The Lost One: Draft One

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There is a war going on in the planet of Cluna Clichi between Moonburgh and Villainsvillas as they are trying to find The Lost One as she can do many things, she could work for the villains or the heroes. Meet Kenia Brown who's birth name is Ozra Salma Sasani who is 18 years old who is a rare mutant from Moonburgh but she lives in Wickford in Essex, she lives on Earth for her protection from Tartock and his crummies. Can the citizens of Moonburgh find Ozra before Tartock and his crummies find her??

Fantasy / Action
Liya Scriven
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Chapter 1

Meanwhile, in Moonsburgh.

A young, strong man with jet black hair, amber eyes and olive skin, had knocked on Bronze Crow’s door.

“Aunt Gementi, ARE you there, Shrabilio TOLD me that you WERE outside and COULDN’T sleep, are YOU okay now?!” he shouted out loud, he got no response from her.

He knocked on the door harder, he still got no response, he used all of his strength to knock down the door, and his powers are super strength, speed, telepathy, magic spells, also healing.

The door was knocked down on the ground with a loud bang.

“CASIO MENTO!!” he growled very profoundly, just like that the door was back on its hinges in perfect condition. He quickly went up to the stairs, towards Bronze Crow’s room.

“Aunt Gementi, are you there? It’s me Aaron ‘The Thunder Assassin’, your nephew, Gementa and Declan’s son” he shouted out, he still got no response from her.

He used his telepathy power to read her mind. He could not understand her mind because he knew that she was dead.

He knocked the door down quickly with a loud thump on the ground. “CASIO MENTO!!” he growled with demand. Of course, the door is fixed just like that, with the magic.

“Aunt Gementi, can you hear me?!” he asked calmly, he got no response.

He checked her pulse, he got no pulse, she’s as FROZEN as an icicle, he knew that she is dead, but how was Bronze Crow dead. The Thunder Assassin searched everywhere in the bedroom. He found nothing.

Until he found an empty flask and it had the smell of death. He nearly got knocked out by the most deathly smell you can ever think of maybe something.

Aaron sensed what this deathly smell was. He believed it was the potion Flask of Pure Deaths, which is a deathly potion, so dark, so evil, only villains can create hastily.

Thunder Assassin, decided to call Light Puma, The Long Wolverine, Fantasia, Luna Labyrinth (The leader of the good fairies), Ethan Hayes & Carolyn West (The Detective Duo and couple), Zetor (The Centaur leader for the Heroes), Esmé (The Main Angel for Heroes), Foucault the Loyal & Frank the Hero (The Knight Duo, Partners in crime, best friends), The Sapphire Devil (Heroic Assassin), Avalon Vossen & Krero Vossen (Heroic Witch & Wizard duo and siblings), Tatiana, (Alfa of the Heroic Pack, Hero member and leader of many heroic packs), and many more heroes by their exclusive communicator.

“Guys, are you there?!” Thunder Assassin asked, waiting for a response.

“Thunder, what’s up?!” every hero has asked him.

“I have some devastating news to tell you.” Thunder Assassin has confirmed to them.

“What’s wrong, Thunder?!, tell us no need to hesitate about this.” they all said calmly.

“It’s Bronze Crow, our leader,” he explained to the crew slowly.

“Is she ill, if, so she will recover in no time,” they claimed.

“No, she is not ill, she can’t recover.” he kept rambling on.

“What do YOU mean she can’t recover Thunder?!” they all question him with confusion.

“She can’t recover because she IS bloody dead!!” he snarled as he is upset that his aunt is dead, his role model.

“Oh Thunder, I am sorry for your loss, do you know how she died” they sympathized for him and asked for Bronze Crow’s cause of death.

“Yes, she was poisoned, with the most deathly potion” he explained even more.

“A POTION?!, what potion, WHAT POTION?!” they shrieked in a panic.

“The most deathly potion alive, the potion is Flask of Pure Deaths.” Thunder Assassin confirmed to the heroes.

“Who would want to KILL Bronze Crow?!, she is our leader and role model!!” they gasped in shock.

“I think our enemies did this. I can smell Severa Hunt in this room” he suggested to them.

“SEVERA HUNT!!!, she was one of us, until she met THAT Tartok Carter that BASTARD!!!” Luna Labyrinth explained to Thunder (his nickname).

Everyone looked at Luna with confusion written all over their faces

“Luna, can you tell us about Severa Hunt?!” the heroes and Thunder asked her.

“Severa Hunt or shall I say Lara Labyrinth was a fairy, my older sister, my role model until she met Tartok Carter, that evil, selfish old crook after my only nephew was murdered years ago. She had taken some dark potion that made her into a shapeshifter like Bronze Crow, but evil. She can make dark magic after THAT bastard killed sweet, innocent baby Elm, I kicked her out of Oakenvale Meadow and the other fairy worlds” she explained to them.

