When The Devil Comes to Visit

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It's the worst kind of apocalypse. This one doesn't require an infectious bite or dying body. All you need is to be a human or an animal and you immediately qualify as an unsuspecting victim of possession. That's it. There is no survival squad here to gun down the poor victims; just pastors with bibles and hope that you won't be next. No one gets to quarantine themselves as the inexplicable spiritual takeovers wreak havoc on society. You know humanity is screwed when the devil himself has to come out his cozy furnace to wrangle up his underlings. But what's truly shocking is that he can not do it all by himself.

Fantasy / Erotica
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"I grant you free will, and this is what you do with it?" His nails latched into the creature's throat.

"My beloved-" the monster spit up his own saliva and blood. "master, I am deeply…"

The creature was not allowed to complete his apology as his form had just finished disintegrating into ash.

"Defying me like this...I could actually admit that I'm hurt." The man, who once owned the monster's throat in his hand, had walked away, leaving the ash-like form to become dust.

"Uh-oh Josie!" A gleefully obnoxious voice sang. "I got some pipin' hot tea!" Only Josie's eyes bothered to greet the two boys approaching her table.

"Okay." She replied dryly, returning to her phone, the one thing that actually deserved her undivided attention.

The guy, who just carelessly shouted at her, had taken her dismissal as an invitation to continue, as he dragged a smaller male over by the back of their neck. "This guy has a'lil crushy-crush on you!"

"Ha, chill Riley. We, um, shouldn't involve her like this." The victimized male responded bashfully.

"Okay, thanks for letting me know." Josie at least graced the two with a response before using her freehand to shield her eyes.

"Aw, A.D.! She don't want your love!" Riley mocked, shoving his victim past her table.

"Heh, yeah it's all good." A.D. said sheepishly as he was escorted away.

Shaking her head, Josie's attention returned to her phone, occupied by the hypnotising rows of words explaining the meaning of her dream. The meaning of seeing the Devil tarot. It had left her confused and paranoid.

"Fuck did they want?" Lydia, Josie's closest friend, asked as she sat her large plate of food onto the table.

"Oh, just boys being immature little shits." Josie replied, earning a snort from her temperamental friend.

"But for real. What's up, Jo? You got your 'don't-fuck-with-me' face on." Lydia asked worriedly while also stuffing herself with chow-mein.

Josie only smiled, clicking her phone off. "I had a dream about the Devil tarot."

"Uh oh, wha' gwate timing!" Lydia responded as her mouthful of noodles muffled her words.

"Why's that?" Josie asked, raising a classic eyebrow of suspicion.

Lydia finally choked down her ball of food.

"Well, my mom told me that yesterday her pastor had to perform a live exorcism."Josie only snorted before taking a sip from her bottle.

"I'm serious! But the weird thing is, the person who was possessed wasn't spouting that usual demonic mojo-jojo."

"Sooo, how did your mom know they were possessed?"

"Apparently, the boy showed the cliché symptoms of possession, but instead of cussing everybody out he started preaching about how, 'All will be saved.' And, 'The divine light will always guide us.'" Lydia explained as Josie shifted uncomfortably in her spot.

"And you're sure it wasn't just the Holy Ghost?" Josie was seeking some sort of logic to the event just described to her.

"Yes and no. It was even stranger because, according to my mom, the boy was only 6 years old."

"Holy shit!" Josie exclaimed.

"Yeah, but honestly who even knows, right?" Lydia replied trying to mask her uneasiness.

"Yeah. I wonder if my dream could be connected?"

"I hope not, but that'd be pretty cool."

"So Josieee," Riley sang having already decided to sit at the desk in front of her. "Why'd you leave my boy hanging like that?"

"Why would you set him up like that?" Josie retorted cocking a smug eyebrow this time.

"I didn't set him up. I-"

"Humiliated him. Period." She slammed her pencil down. "Riley, what do you want?" Josie asked clearly fed up.

"Damn, okay! I see why you weren't feeling him. Probably a bit too pussy to handle you, honestly." He responded unfazed by Josie's harshness.

She laughed mockingly. "Answer my question or leave me alone."

"Look Jo-jo,"

"Nope, don't call me that."

"Jo, you know I like you...a lot. And I would really appreciate it if you'd let me take your rude ass on a date?"

"Aw, how sweet of you Riri. How can I say no?" Josie sarcastically batted her eyelashes.

