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A sensation of nausea overcame me and I dropped to my knees, dry heaving until my stomach hurt.

My hair was gently pulled back and a hand rubbed my shoulder blades soothingly.

“It’s okay” Zephyr said softly “The effects should be over soon”

“I forgot how preciously sensitive wolves were” Hades sneered from above me.

I would have cussed him out if I wasn’t spewing my guts out over the cement floor.

“Give her a break” Zephyr snapped at him “She’s been through a lot today”

“Careful Zephyr” Hades warned “You’re walking on very thin ice and you know what happens when I snap”

Zephyr clenched his jaw, glaring at Hades.

“What...the...Hell...Was that?” I wheezed out, wiping my mouth with a torn piece of my dress.

“We Ascended”


“Traveled” Zephyr amended his words “From your house to here”

“And here is...” I looked around and was surprised that we were on the Marina docks.

“Why are we here?” I asked, standing up.

I wobbled a bit and Zephyr’s hands shot out, stabilizing me.

“You okay?” he asked, concern etching his face.

I nodded “Thanks”

“We’re here” Hades yawned “Because it’s the closest portal to home”

“Portal?” I asked

Hades growled, stomping towards a extremely large yacht.

“Do you not know anything about Greek Mythology girl?” he asked, hopping on the yacht.

I followed

“Not particularly” I sneered “Since my private school never got the chance to cover that particular chapter in our textbook”

“They did” he responded “You just didn’t pay attention closely”

I reared my head back in shock.

“How would you know what we covered in school?”

“I’ve been keeping tabs on you and your family for a very long time” he said cryptically “Longer than any one of you probably realized”

“Okay” I mumbled “Not creepy at all”

Zephyr nudged me to keep walking and I shot him a look.

Hades was way ahead of us, out of earshot, and I decided that now was the chance to get some information out of him.

“Why didn’t you take me when you had the chance?” I asked quietly “We were alone and you could have avoided all of this”

“Hades had to claim someone in front of Kassiopeia” he answered gruffly “It was part of the contract”

“Hades had to do that” I said softly “But you didn’t. You could have just brought me here on your own”

“And how would you have reacted if I just took you?” he asked, glancing at me.

“Probably not too well” I admitted quietly

“Exactly” he said and ran a hand through his hair “And as crazy and hectic as it was, at least this way you got to say goodbye to your family”

I sighed “You might be right”

“You’re overthinking everything” He bumped my shoulder with his “Hell isn’t what you think it is”

“So there aren’t Grim Reapers waiting for me around every corner?” I asked “Or three headed dogs?”

He paused in his steps and gave me an embarrassed look “Okay, maybe Hell is exactly what you think it is”

I panicked and he gripped my shoulders.

“Breathe Sin” he said in a calming voice “Just breathe”

“Why me?” I asked quietly


I looked up at him “Why was I chosen?”

He gave me a pained look “I don’t know...”

“Don’t...” I said, holding up my hand and stepping out of his grasp “Don’t lie to me”

“Sin...” he sighed “I...”

“Just forget I said anything” I said, following Hades aboard the yacht.

I raised an eyebrow when I saw Hades lounge on a huge ass throne with three scantily clad women fussing over him.

“Am I interrupting something?”

He shooed the women away and gave me a crooked grin “Nothing important”

“Are you sure? Because I can come back in like... six months to a year?” I said sweetly, giving him one of my most innocent faces.

“Nice try” he snickered “Good effort though”

Zephyr stepped on board and gave Hades a look.



“Did you have to bring your throne here?”

“I needed a chair” Hades defended “And as it so happens, my throne is the only chair I really like”

Zephyr rolled his eyes and muttered a quiet “Show off”

“Okay” I said, redirecting their attention “How exactly are we getting to Hell?”

The yacht jerked and I lost my balance.


I really hate this night.

“Don’t you worry you’re pretty little head about it” Hades yawned

I gritted my teeth and lunged forward when Zephyr caught me by the shoulders and redirected me to a hallway.

“See you in the morning Hades” Zephyr grunted out.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” Hades called out, amusement lacing his voice “ON SECOND THOUGHT, DO EVERYTHING THAT I WOULD DO!”

I stopped dead in my tracks and turned around, ready to curse Hades out when Zephyr gripped my arm and pulled me into a empty room.

“Let me go!” I hissed at him, ripping my arm out of his grasp.

“Calm down” he said soothingly “He’s just trying to get a rise out of you”

“Yeah, and he’ll have to rise out of the water when I throw him overboard” I said, stomping toward the door.

I tried to throw it open but it wouldn’t budge.

After the third attempt, I kicked the door in anger and twirled toward Zephyr.

“Unlock the door”


“Unlock. It” I growled at him

“No” he said, leaning back on the empty bed causally.

“Zephyr, I swear to God...”

“Which God?” he smirked “Zeus?”

I yanked my heel off and threw it at him “UGH!!! YOU’RE SO ANNOYING!”

He laughed and patted the spot on the bed next to him “Come and rest”

“No” I gritted out, crossing my arms over my chest “Not until I give that loser a piece of my mind”

“Just rest” Zephyr yawned “You can bitch at him all you want in the morning”

“I’m keeping you to that” I muttered, relaxing my stance and taking in the bedroom setting.

“So...” I said, after taking in the ornate details of the room “Where’s my room?”

He patted the bed again “This is our room”

I paused and gave him a look “Excuse me?”

“” he said slowly.


“Why what?”

“Why the hell are we sharing a room when this yacht is huge?”

“There’s actually only four bedrooms on this boat” Zephyr said in a matter-of-fact tone “One for Hades, one for his Wife, one for his Son, and one for his office

“So which room are we staying in?” I paused and them my eyes widened “Satan has a spawn of his own?”

“Yeah,” Zephyr nodded “And we’re staying in Hades’ son room”

I cursed, feeling a headache coming on at the thought of two sarcastic demons making my life a living hell.

No pun intended

“And he won’t mind?” I raised an eyebrow “I’d think the Prince of Hell would have a hissy fit if us commoners crashed his personal space”

Zephyr snickered “He won’t mind”

“If you’re sure” I plopped on the bed and groaned at how soft it felt “Will I get to meet him?”

“Meet who?”

I turned my head and looked at him, watching as his unique eyes glinted under the windows moonlight.

“Hades’ Son”

He gave me a small grin and leaned forward, moving a wisp of my hair out of my face.

“He may pop in once or twice”

“Is he a jerk like his Dad?” I asked on a yawn “Will I have to work on more comebacks?”

Zephyr snickered and laid back in bed “Just go to sleep”

“I would say that I’m not tired” I yawned again “But that would be a lie”

“G’night Princess” He yawned too “See you in the morning”

I snuggled closer into the bed, dreaming about simpler times.

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