Legacies; Relics of the past

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Getting into trouble was something Kimbo always seemed to be doing no matter how much he tried otherwise. his grandmother, "mama" just took it that he was acting up but he really wasn't, trouble just seemed to be waiting on every corner to surprise him. He'd literally been ripped from his normal life in the states and carted of to live with her in a third world country without rollercoasters, there was no way he was going to survive the boredom but when Mama's usually impeccable car drove into his new school' compound at five freaking thirty looking like it just battled it's way out of a riot specifically aimed at denting and charring the cars formerly smooth and silver body, what's the chance of something more surprising happening? A thousand percent sounds alright. A world of supernatural powers and forces explode around Kimbo drastically changing the way the world looked to him.

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No disrespect but you are Craaazy

I'm seeing things..

Stop standing In fire

My Mama isn't dead, stop lying!

What's with the god of war theme?

My screams rent the night time silence as the blast from the explosion forced me to the wall. My body ached as my twelve year old form tried to force myself up, I wanted to run to her but the fire from the explosion was raging, cutting me off from my Mama.

"Where is she?" A gruff but calm voice asked beside me as I felt a hand squeeze around my shoulder.

I didn't look at the voices owner though, I just let my tears flow in despair as my sorrow caused me to shake violently.

He squeezed my shoulder once more, "I need you to tell me or else I can't help."

I pointed towards the fires epicenter, "the last door on your right."

All I heard were footsteps dashing towards the direction I pointed out and a lot crashing accompanied by the continuous clicks of the fire consuming more and more of the mansion.

I should have kept her downstairs, we should have continued talking. I couldn't help but blame myself for her current situation, if we had just stayed downstairs for twenty more minutes, maybe she'd still be alive.

The crunching of debris fished me from my thoughts. I looked up to see a bald man with thick muscles holding my limp grandmother's body bridal style standing in the middle of a patch of flames. The flames were the last things that registered though, I ran to my grandmother as he cleared a portion of the floor and laid her down.

"I'm sorry but she didn't make it," he said as he kneeled next to her soot covered body.

"She's not dead," I growled and he just looked at me with pity. I cleared the soot of her face and held her, "please wake up, just please wake up Mama, you can't die, please you can't die."

"I will see you soon Akinbode," he said as he placed his fingers on his mouth and then moved it to her head. His eyes glowed a faint red and I saw a dark silhouette of my grandmother come out of her body, she gave me a small smile.

"I love you and your mother, never forget that. Ogun will come back for you, he'll help," she said and with that they both vanished.

I sat there holding her body to my chest sobbing, what was the point of getting out of the house if she was already dead. It was all my fault.

"See dem for here," a voice yelled as I passed out, the sounds of heavy footfalls the last thing I heard.

" you okay?" A female voice asked as I opened my eyes, I blinked a couple times before my eyes regained their total functionality. Her face was missing, all I saw was a white sheet in place of her facial features.

"Are you wearing a mask?" I asked trying to sit up but I couldn't.

"Oh, yes I am your Ori but for now, I don't have a face cause you know, you just started life. Basically I mature alongside you." She said twirling and dancing around me. If she had a face, I bet she'd have been smirking.

I tried to look around me, trying to gather my bearings but my neck was a bit stiff. Her weird dancing was kinda annoying, how was she so energetic.

"Where am I?" I asked after running locations to match with my current one through my head and turning up with a blank note.

"Oh, that's simple," she replied helping me up, "this is Awọn ebute, The Terminal," she said waving her hands dramatically, the large circular chamber was quite the Marvel.

In truth, large, was the understatement of the year, the thing was massive, in fact it was more than massive. The circular chamber had large portals all around it on ten different levels beings of different colours went in and out of them, giving the place a busy vibe. Like if time Square was a train station but on steroids, really really strong steroids.


"Oh, don't let the activities bother you, it's just because they're preparing for a new awakening, your awakening," she said as she turned to face me, "you have to return now but I'm sure we will see soon, goodbye warrior," she added with what I could only possibly call the most evil smile ever and shoved me to the ground.

I opened my eyes once again and the first thing to greet me was Musafa's face, I never thought that I'd be so happy to see his thin and heavily bearded face.

"Ah, you're awake, thank goodness." He said and I just groaned in reply as I tried to roll over on my side and push myself up. It didn't work.

"How long?" I asked pointing at the still burning flames though they had receded a lot.