"Soo…" He egged on.

"No, Riley. No."

"Okay, I'll try again in a week or two." He chuckled, returning back to his seat. Josie wasn't able to wrap her head around why the boy was so infuriatingly persistent?

The professor of Josie's psychology class had finally arrived, but upon walking in, it was blatantly noticeable that he was not his usual chipper self.

"We're watching a video." The glum professor stated in a low and irritable voice. Barely half of the class cheered in excitement.

"Um...yay?" Riley spoke aloud, clearly undecided on the proper way to react.

During the entire class and video, Josie noticed that the professor had developed a habit of rubbing his forehead repeatedly. This new habit had remained consistent until the class finally ended. The students gradually packed their supplies and dispersed to their next destinations'.

Before exiting, Josie saw that a familiar face had decided to stay behind.

"Um, you okay Mr. Ernest?"

"Please A.D., for once, leave me alone." Mr. Ernest responded harshly. Josie couldn't help but feel bad for A.D., only because he seemed like a genuinely considerate and caring person.

Returning to her dorm room, Josie sees that Lydia, her roommate, was gone. There was a sign taped to her laptop screen that stated "Gone Fucking" with a cute drawn-on eggplant below. She stifled a laugh while removing the paper.

Opening the web, she is greeted with the latest news headline: " Possessed Man Kills Himself in the Name of Misogyny". The story explains that the man was caught amongst the public streets in a furious tirade. His claim was that men are a waste of humanity, and to prove his dedication to eradicate the race, he slit his own throat.

"What the fuck is going on?"

She had hoped for a normal day today, but those hopes were immediately crushed when she was met with a hoard of students huddled outside her psychology class entrance. The dean was among the students, frustratingly trying to get them to calm down and listen to what she had to say.

"As of yesterday, Professor Ester will no longer be teaching at this academy. Attendance credit will be given to all of you and normal classes will resume tomorrow."

Josie was stunned, but surprisingly

non-surprised. It was obvious that the professor was horribly exhausted yesterday. Was he a victim too? She wondered.

"Jo-jo!" The familiar voice of Riley shouted, earning the annoyance of Josie.

"What Riley?" She only rolled her eyes, as he fast paced his way over to her.

"Hey, let me talk to you over here for a sec'." She was discreetly escorted to a quiet hallway as Riley anxiously looked around confirming that they were alone.

"Okay so, what's going on?" She asked feeling her own heart pick up pace. It wasn't because of attraction, but more so a reaction to his nervousness.

"Look, you can't say anything, which I know you won't, but still…" he paused. Josie only nodded as a silent promise. "The real reason why Mr. Ester is gone is because he was caught fucking one of his students."

"Holy sh-what?" She thought for a second. "Wait, Riley. How do you know this?"

Riley got a bit awkward. "Well, one of the girls I'm talking to apparently caught them -well, caught Mr. Ester getting piped down."

"What? By who?" She asked, still unsure whether to believe this story.

Riley choked back a laugh, "By um...A.D." Josie was immediately taken back.

"You-you're fucking with me right? He doesn't seem like the type to take that kind of risk." Sleeping with a professor? In college? In this academy? The very thought was blasphemous among the students."That's just...crazy."

"Ha HA! I know! But good for him though, I'm happy for him." Riley fake wiped a tear, adding a sniff for dramatic effect.

"Is this really true, Riley? How do you know?" Josie's instinctive scepticism had kicked into high gear.

"I don't. Just going off what my current fling said. And I mean, no one else has explained why both Mr. Ester and A.D. are absent today." Riley only shrugs. She looked away, still uncertain.

"Yeah, where is he anyway?" She pondered out loud.

"Million dollar question, Jo-jo." Riley started smirking. "But according to my sources, homeboy was putting in that work-"

"Ah-I don't need details."

It was nearly dusk, and Josie had done nothing but toss and turn in her bed. Since her psych class had been canceled for the day, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to ponder what's really been nagging her. Thoughts of the Devil tarot card and possession stories had infested her mind. Sighing in defeat, she forced herself to just stop thinking and surrender to relaxation. Abstract images and voices played in her head before she was tricked into finally falling asleep.

The playful tune of Josie's phone had alerted her to wake up. The nap she forced herself to take was clearly much needed, since she ended up sleeping through the whole night. Lydia was still fighting the responsibility of waking.

