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Chapter 3

She splashed her face with water, rubbing against her skin to wash off the grime that had collected. She sighed as she also rubbed against her hands, hoping to get the blood off, in case she met with another group. Satisfied with their cleanliness, she made to stand just as something hard pressed against the back of her head. Her eyes tightened, her fingers spreading out, hands drifting to the sides, to show her attacker that she was unarmed.

“Don’t move,” came the expected response. “Stand, and you’re dead, got it, elf?”

She nodded her head. The man behind her shifted, and she could feel the satisfaction in his posture. “What’s in the pack?”

“A blanket, two small books of stories, a sewing kit, a canteen and some food.” She replied, tense. She took it off, as he ordered, along with her shield, it banging against the ground. She gritted her teeth as she swayed, her balance off-kilt. She noted that the gun still remained firmly pressed against the back of her head, which was good. All she needed was a moment of his distraction-

A rustle in the across bushes made the soldier look up. She swept up, swinging her arm across to move the gun away, gripping his arm to keep it that way. She blocked his other arm as he swung it at her, sweeping it out of the way as she brought her free hand to his face, her outstretched palm pressing against his brow. All of her anger and hate suddenly focused itself on this one man and she watched as his eyes widened and the life seeped away, his corpse falling to the ground, limp and inanimate.

She stepped back, her feet slipping on the smooth, wet rocks as she fell. She scrambled back from the corpse, her heart pounding. He was dead. She had just touched him and now he was dead. She didn’t know she could do that. Didn’t know it was possible. This was unheard of, a healer killing someone with their gift. She had mended bones, driven out infections and sealed cuts. She had cleared away blocked arteries and reattached torn muscles. She had even dissolved a tumor in an old man’s skull. All with her gift. But now she could see that she could do the reverse. And if that was true…what else could she do?
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