Cave Women

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Early 17th century sailor ends up stranded on a mysterious island in the Caribbean. With a troubled past he looks to a even more troubling future on an island filled with mysterious creatures thought to be myth and legend.

Fantasy / Erotica
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He sat there watching the rising sun along the Caribbean sea, waves roared into the yellow sandy beach and raced and retreated back into the ocean before it reached him. Soaking wet he blinked away water from his eyes.

‘This is what losing feels like’ he thought.

The cargo ship he was a crew member on the HMS Ryder was now broken in half, the bow danced in the waves a kilometer away from the island he was on.

He ran a hand through his short black hair feeling fine grains of sand, he hated being wet and covered in sand but, he was thankful to be alive.

Standing up he looked down the beach and saw a person not to far away from him, the water washed along with the person and they appeared to be unconscious. Walking towards the person he was beset by exhaustion but carried on, he was a Soldier first in the Kings Army before becoming a sailor, if there was one thing the army taught him it was to push on.

Kneeling down he turned over the man and saw the bearded man eyes wide open but lifeless. Moving his hand to the body’s neck he found he was cold.

Looking about he saw some debris, a few barrels, and a crate, deciding to scavenge them would be in his best interest in the off chance it was food or drink.

Collecting the barrels and the last crate he looked about inland only seeing thick green bush and trees. Feeling a headache coming he sighed and thought about his first course of action.

“Water” he stated.

Going to the two barrels he hammer fisted the top lid and plucked it off, looking in, he indeed saw water but.

He dipped his finger in and then tasted it. ‘Saltwater’

Sighing in defeat he moved it over onto its side and potatoes felt out of it. He looked at the potatoes pleased with the sight of food but he could last a month without food. Freshwater on the other hand only a couple days before dying.

Taking the other barrel and standing it up he opened the lid as well and looked in. the entire barrel was full of cotton and water but had bottles in it.

Taking the green bottle and uncorking it he brought it to his lips and took a sip.

He sighed ‘Rum’.

Turning the barrel on its side and emptying the water he went to the crate and opened it up.

To his surprise he found two officer swords, the hilt silver and gold, and the blade long fine steel, he eyed the markings and saw a crown engraved on both and along the blade the words ′DEUS HOC VULT’ he had no idea what language that was or what it even meant.

Rummaging through the crate he found an expensive white cotton shirt which was wet but he dressed into it. Looking some more he found a red sash and a red coat officers coat at the bottom with the rank of colonel markings on it, having no use of it he tossed it to the side and found brown leather belts and a leather sash for the swords to be sheathed onto, he adjusted the belts and strapped them onto himself.

The crate being empty he got up and decided to head north along the beach.

He was amazed by the islands beauty, and also very pleased with the tree’s and thick vegetation, his mind becoming more clearer he realized the island must have water somewhere if the vegetation was this dense and green.

Spotting a coconut tree he grinned, as he walked around a bend, seeing not just one but quite a few he instantly went looking about for fallen coconuts.

Kicking one out of the sand he instantly took to opening it and then using a sword to crack it open.

seeing the white innards of it he saw the coconut water and drank it, getting a few gulps in before it was empty he sighed happily and looked around for another, seeing none he went to a tree and began to push and shake it. Just as he thought this might be a bad idea because he was below it, something hit his head and he dropped onto his ass.


He moved his hand to the top of his head and instantly looked around in pain having thought he heard something in the bush.

Making a face he looked about with his brows furled in anger of the pain and saw no one around, thinking maybe it was in his head he grunted and took the coconut next to him and grumpily opened it up and drank from it.

Getting back to his feet he took to exploring along the beach again.

Hearing a static kind of sound he continued on and saw a small river flowing to the sea.

Moving his hands into a fist in front of him he cheered.


He ran to the river and saw how crystal clear it was, without hesitation he placed the swords along the bank and jumped in still clothed. He drank eagerly while washing the salt off himself.

He shook his head with a smile. His ears plugged he heard something and looked about confused and then moved back to the bank and shook his head trying to get the water out of his ears.

Out in the ocean, he saw it...saw her.

and he heard it...humming. It was familiar, he knew it.

The woman swam to him gently, her eyes dilated black as she sang, strangely beautiful and he couldn’t look away.

“Of all the money I ever had... I spent it in good company, and all the harm I ever done, alas it was to none but me” The woman with a serpents tail eased out of the water and slithered to him, her scales green and brown, appeasing to his eye, she continued to sing. “And all I’ve done for want of wit, to memory now I can’t recall, so fill to me the parting glass, goodnight and joy be wi...”

The head fell off into his lap and the mermaid’s body jerked back and started to roll around like a dying snake in the sand.

He jolted back to reality having been lost to the things song he looked up and saw a wild and tall beautiful brown-haired woman wielding a large bloody stone ax.

She looked at him almost in disgust. and she shook her head and kicked at the head in his lap.

“Mermaid kills”

John instantly stood up and looked back at the head of the creature and its snake-like body which still withered around.

