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“Serenity” a low voice whispered “It’s time to get up”

I groaned, grabbing my pillow and shoving it over my face.

“Five more minutes Mom”

There was a snicker and suddenly the person was shaking me like their life depended on it.

I growled “I said five more minutes!”

“As much as I would love to stay in bed with you...” A familiar male voice said “I love it even more when Hades doesn’t bitch about our tardiness”

My eyes popped open at the deep male voice and I flew up in bed, taking in all of my surroundings.

When I found the source of the voice giving me an amused look, arms crossed over his naked chest, I groaned and fell back into bed, covering my face once again with my pillow.

“I thought that this was all a nightmare” I groaned “A terrible, never ending nightmare”

The pillow was tugged away from me and Zephyr’s amused face came into view.

“Most girls say it’s their dream to wake up next to all this” he pointed to himself and I snorted, giving him an amused look.

“Of course most girls say that to your face" I snickered “I bet behind your back they talk shit to their friends about how horrible you are in bed”

He gave me a cocky smirk and leaned his face closer to mine.

“I bet they don’t” he raised an eyebrow “Care to find out and test your theory?”

I snorted again, pushing his face away from mine and sitting up.

“Nah, I’m good”

“Your loss”

“No” I grinned at him “My Win”

He rolled his eyes and climbed out of bed, heading towards the bathroom.

“So why did you wake me up at this god forsaken hour?” I asked, yawning and looking at the room’s ceiling.

Definitely not trying to take a peak at the fine male specimen mere feet from me, brushing his incredibly straight teeth.

“Four thirty isn’t that early” he muttered, rising his mouth with water.

“It is for a sleep addict like myself” I said sourly.

“Hades wanted us up and ready to go”

“We’re here already?” I asked in surprise “I thought that it would at least take a couple of days to get to the Underworld”

“We’re almost to one of the entrances of the Underworld” he emphasized “That’s what usually takes the longest to find. The actual ride in the Underworld takes about a half hour”

“I can’t believe I’m sitting here and talking about the Underworld” I muttered mostly to myself.

“Well believe it” Zephyr said, coming out of the bathroom with a black t-shirt and jeans on.

“Hey!” I snapped, irritated that he was dressed so comfy “Why do you get those clothes while I’m stuck in my dress and heels?”

“Why?” He smirked “Because I’m that awesome”

“Awesomely annoying” I snorted “Now give me some clothes”

“Ask nicely”

I rolled my eyes “Can I please have some clothes?”

“Sure!” he said with a cheery smile, picking an outfit off the chair that I must have missed last night.

When he held it out to me, my mouth hung open in shock.

“What the hell is that?!” I said, staring horrified at the piece of cloth in his hands.

It was sheer, see through, and honestly looked like a dress I saw Rihanna wear at an event.

“Clothes” he smirked

“Yeah, for hookers!” I exclaimed “I’m not wearing that!”

“Well it’s not exactly like I have extra clothes lying around for you” he defended “I had to borrow this from one of the maids”

“Well you better go give it back to her” I said “Because I am NOT wearing that in front of two perverts”

“So you’re saying you would wear this in front of one pervert?” he waggled his eyebrows “Maybe I should keep this for later then”

I growled before picking up the bedside table lamp and throwing it at his stupid face.

“Keep it up and I’ll kill you in your sleep”

“You wouldn’t do that” He dodged the lamp with a chuckle “You don’t have the balls”

“Wanna bet?” I growled again, this time throwing a paper weight at him “I probably have bigger ones than you”

He snorted and caught the paper weight with ease.

“Care to test another one of your theories?”

“Zephyr...” I warned “Another one of your stupid comments and I will jump off this boat. I rather take my chances with Jaws then two harassing idiots”

“No fun” he pouted before throwing the dress on the floor and picking up something else.

“Here” he said “Hades picked out the first outfit, I picked out this one”

I snatched the bundle from his hand and nodded my approval.

“Why didn’t you give this to me first?” I snapped “We could have avoided all this!”

He grinned “I love seeing you squirm”

I snarled at him before making my way to the bathroom, locking the door, and jumping into the shower, trying to calm down my racing heart.


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