Josie began her normal morning routine, all while wondering who was going to be replacing her former psychology teacher. The event still left her with a bit of a shock. It was extremely difficult for her to picture that student, A.D., and her teacher? She just couldn't bring herself to believe that it actually happened.

She finally left her room, careful not to awaken the hibernating beast that was her roommate. Walking among the hallways, no one seemed to be buzzing about the latest scandal. She figured it was probably for the best; being the center of this type of gossip would undoubtedly become a hindrance.

Approaching her classroom, Josie noticed that not many students had been crowded around like they usually would. The door hadn't been propped open either. She peered into the window, seeing that there were no students inside the classroom, except for one tall figure with their back turned.

The person inside was far from a student, however. He stylishly sported long, deep red curly locks. The color was impressively rich, much more stunning than the hue of a ruby. The figure had turned their head to the side, where Josie could catch a glimpse of their profile. He wore a uniquely clean cut beard that began just below his bottom lip, but had grown to only claim his chin and jawline. The color was that of dark chocolate, which perfectly accented his deep mahogany skin; an impressive combination colors she didn't even think was possible.

The only thing she couldn't capture were his eyes. Josie knew she had never seen this man before; and even if she had, she would've surely remembered.

Noticing she was nosy-ing for a bit too long, Josie quickly veered her face away from the window, enamored by the sight she just took in. She dug for her phone, trying to distract herself. The screen lit up showing her a time of 6:12 A.M.

"What the fuck?!" She was never one to be this early for her class. This was earlier than she'd wake up. "Jesus fucking…" Sighing, she peered into the classroom window again, simultaneously fighting a tinge of doubt that surfaced in her stomach. She didn't want to be that student, but sitting on a desk chair sounded way more comfortable than sitting on the floor. Having made up her mind, and mustering enough courage, she gripped and turned the door handle, casually walking inside the room.

The man didn't turn around, or say anything for that matter.

"Um, good morning…" Josie spoke awkwardly trying to break the silence. She wondered if approaching the table where the red haired man stood would be a good idea?

"The Devil tarot, how cliché. Why not the...Magician? Or the Emperor paired with the King of Wands?" The man turned to look at her after he spoke, as his questions hung in silence waiting to be acknowledged.

Fire. No, that wasn't the color. Josie was stunned in place. Shocked at the unnaturally natural effects his eyes took. Pieces of the brightest ember had claimed his eyes. They didn't shine, instead they flickered. As if flames were constantly being fed behind his eyes.

"Because, that was the card that suits you the best." She answered blatantly, still captivated by the man in front of her.

He sighed, feigning defeat. "I guess."

Casually shrugging his shoulders. The man looked like a volcano in human form. "We should probably get to it. I don't have that much time with you." He chimed into her thoughts.

"Get to what?" She asked genuinely confused, earning an annoyed chuckle from the man.

"Really...you forgot why you came here?" He antagonized, dragging stressed hands downward his face. His fingers were ringed, golden bands having surrounded two or three digits. "Come over here, Josie." Shaking his head. His tone was commanding, like a stern parent.

There was an instinct of fear that caged her courage. Almost as if she'd get in trouble for not listening; as if she were a child. It was an embarrassing feeling. Nonetheless, she found herself at the table, standing diagonally adjacent to the man.

"Place your hand on the desk." He used his head to point at the wooden surface. Josie cocked an eyebrow, both hesitant and confused for the purpose of his command. "Josie just place your hand on the damn desk!" The man sharpened his voice and erased any signs of patience.

She was annoyed at his audacity, purposely taking her time for her own childish reasons. Her fingertips grazed the smooth table, and soon her second hand had joined in, parallel to the other. Her breathing became steadily harsher and faster. For the life of her she just couldn't catch it. In fact, her breathing had turned into panting, which morphed into gasping. Warmth rolled through her legs and back, her insides heating up like a furnace.

It was a sensation that maddened her, causing her eyes to roll back into her skull, to a sanctuary of darkness.

His hips viciously pounded against my ass.

His olympic-like pace refused me a single second to think.

He was reaching a depth so terrifying that it guaranteed to always have my pussy clenching and dripping. Each thrust made my stomach reverberate; like the bass to a song. My insides were ringing with fire each time he hit what felt like my core.