“Fuck me”

“No...mermaid kills...sings song you like then it eats you” she said in broken English.

He looked at the woman who saved him and she looked at him a bit disgusted.

She was his height and he was 6 ft tall, her arms muscular and strong, her thighs thick as well, it looked like she’s been living on the island for a while, her top was uselessly covering her exposed large breast which he saw her nipples and her brown loincloth covered most of her pussy but he felt his heart skip a beat seeing her pussy hair exposing over the top of it.

He felt a new emotion but he couldn’t quite place it, it felt good.

Looking at her green eyes she spoke. “You...Man?”

He nodded “John Morgan”

“John Morgan...Man?”

He canted his head “Yes” he nodded again.

Her eyes opened and she slowly nodded.

“All men come here...Water kills them before they arrive...or mermaid kills them...You are lucky I was here”

He held out his hands “You have my gratitude”

He saw her lip curl up a bit “Weak man”

John raised his brows “ugh no...I’m not I’m just recovering”

She pushed him and he stumbled back and she smirked at him.

John swallowed and looked her over wondering who this wild-ling was, what her story was.

She pointed an ax more inland to a little cliff. “You stay there...Build shelter”

“Where do you live?” He stood up.

“by myself” she looked at him and walked away.

John looked around rubbing his head.

“By myself she says...alright then” he looked at her round ass as she walked away, he notices a few scars along her thighs but he looked at that ass again and found himself tense.

Shaking his thoughts he looked at the cliff and followed her a little ways and cut across the river and made his way up.

A month went by and he found himself finally sitting nicely in his little thatch and wood makeshift cabin.

looking out over the cliff and towards the river and ocean, he thought it would be a nice place to retire if he ever lived to see that day.

The island was full of predator creatures, it seemed like the mermaids were the only ones that evolved into something that was some sort of nice, thinking himself an idiot, knowing to be beautiful and appealing to the eye was just bait to lure people in.

There were other mermaids on the island but the wild woman had returned and skinned the other mermaid and collected its meat and skin.

If the mermaids were intelligent creatures he figured they took it as a warning and had stayed clear of the area.

He wondered where the woman lived, it had to of been somewhere close but he could never find it, or her.

When he was in the woods he felt something watching him, he hoped it was her because it was getting creepy at this point.

Taking a piece of cooked meat from some kind of strange lizard chicken he ate contently in the early morning, enjoying as much as he could since he felt a storm coming in, being a sailor for a few years you simply felt the storm before it hit.

He heard a gunshot and he instantly shot up in his hammock he fashioned from netting he found on the beach.

Getting up and placing his belt and sash on he checked his swords and set out into the woods.

He kept running towards where he thought he heard it creatures ran passed him running from the area it came from and he knew he was on the right course.

“Ella es malvada?” a voice said...male...and Spanish.

Going into the clearing he saw the wild woman laying on her back bloodied and kicking at three men as two beset onto her, one bald man was hitting his own pistol trying to reload it.

John took out both his swords and emerged from the vegetation into a run. heading towards the bald man first he leaped at him. The man yelled out but johns blade silenced him across his throat, blood erupted and the bald man gurgled, the two other men turned and stabbed at john.

He deflected the first stab and parried the other man’s thrust and slashed him across his chest. John knelt down and finished his move by cutting the mans knees from behind him and stood up and spun to face off against the last man as the other fell to the ground in agony.

“English?” the man shouted and looked at his swords.

John kept his head low and swung the blades around clearing the blood from his swords, watching him intently as they circled each other, a veteran of many battles John knew petty small talk was pointless when true primordial violence was needed.

“You Dog” the man spat at him and john kicked sand at the man and launched at him, the man deflected both of johns attacks but not his thrust kick. The Spanish man fell back into a roll and stood up the man then took out a small knife and threw it at him. John dove to the side and got back up and ducked as another knife flew overhead.

John closed in again and assaulted the Spaniard in a fury of blows, twisting and turning he grunted and faked a low cut and attacked with his other hand and the man deflected the attack to the head but then john jabbed in with his other hand. The trick worked and he bit the blade into the man’s thigh. John deflected the man’s counter-attack and he turned back into a role and stood up. breathing heavily.

The Spaniard laughed at john. They circled one another and blood was flowing heavily out of the man’s thigh, the Spaniard looked down and moved his free hand down to the injury.

Panic besieged the Spaniard and the man lunged at John. John deflected and kicked the man’s leg out, the man was good at defense but piss poor at attacking.

John cut down and disarmed the man, then stepped back and swung at the man’s neck.

Turning to the woman she was watching him intently while holding the side of her body. The Spaniards fell forward dead and his head rolled off along the sand.

sheathing his swords he went to her and held out a hand to her.

“May I?” He asked.

She looked him over, she began breathing harder and faster and she opened her mouth slightly.

His eyes flared up and he knelt down and moved her hand off the injury.

Seeing both an entrance and exit wound he got up and picked her up in his hands.

“Strong?” The woman had raised a brow at him almost in disbelief but she turned her head into his should and winced in pain as he began to walk.