"Two hours since the explosion," he said as he helped me to sit up, "don't worry, we'll soon put it out," he added as he left me grabbing unto a bucket I hadn't noticed before and running towards the tap to join his efforts in fighting the fire.

The sirens of the firetrucks finally arrived and to say I was pissed was an understatement. How the hell does it take you two freaking hours to respond to an emergency. I hate this stupid place.

Morning came and I had no idea what to do with myself. As far as I was concerned, everything to me was darkness, there was no light and I wasn't seeing it coming forth any time soon. To say the least, in hopes it sounded better than what was actually going on, my mind seemed like a forest whose days of glory had been left long behind. The trees were cut down, the stumps burnt and all the animals had fled. My head was filled with sorrow, I was tired and all I seemed to grasp was the pain.

I sat on one of the curbstones partitioning the driveway wrapped in a wrapper Mustafa had brought out of the gatehouse as I looked at the mansion. Roughly three-fourths of the top floor was destroyed. The remaining walls were charred and some of them looked like freshly burnt terracotta. The damage would be repaired by the insurance company but there was no way to bring Mama back and that was what really mattered.

"You should get some sleep young man," Mustafa said as he sat down next to me.

"I know but I don't want to," I said still looking at the building as the smoke slowly rose. The stupid fire department had moved on after taking a few pictures and other irrelevancies. If only they actually were the ones who put out the fire.

"I'm trying to see if I can get your mom now the heat has died down, " Mustafa said bringing me out of my head. He took his phone out of his pocket and I just couldn't help but remember the first time I met him.

I've always known him as very intelligent and today wasn't any different, he seemed to always know what to do and when to do it. He was practically a step from being my Mama's P.A

"The call's not going through, why don't you go to sleep I'll update you tomorrow, " he said patting me on the back.

"I'm not sleepy," I protested but a yawn escaped my lips and I knew there was no convincing him.

"Come on, the bed in the gatehouse is very comfy, your grandmother really took note of tiny details." He added as he stood up after me with a lopsided grin on his face.

"Okay, "

"He seems to have awoken, " I heard Mustafa's voice as let myself out of the darkness of closed eyes. My body ached a little as moved over unto my side. I took a glance around the room before the information I was needing came flooding in. She was dead, Ogun took her spirit but what about her body, "her body, " I screamed as I dove out of the covers only registering what Mufasa had said about his nice bed for a millisecond.

I didn't get far with my sprint though as two figures walked in front of me before I had taken four steps. I impaled my self into a large mass of hard flesh and ricocheted back unto the bed landing with a thud on the soft mattress. It was soft but my butt still hurt, "ow."

"Careful young one, you need to slow down a bit, you aren't at full capacity yet." A gravelly voice said as I tried to get myself out of my disorientation.


"Yes child," he said, "but it would do you good not to mention names so easily, just call me master smith instead cause there are powers in names," He added after a pause.

"Oh…okay, I'm sorry."

"Don't worry about it though I'd also advise you to be cautious about the others when it comes to how you address them, just do what everyone else does when finally do meet them." He said rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

"Who exactly would I be meeting?" I asked a pit feeling in my spine.

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot," he said, his voice taking an edge of seriousness, "we need to talk, leave us olutọju," his voice the sound of a platoon marching to war.

Mustafa did a small bow, turned around, gave me a thumbs up and cheeky smile then left the room.

"Mind if I sit?" Ogun, master smith,, asked as he walked towards the bed.

"No, not at all."

"You're grandmother told me she had just started tell you about us, I'm not free to tell you everything cause part of your training involves you learning about me and the other orishas but I can tell you that you won't be alone on the journey you're about to embark on. The road is most definitely rough but you, just like your grandmother have the feirce unrelenting heart of warriors. Besides, you're the legacy of an equally feirce and unrelenting warrior." He said as he played with a black iron chain in his palm.

"Okay, so what exactly is gonna happen to me?" His explanation not really the best of help to my befuddled mind.

I was still expecting him to tell me this was all a joke, _this guy is most definitely crazy_

"Well, the first thing is you're gonna have to train and that's why you gonna need this," his voice becoming more animated as be stood up and placed the chain in my hands, "I'm sure you understand by now that I'm terrible with explanations but just know that she'll explain it all when she comes back. I'll see you soon young warrior." He added and with that he disappeared in a whirlwind of flames leaving the smell of in its wake.

I stood up and started for the door but his disembodied voice stopped me, "if she asks, tell her that I drew a favour from Oya and she better not waste it."

The master smith is weird, I mused as I walked out of the room, who is 'she,' who was he talking about?

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