“Why didn’t you tell us Luna!!” the crew reacted to her explanation about Severa Hunt.

“Because you didn’t need to know until now, but I never contacted her after she met that BASTARD Tartok and after she accused me of killing my nephew when it was Tartok cracked his neck while she was organizing Elm’s christening.” Luna hissed at them in a foul mood that’s how you know when she shouldn’t be messed with. Avoid Luna when’s she’s angry.

“All right, Luna, calm down before you lose that vicious temper of yours before it gets worse, and I will call your husband Sam Glittershine next time.” Thunder said calmly.

Luna did calm down as Thunder knew how to calm her down by the way he tells her the truth that stabs her deeply, she knew about her vicious temper that she inherited from her father Larry Labyrinth the former king of fairies, and she doesn’t like it when her husband has to be put into the situation to calm her down publicly.

“What are the plans, guys?!” Shannon, aka ‘Light Puma’ asks the crew.

“The plan is to find ‘The Lost One’, next we track him or her down, then we capture ‘The Lost One’. FINALLY, we explain our situation about the war between the Heroes and the Villains to him or her.” Thunder explained every single detail of his plan by the communicator on his wrist.

“How are we, going to find ‘The Lost One’, Thunder?! TELL ME!” Alberto aka ‘The Long Wolverine’ shouted out the question with stress.

When Wolf is in distress, he shouts a lot AT everyone and everything including the microwave.

“Okay, which one of you has a tracking device?!” Thunder asks the crew over the communicator.

“I do!!” a random male and female voice echoed at the same time.

“Who said they do have a tracking device?!” he asks the crew.

“I Fina Phoebe Whiteclaw, the Alfa of Lichen Stars Pack, and I Conon Dane Whiteclaw, the Alpha of Lichen Stars Pack.” both Fina and Conon introduced themselves to every member of Heroes.

“Mr and Mrs Whiteclaw, can you track down our lost hero or heroine,” Thunder asks the Whiteclaw wolves.

“Sure and please call us Fina and Conon, I am only 18 in Wolf years, and Conon is only 24 in wolf years, and we are siblings, Conon has his mate, and she is named Sabelina Larbina she’s only 23 in wolf years of Nightshade Tail Pack, her former pack are also our allies, I haven’t found my mate yet,” Fina explained to Thunder in in-depth detail.

“Okay, we sincerely apologize, Fina and Conon.” Thunder apologizes to both Fina and Conon.

“Its fine Thunder Assassin” Conon insisted to him.

“Have you tracked our lost hero or heroine yet?” Thunder asks them.

“I have found our lost heroine, her name is Kenia Brown, but her birth name is Ozra Salma Sasani...........” Fina babbled on.

“Why does that name sound so familiar?! I’m trying to think, who are her biological parents from this world?!” they all ask.

“Her biological parents are, well her mother was Delara Nata Kukamaneshi-Sasani aka The Lost Soul.She was a mutant of an angel, mermaid, dryad, fairy, witch, a shapeshifter. Was on our side until Tartok had poisoned her with Flask of Pure Deaths days after the birth baby Ozra, Thunder!!” Fina explains to the crew.

“And her father Orand Shirzad Sasani aka The Mysterious Merlin. He is a famous young wizard. His powers are super strength, invisibility, x-ray vision, ultra-speed, his eyes change colours depending on mood, red for anger, blue for sadness, light green for disgust, dark green for fear, yellow for joy, gold for bravery, dark pink for heartbreak, bright pink for love, black for numbness, light purple for lust, dark purple for panic, when he is angry. When he forms his fists into balls, they form flames. He has this extraordinary power Regenerative Healing Factor. Telepathy, which means he can read minds. Absolute Immortality which means he can never die, he has multi-powers, he is one of us. At the present moment, he is captured and tortured by Bartok unfortunately. But he can resist that. He had fallen in love with Delara, who was the wife and mother of Ozra, his only daughter until the bastard of THIS world poisoned her!!” Conon explains to the crew.

“That explains it, Delara was poisoned by Bartok. Orand had no choice but sent Ozra to earth to protect her from Tartok. And he adored her very deeply and loved her very much.” Puma (Shannon’s nickname) explains to every member of the hero team.

“We must find her, by the way, where is she located?!” Thunder questions them.

“She currently located in Wickford, in Essex in England,” Conon answers for them.

“Let’s go to Wickford in Essex then, but we have to act normally so the mortals won’t be suspicious of us which most of us are immortals!!” Puma explains to them.

“Thank you guys” Wolf (Alberto’s nickname) “Always a pleasure working with you guys” they both praised the heroes at the same time.

“Let’s go AND find our lost heroine!” Thunder, Puma and Wolf had ordered the crew to find their heroine.
Thunder, Puma, Wolf, Luna, Fantasia, Ethan Hayes & Carolyn West, Zetor had teleported to Wickford in Essex, in their mortal forms.

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