“Not weak,” he said.

Coming to his little shack he set her in the hammock and restarted his campfire with red coals under the fireplace.

Taking his sword out he placed it in the fire.

Looking her body over she watched him intently in silence.

“I’m going to have and cauterize the stops bleeding”

She gave a nod.

He figured this wasn’t new to her. as he took the sword up and went to her.

She took a fist full of his shirt as he knelt to her and they shared a look before she looked away.

He first did the entrance and held it there three seconds and moved it back seeing it stopped bleeding.

She was shaking but didn’t scream.

He cauterized the exit wound and looked it over, it appeared it didn’t hit anything vital...judging from his experience he figured but wouldn’t know for sure, it was right on the side of her body.

“Why you save me” she interrupted his thoughts.

He looked at her “You saved me...I save you” she shrugged his shoulders and head.

Her body was covered with sweat and sand and she smiled weakly and looked away from him.

“You’re staying here for a couple of days, I wanna keep an eye on you love”

“Love?” she looked at him.

John stood up “it’s a saying”

“What saying?” She asked quizzically.

“Listen, woman...I’m going to see where those men came from then get you some water” He grabbed some meat wrapped in a leaf and gave it to her “Eat...get your strength back”

She took it and didn’t say anymore as he made his way back to the men.

Going to the corpses he yelled at the lizard chickens that were eating the bodies, they instantly scattered, he wanted to be quick since they were skittish in low numbers but in a group they were hostile.

Taking the men’s pistol and swords he went along the beach following their tracks in the sand he went around and saw into a small bay a shipwrecked sloop, a large bird was flying off from it with a body and various other predators large mountain lions and some kind of sloth thing that was the size of an elephant with long claws, also a mermaid was encircling the ship, it looked like they were all being friendly with one another, working as a crew, a team.

If there were any survivors in the wreckage it was only a matter of time.

The storm coming in he turned back and went back to the river and took the small barrel and scooped up water and headed back.

Going to the hut rain just started to pelt down.

closing the makeshift door he made out of rope and planks he went to the woman and set the barrel down next to her.

She was sitting up and swinging back and forth watching him, he took note she appeared almost in good health.

“You look good”

Her eyes searched him and she slowly bit her lip.

He held out a hand to the water. “Do drink”

She swung back and forth and stopped with her feet and reached down taking the barrel and drinking from it.

She looked at him and stood up, taking off her top and loincloth she dropped it around her feet and walked next to him and opened the door and went outside.

He looked at her loincloth and top and looked back seeing her shower in the rain.

He rubbed his brow and squatted up and went outside as well, he took off his bloody shirt and stood there closing his eyes and feeling the raindrops on his head and shoulders.

The wind blew along his chest and body.

He felt his belt slide off and he opened his eyes seeing her.

She tugged his pants down, he allowed it.

Pants around his ankles she pushed him and he fell back onto his ass, his pants slipping off past his feet, she knelt down and looked at his cock in wonder.

Her nose flared and she leaned down, her breast brushing along his thigh as she took his cock into her hand.

No words were said as her breath washed over his manhood. His breathing picked up as she leaned down sucking his cock into her mouth and sucking him into her. Her tongue probing under his shaft tasting and exploring.

Gritting his teeth and curling his toes he moaned and spread his hands out grabbing grass.

Her hands went under his ass and her nails dug into him for support as she began to suck him up and down.

His cock fully erected he looked down and saw her intently at work on him.

She lifted her head and he watched his cock slip from her mouth as she crawled onto him, he looked down and saw her climb onto him. She took his cock and she eased down. He felt his cock head touch warmth again and he slid right, and firmly into her.

She moaned, holding back while she was in pain earlier, she moaned now.

She moved her hands to him and he moved his hands about her back. She looked almost scared and he moved his hand along her uninjured side.

“It’s ok,” he said and she leaned down and kissed him.

Enjoying the kiss he felt her ass starting to move and he moved his free hand to her round ass cheek and held her for support as they fucked.

His cock fit perfectly inside of her. Each rise and fall of her ass on him sent jolts of pleasure through them both.

She began to moan louder and scream.

He took a better hold onto her as her pussy began to pulsate on his cock and he felt her squirt against him.

He moaned and sat up and turned her around and laid her on her back, her body tensed and eased, tensed and eased and he firmly set his cock inside her and began to fuck her, she looked at him and licked her lips, her nails scratched his chest and he moaned feeling his balls tense and his cock throb.

“Up” he pulled out and moved his hips up to her and she instantly wrapped her mouth around his cock and sucked as he cummed.

Looking down at her she eagerly pressed her face into him each throb of his cock her lips tighten and sucked. The pleasure was immense. He knelt there with his hands going to his hips as she bobbed back and forth cleaning him.

She moved her head back and his cock sagged down, devoid of cum.

She looked at him and swallowed again and they shared a look that lasted for a minute.

Her face looked more happy and pleased than when they first met. This was a side of her he liked. And hoped it would continue evermore.

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