partially chuckling.

"Pancakes and syrup for carbohydrates and a sugar-rush for the added boost on your agility so that when you two play 'Punchies' together, he'll never get to hit you!" Rin advertises between giggling and chewing her own pancakes with oranges.

Both of them comically emphasizes and projects at the camcorder which is set near them acting like a couple of comedy movie stars.

The younger pair did nothing but just stare at their absurd clowns of an older siblings in disbelief then they both sigh audibly.

"You guys are hopeless for as it seems you both have taken this midterms exam so lightly." Miku says as she places more veggies on her SP child's plate.

The younger couple has prepared the mentioned video camera to cover a footage of their SP family's first meal together as part of their presentation.

"Pretty much everyone in class will be in pain for laughing too much at this video footage once we shown them, I wonder if we should even show this." Len grumbles, not amused.

"Relax bro, this 'midtz' is in bag!" Rin assures them." Besides, you should worry about something else." She remarks as a prominent smirk begin to form on her bubbly and instigating visage.

"Huh? What else should we be worrying about other than you two sabotaging our project?" Len demands crossly.

He exchanges glances with Miku who then turns back to the other two.

Mikuo and Rin face each other, grin then eye the blue sticker plastered on Len and Miku's SP child.

"KuO-ey, care to do the honors?" Rin instigates whilst grinning uncontrollably.

"Well.. *ahem* h-his pffttt..." The tealet exerts effort, biting his lower lip as to not explode into a LOL but to no avail.

"Just cut the crap and point out what you are saying!" The blond rushes him, who is growing rather impatient.

The tealette girl grows rather alarmed as she quickly glances back at the blue sticker where her SP progeny's name has been written, checking if it was changed." Oh good, you didn't write a prank name on him." She says in relief.

"Well if it wasn't that, what did you do to him?" She shots back at them, giving them the stink eye. She starts sniffing for anything with a funny smell and then next starts feeling around its surface to check if it was submerged into something gooey but feels nothing disgusting or sticky.

"I don't see anything it's some form of prank,I swear..." but before she is finished talking...

"JUST TELL US ALREADY!" Len yells, as he feels every trace of patience within him vanish and now clearly irritated as the other two, who could no longer hold in their laughter, burst out ROFL-ing.

The two are practically on the grass as they fell off their seats, rolling in laughter for witnessing their younger sibling's cluelessness.

When they finally came to, the younger pair are too crossed to even listen to a word that they are about to say.

"Ok, ok!" Rin begins to explain despite the other two's uncaring attention as she struggles up leaning at the table.

"Read it!" She urges them.

"Read, what?" Miku asks hesitantly as she is about to stand up after being done with her meal.

"Read, what is on that blue sticker!" Mikuo repeats unable to keep himself from biting his lower lip.

Len has their SP egg cradled in his arm as Miku leans over to check again what was written on that sticker.

"We know what is written on our son's sticker, what about it?" He says, still crossed.

"JUST READ IT!" They desperately exclaim simultaneously, pleading them to just do so.

"Len Kagamine and Miku Hatsune's Science Project spherical progeny: Joyance H. Kagamine." Len mutters whilst gritting his teeth, it all becomes clear to him now on what's about to come next.

"AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH!..." Then the two laughs out loud uncontrollably, falling back to the grass.

"You two are absolutely,officially, positively, and UNDENIABLY THE MOST RETARDED PEOPLE I HAVE EVER MET IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!" Len counter yells as he death-glares the two who are holding their sides on the ground still laughing.

"W-wait.. I .. I still don't get it!" Miku says innocently and worriedly altogether.

"Isn't it obvious? They are thinking that we chose a ridiculous name for our SP child." He explains.

Miku grew shocked and dismayed.

"Guys, that's not fair! In fact,it's really mean. Why would you make fun of us for choosing this name?" Miku says, quite saddened.

"Ahahahah... W-...why... would you pffft... heheh... name a BOY...hahha... 'JOY ANNE'!? ahahahahah!" Mikuo stutters, who was barely able to finish the sentence, clutching his sides due to the pain with Rin uncontrollably laughing at his side. She then struggles to elaborate further.

"Y-you named.. o-our n-nephew 'JOY ANNE', just imagining w-writing that on our report and making the presentation just... Ahahahaha..." She couldn't end the sentence.

Miku angrily stomps her foot right beside her brother's head, almost stepping on it and retaliates saying, "For your information, it is 'Joyance', and not Joy Anne, meaning delight and enjoyment and the word dates right back in 1500s!" She heaves to catch her breath then adds," I think it's a great name!"

Rin was typing to get the info on her iPhone then she shoves the phone to Mikuo's direction which he quickly snatches and skims.

"Oh! it is indeed great. pff... yeah! Great if you ever wanted your child's name to be soon deleted in the dictionary! Hahahah..." Mikuo gasps, who is diminished into a weaken state from all that boisterous laughter with Rin herself coming second to none, panting and almost fainting but the laughing matter keeps them both still going at it.

With that, the younger two point the camera at them and storm into the house, leaving their weakened and clearly fainting older siblings lying helplessly on the ground.

They soon return armed with permanent and glow-in-the-dark,chrome yellow and neon teal markers which they use to write graffiti all over their sibling's arms and faces.

"You know what, Miku? I think I might actually reconsider sending this presentation in as an advance report to Professor Kamui right now." Len suggests.

"Say yeah, let's do that then. He will be more than happy to discover how these two got their antics to finally backfire at them, isn't that right, Joyance?" She agreed whilst cradling their XL egg progeny with one hand and holding the marker on the other beaming an unfading smile.

He leans over and lightly gives her a smooch on the lips then they kiss Joyance on the opposite sides simultaneously whilst in front of the camera. "MMWWAAHH!"

After they're done, Len and Miku label and entitle the video 'Romantic Breaker 1: Our progeny's first morning activity and meal with the family. Journal entry logged at 6:21 am-7:47 am, November 15, 2014, Saturday'. They sent the video footage to the professor by email who later within just minutes uploaded it in the internet. The entire Social Science class and even the entire school and even the neighborhood and even nations outside their own roared in laughter that sunny Saturday morning.

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1. ROMANTIC BREAKER ARC 1 Chapter 1: Two Fine Pairs Of Pranksters
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