Forbidden Mates

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Anna thought she was a normal girl until her twisted path brings her two mates both forbidden by the laws of nature. There worlds were separated after a fatal war but a hybrid, blood bonded to a vampire and mated to a wolf has no choice but to bring them back together. In doing so she has to turn their worlds up side down. Can her love for her mates change the world or will it kill them.

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Anna POV

Anna’s POV

The darkness is consuming me wrapping my body in a blanket of fear a doubt until a pair of deep Crimson eyes appear. “I’m here.” and like that all my fear fades away and I feel safer.

“Anna, stop your daydreaming and go bust those tables, Now!” Rachael bellowed from the cash register.

I was having one of those days the dinner was slow. We had maybe 5 people come in all morning, three of which were regulars and only came for coffee and to watch the news. I gathered the dirty dish and took them in the back and washed them up. Grabbing my spray and rag I walked out to wash up the tables. I noticed a tall slender man in a nice suit walk in and take a seat in the far back corner.

I wonder where he was going in this town wearing such an expensive suit there is no big city around for hundred miles in either direction. And there was definitely nothing in this hick town for someone like that. I finished busting the table the grabbed a menu and walked towards the mysterious man in the back.

He was sitting there his looking out the window when I made it to his table his pale skin and dark suit made me feel like I was about to be neuralized by the men in black he even had on the dark shades to boot.

“Hello my name is Anna, and I’ll be your server tonight. Can I start you off with something to drink?”

He pulled his shades off as he turned from the window flashing me his deep crimson red eyes and said. “Yes, I think I would like a raw steak, hold the meat.” He chuckled.

My lip curled up in the corner at his remark, I wasn’t amused with his sense of humor.

“You know you could just ask for raw next time. It makes this whole process much faster.” I snapped instantly regretting it.

He grabbed my wrist and pulled me down into his face, and inhaled deeply “Oh Annastaia is it’s you I have finally found you.” His words dripped from his tongue like honey, I had no idea what he was talking about but I had never been so drawn to someone like this before, even if he was terrifying as hell and every ounce of my being told me to run.

“After work, you will drive to this location. ” He held up a piece of paper with some scribbles on it.

“The life you have been living is a lie, and it’s time you come home,” he said releasing my wrist.

“You are out of your mind, please leave before I call the cops,” I said taking a few steps back.

“Don’t you want to know where you come from and why you never could find anything about your past.” his words hit home.

“How did you know?” I tried to speak but he cut me off.

“ I know a lot of things about you, and I want to answer all your question but u have to come to this location,” he said standing up from the table he reached into his wallet and dropped a hundred dollar bill on the table.

“That should cover your time I stole,” he said and went to leave.

As he passed me he whispered. “I’ll see you there.” his words sent a tingle up my spine, and my heart began to race.

The rest of the day flew by in a blur but I couldn’t stop thinking about him, the way his voice felt like velvet when he spoke. Or how his slight touch made me weak in the knees. How did he know I was searching for my birth family. And how did he know my name? I don’t wear a name tag. before I knew it I was sitting in front of a mansion in the middle of nowhere. Why would I got to a stranger’s house in the middle of know where in the first place. I diffidently didn’t have a death wish, All I knew is he knew something about my history and I was dying to know. I watched him come out of this huge mansion and walk towards my car. Again my heart began to race and for a second I almost put the car in reverse and drove away. That handsome man with those deep crimson red eyes was already opening my door. Taking me by the hand he led me out of my car and towards the mansion.

“Welcome home my dear, you have been gone for so long I have searched for you every day since you were lost.”

I took in his words but was still unable to speak.

“There is so much to explain, but it is so late and you must be exhausted. I have prepared a spare room for you to rest in and in the morning I will tell you everything you want to know the deal?′ he asked walking towards a staircase leading to the second floor.

I had been driving for 5 hours to get here and it was almost impossible to keep my eyes open t this point and honestly living on the street most of my life I had slept in worse places with much worse looking people.

“Ugh sure but only for a few hours, I can’t stay long. I said as I began to follow him up the stairs. He opened the door to a large darkroom. It had Large black drapes cover the windows. the room its self was painted black with red trimming. It was a Gothic teen who had thrown up in this room.

“It’s ugh nice,” I said trying to be polite.

“Well ill leave you to it and I find you in the morning,” he said before leaving.

I closed the door and locked it .im sure he had a key to it but it made me feel slightly safer. I flooded down on the soft bed and was asleep in seconds.