The sensation was too exquisite, as it visited my thighs and toes. A rush of saliva had taken over my tongue, threatening to escape from my already agape mouth.

An idea popped into my head to close my mouth, but another hard fearsome stroke destroyed that thought. My voice broke into a sound not even I recognized, and I definitely couldn't control. The high pitched sound came when he decided to venture deeper, but a tad slower, eliciting an unmercifully repetitive slap against my skin. Intensifying the powerfully sweet tremors within my stomach.

I took in a harsh breath, holding it in, hoping that this foolish action would allow me to accept the bliss his thrusts commanded of me.

Each stroke was thunderous, forcing a bolt of pleasure to surge through me like electricity, causing me to finally release an explosive shriek that could surely get us caught. Whatever will-power I had of my body had just been shattered. I could feel my pussy leaking, like how the rain would come after the sky would roar, as my shrieks broke off into high pitched cries.

I honestly wasn't sure how much more I could take, but he was the only one capable of testing my limits. I resolved to keep going until I passed out.

Sometimes he'd chuckle when he panted, and hummed when he groaned. It was a menacing collection of sounds that weakened my spine. I felt warmth claim my entire back, as he leaned over with ease. Keeping his tremendous pace, his breath teased my ear. The pace drastically slowed, as he let go a few more sinister chuckles before speaking.

"I didn't know you could sing?" I couldn't see him, but I knew he was grinning. His voice beckoned goosebumps from my skin. He picked up the pace again, the one I mistakenly forgot he was capable of. My voice hiked a good two pitches. My cries responded with a tune that sounded like I was begging.

The man was cruel for his taunts. For a quick moment my pussy stung as it automatically clench around his dick, earning a foreboding low groan as he slowly pulled out.

Suddenly I was empty. He had pulled himself out of me. I tried to gather the will to stand properly, using strength from my feening of more. But I was interrupted when my body had been flipped over for me.

I was turned to face him, assuming that he was about to cum on my stomach. But that guess was horribly off, as he grabbed the back of my right leg, placing my calf on his shoulder. His chest heaved up and down, alarming me of what he intended. A broad hand had claimed my ass. I could feel the chill of his rings peck my skin. I knew it was coming, but the mighty smack against my ass still earned him a well deserved shriek.

I tried to lift myself up and scoot away, already knowing how terrifyingly pleasurable this position was going to be. I could feel the knot of butterflies swarming within my stomach, mixed with a tinge of fear.

"Absolutely not." A sly smile spread across his face, but the strength he used to drag me back in place was without a doubt a warning.

My pussy was completely exposed.

Strangely, arousal was intermingled with my shame as his eyes took in the twitching soaking sight below him. His dick glided over my clit, before finding its way dangerously deep in between my walls.

The sounds escaped me the deeper he got. It was only the first stroke in this position and it was evident who was going to fall first. My walls welcomed him in a squeezing frenzy. Tightening, untightening. Torturing the both of us. But he didn't move and inch. Instead, I was the one panting now, trying my best to prepare myself. The intrusion slowly retracted until only the tip was left inside, before it began stretching my walls inch by mouth watering inch. Again. And again.

"Sss, shit!" He kept that pace, clearly savoring every stroke he could.

His dick dominated my inner muscles, demanding them to stretch to his length and girth; the lovely warmth that promised a well deserved orgasm. But not just yet.

He slid inside once more, pausing once he reached my deepest depth, causing me to claw at his shoulders and hum pleadingly.

Josie was being shaken frantically.

"JOSIE!! Jesus fucking...breathe! You're okay!" Lydia had finished rocking Josie violently before finally calming down. "Fucks sake girl!"

"W-what happened?! Are you okay?" Josie asked equally frantic, but ironically sitting up to comfort her friend.

"Am I?- You were...you were fucking hyperventilating like you were having some sort of asthema attack! I've never seen you sweat so much!" Lydia explained, forcing herself to calm down as she relaxed onto the bed.

"W-what?" Josie used her hand to steady her weight backwards, but was met with a horribly soaked surprise. Flashbacks taunted her thoughts. She kept her shock silent, too embarrassed to reveal the truth of the matter to her friend.

"Lydia, um...can we talk? Like, real talk?" Josie asked, still in disbelief of how much she had actually sweated.

"What's the psychic tea, sis?" Lydia exasperatedly slid onto the floor, burying her face in her hands.

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