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Gwendolyn. An outcast from birth. I wasn't even a minute old when I killed the Queen. Some say that my first breath, took her last. The Kings Men are coming for me, There isn't much hope, except for them. The two men that whisked me away from certain doom. Plagued with nightmares and visions from a life that is not my own. I need to find a way to release myself from this curse and prove that I am not a murderer. My world is flipped upside down and everything I once thought to be true is questioned. Dragons, magic and steamy sex...What more could I ask for? Paige. I've been surrounded by people my whole life. I'm a Princess and a loner. My father has been preparing me for the throne since I was born but still I feel incomplete. I'm not all sunshine and roses though. You see, I'm harbouring a monster. The monster is me.

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Flashes of light. Screaming, so much screaming.

"The Queen is dead!"

"The babies aren't crying"

More flashes of light and then, Nothing.

Sweet beautiful kisses of darkness.

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