The darkness consumes me once again, it’s like this every time I close my eyes. But this time those crimson red eyes were accompanied by a pair of deep sapphire eyes. “We are here for you.”

My eyes burst open my body is drenched in sweat my breathing is heavy and uneven.


“Anna, are you okay?” His voice came from the other side of the door.

“Where am I? And Who are you ?” I screamed. I was starting to hyperventilate.

The door opened and he was instantly next to me making me jump. He took my face in his cold hands,

“Shh... Sweetheart I told you that I have to explain everything to you, but first, you must breathe. In 1..2..3... Out 1..2..3.. and again, in 1..2..3.. out 1..2..3.. my breath slowed and became more even as I stared into his gorgeous red eyes.

“Come there is something that I need to show you.” He took my hand and lead me down a long hall into a very large room. There was a large empty table in the middle of the room and six pictures on the wall. We walked up to the last photo in line.

“Anna this is your father Victor Crinamorte, he was the last king of vampires, he died one day after your first birthday. His voice seems to get further away as my mind tried to travel back.

“Happy birthday Anna, today’s a big day for you” a little boy walked in “This is Elric.” mind cut to a different memory. “I wish your mother could have been here she would have been so happy to see...” his sentence was cut off by a loud explosion. Then my mind flashed again I was wrapped in his arms moving so fast that the world around me blurred. “I love you, my daughter, my hope for you is one day you will end this...”

That’s the first time I ever thought about my father and actually saw his face everything from his short blonde hair to the slight curve of his nose. I memorized every bit of him. I felt like I was going to cry. But Elric was still talking “And you are the same as him. Do you understand.”

“So what you are saying is that I’m a vampire.” I kinda giggled at the thought.

“Well yes and no. Your vampire it’s self hasn’t been awoke. Historically it would awaken on your 23 birthday there is a big ceremony that celebrates it. Where you would drink human blood for the first time and release her, but being a royal blood there would be another step to your unveiling. Not only would you drink human blood but you would also drink the blood of your chosen mate bonding you too together forever.” He took my hand in his and looked deeply into my eyes.

“Your father betrothed you to me on your first birthday and in three days on your birthday, we will do as he wished and complete our bond and you will take the thrown with me at your side. My queen.”

“What do you mean complete the bond?” I asked a little hesitantly.

“Well, you see on your first birthday like I said I was betrothed to you and in doing so your father took a drop of your blood on my tongue creating a half bond to me to yours. This would mean that I was completely bonded to you but not you to me. This made it where I would never seek another.” He stopped talking a looked at his watch.

“Damn I’m late you need to dress before meeting the council.” He quickly lifted me into his arms and ran to my room we moved so fast that my eyes watered from the force. “

You’ll get used to it my love.” He whispered into my ear before letting me down and kissing the top of my head.

“Now there is an array of clothing in your walk-in closet that’s vamp approved. I’ll be back in thirty minutes to get you before the others are awake.

My closet was filled to the brim with dresses and heels. No shirts no pants. Do girl vampire only wear dresses all the time. While I browsed through the ungodly amount of dresses my mind began to spin with everything I learned this evening my father was a vampire and in three days not only would I be one but ill also be bonded to one. Oh and to top it all off I have to drink blood which the thought of making my me nauseous, I sat down on the dressing stool and the room began to spin.

“Anna are you ready I brought you something. Elric spoke.

“No!” I said barely audible, the door opened then he was at my side.

“Here eat this he handed me a plated of grapes, “You must be starving I forgot that human forms gotta eat.” Here honey let me help you get dressed. He quickly picked out a dress and slowly slid it over my head and don my body, dragging his fingertips down my side. Sending a shiver up my spin. Next, he picked out a pair of tall heels and put them on me softly buckling them around my ankles. Mm, you have lovely legs he murmured before planting a kiss on my calf. Then quickly releasing my leg and getting up.

“Okay, now I have to take you to meet the elders. They have to prove you are who I say you are. It’s simple so just do what your asked to do. Do you understand me? I nodded to back to him he leads me back to the big room but this table was full of what I assumed was vampires. All beautiful in their own way. Their skin was flawless like marble statues, they all looked so young no more than twenty-five maybe, all the women had on floor-length dresses that hugged their curves, the men were in tailored black suite much like the one Elric wore. they looked nothing like I had imagined and elder council to look like. There were two empty chairs at the table.

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