The Alpha Female

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Cassandra Reign is in for the shock of her life when the most feared Alpha Nystrom decides to attend the Annual Mating Ceremony. Alpha Cassandra Reign leader of the Crimson Nightstalkers, prides herself on running a pack with little hassle. Every year she attempts to make the Annual Mating Ceremony as safe as possible. When Cassandra receives a phone call providing her with news that Alpha Phoenix Nystrom and his pack, the Moonvalley Prowlers everything goes out of the window. With their rough and animalistic nature, Cassandra knows she's in trouble. However, she is not about to let another Alpha come into her territory and call the shots. Unlike many Alpha, Cassandra Reign is not afraid of Alpha Pheonix Nystrom.

Fantasy / Romance
Natacha Gray
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Chapter 1

The week before the Annual Mating Ceremony was always hectic. It was beginning to come down to the last few moments before twenty-four packs throughout the country sent their unmatted wolves to the Annual Mating Ceremony.

People rushed around with their various responsibilities; business owners brought more stock to sell for their high escalation in sales, the woodcutters were preparing firewood, the design teams, the maids, the chiefs, the dressmakers were all busy preparing for the week to come.

I was bombarded with people when Friday morning came. Although everyone had questions, I understood those questions needed answering I needed them to stop. I just needed time to breathe.

Even Katheryn my loyal Beta, and friend was not doing much better. The members of the pack surrounded her like a wildfire. Normally I wouldn’t have worried, but the second I caught a glimpse of her four-month-old son Angel I was concerned.

“Enough!” My authoritative Alpha tone halted everyone in their tracks. They turned around gazing at me as I stood at the top of the staircase that winded down towards my office.

“Everyone’s going to make a line outside of my office, and we’re going to do this properly. We’re werewolves, not uneducated savages.” Would you believe that started further chaos? People suddenly thought it was a good idea to fight for position inline.

I ignored all of them as they cleared a pathway for me to get to my office. I lingered back to make sure they let Kaythern through with Angel. Why would I expect any fewer chaos then the year before?

Closing the door behind me, I was relieved that chaos was gone temporarily. Today was going to be one of those days, one in which all I wanted to do was pull my crimson hair out.

“I’m so sorry Alpha I did not mean to bring Angel with me, but Austin has to make sure he has enough stock in for Monday, and one of the coffee machines broke. It’s been a total nightmare.” Kaythern threw her black braided hair up into a ponytail.

“Katheryn, what have I told you about calling me Alpha when we’re in private. You’re not just my Beta you’re my best friend, closest confident. Besides, I love this adorable face.” Katheryn laughed, Angel cooed as he took my finger in his chubby little fist.

From that moment, my day was chaos. Chiefs came in to finalize the menu for the formal dinner. Maids came to me checking off their final checks. At some point, Austin brought us some coffee and food, offering his help to whatever we needed.

Overall today hadn’t been as bad as it could have been.

That was until Blue came bursting through the door.

“Alpha, I’m sorry to interrupt, but Alpha Nystrom is one the phone. Says he wants to talk to you. He’s on line two,” Blue panted as he tried to regain his breath quickly taking a seat on a nearby black leather chair.

In my ten years of experience as an Alpha, I never once interacted with Alpha Nystrom. However, I had heard horrendous stories about him and his pack. According to several of the older and wiser Alpha’s, Alpha Nystrom was nothing but trouble. Alpha Nystrom’s pack were vile, volatile savages.

Alpha Nystrom and his pack were not the kind of wolves I wanted to be associated with my pack. After my Father and Mother stepped down, I took over. Since coronation, I had to work just as hard as any Alpha Male. Alpha Females were unheard of let alone running their pack.

I had nowhere to run. I had to pick up the phone.

“Hello, Alpha Reign speaking,” I answered, Katheryn, took a seat on the black leather sofa in front of the glass window.

“Hello beautiful, I know you were not expecting a call from me now,” Alpha Nystrom’s voice was husky, deep intimidating to anyone who had the displeasure of interacting with him. However, his authoritative tone did not affect me.

“Your right, you are the last person who I expected to call me. So what can I do for you, Alpha Nystrom?”

“Your right, you are the last person who I expected to call me. So what can I do for you, Alpha Nystrom?” I drummed my pen onto the table. Alpha Nystrom quite possibly had the worst timing ever.

“Well beautiful, I’m just calling to tell you that my unmated males, and I will be attending the Mating Ceremony this year.” What!? The deadline for the paperwork was six months ago! I sent reminds to the packs who hadn’t replied.

By law, I’m not allowed to refuse an Alpha, and his pack entry to the Mating Ceremony no matter the circumstances. However, it was also inconsiderate and rude of the Alpha to leave myself and my pack three days to prepare for their arrival.

“Alpha Nystrom, do I need to remind you, that I requested the paperwork from you concerning the Mating Ceremony over six months ago?”

“I do remember getting an email of sorts, but I’m old school baby girl, I prefer things in my hand rather than through a screen” Baby girl? The nickname made my skin crawl, and my teeth clench together. But I was not looking for a fight. Knowing just how dangerous Alpha Nystrom was, I didn’t want to push it.

“Okay, I’ll resend you the paperwork to fill out. If you can get it back to me in the next ten minutes, it will give my team and me a fighting chance.”

“I’d much prefer it if we went through the questions together. Just in-case I get stuck.”

So I sat there for nearly thirty minutes with Alpha Nystrom going over the questions he should have submitted six months ago. Throughout on conversation, he continued to throw nicknames and flirtatious comments around.

Our annual mating ceremony usually ran smoothly. With Alpha Nystrom and his pack’s presence, I could imagine this year running far from smoothly...

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