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As soon as I unwrapped the bundle of clothes Zephyr gave me, I nearly jumped for joy.

Inside was a black Pink Floyd T-shirt, black jeans, and embarrassingly enough, a pair of matching red underwear.

I gritted my teeth, knowing that I couldn’t make a big deal out of this after I complained about the shear dress.

“I going to kill him” I muttered to myself, brushing my curly wet hair out “I’m going to claw his eyes out at stick them so far up his...”

A sudden knock cut off my rant and Zephyr’s amused voice sounded from the other side of the door.

“If you’re done planning my impending death” he said with a snicker “Hades is waiting for us up on deck”

I swung the door open with one hand, the other grasping one of my tangles “He can wait”

“Waiting’s not his strong suit”

“I don’t care”

“Must you fight everything?” he sighed, sitting on the bed.

“Yes” I said wincing at the pain the tangle caused me “Besides, I’m almost done”

“Don’t girls usually take hours in the bathroom”

I grunted at another tangle “Not every girl”

“But most do” he argued.

“Yes, No, I DON’T KNOW!” I growled and yanked on the knot before throwing the bush and just putting my hair in a bun “My cousin does, but I don’t”

“What do you guys possibly do in there that takes so long?” he asked.

“Why do you want to know?”

“Call me curious”

I sat on the bed and he handed me a pair of Doc Martens.

There is a God’ I exclaimed internally.

“Well unlike you guys" I emphasized the word guys “We have to find an outfit, see how that outfit looks on us, if we don’t like it then we have to pick another outfit and see how that one looks, then pick out a pair of shoes, do our make-up, fix our hair, find the perfect accessories, pick the perfume that goes just right with the outfit....”

“Stop, just stop” Zephyr said, looking slightly overwhelmed “I get it”

“I don’t think you do” I snickered, tying my laces “Because all you guys have to do is find a clean pair of clothes, if that, pick out some sneakers, and brush your hair”

“You win” he groaned “I won’t rush you”

“Good” I said, jumping off the bed and heading towards the door “Now do we get breakfast before this meeting or is King Douche making us starve”

Zephyr snorted “We’re having breakfast while discussing out next move”

“Cool” I nodded “Lead the way”

We walked down the hall in silence, neither one of us having something to say to each other.

All too soon, we were faced with the grinning devil himself.

“Ah! My two favorite people in the whole world!” Hades greeted from his throne at the head of the table “Did you two sleep well? If at all?”

I ignored his comment and bypassed him all together, heading straight towards the table holding the delicious smelling food.

“Well okay then” Hades chuckled

I piled my plate high with as much delectable food as I could fit, glad that it wasn’t something weird like caviar or snails.

“Waffle?” One of the staff asked, holding out a plate of a delicious looking waffle topped with strawberries and whipped cream.

“Yes please” I took the plate and the woman smiled.

“Oh, so she does have manners?” Hades commented when I took a seat.

I shot him a look and took a big bite of my waffle.


Zephyr sat next to me, his plate filled equally with the same amount of food as mine was, sans the waffle.

“Slow down” Hades scolded “There’s enough food for seconds, although for a woman of your stature, I would recommend against getting more food”

Slowly while taking a huge bite of my waffle, I raised my middle finger and flipped him off, holding it long enough for me to eat more food.

The staff gasped and Zephyr choked on his omelette, reaching across the table to pour himself some water.

Hades chuckled darkly “Someone’s period hit hard today”

Zephyr, who was greedily gulping down his water, choked again.

I chuckled and crossed my arms, my mood matching Hades’.

“I was wondering about that” I leaned forward and grinned “Was your flow heavy this month?”

Hades leaned back in his throne with a smirk “Like a tsunami”

“I can’t believe we’re talking about periods” Zephyr muttered under his breath.

“We’re not talking about periods” Hades and I snapped at the same time.

When I realized what we did, I scowled and Hades grinned, his mood instantly cheering up.

“I was right for picking you” He said “You might just make it out alive”

“What does...” I started to ask but was interrupted when there was a jolt of the yacht.

I flew into Zephyr’s side and he kept his arm around my waist as the boat steadied itself.

“We’re here!” Hades jumped out of his throne before heading to the front of the yacht.

“Does here mean..” I glanced at Zephyr, trailing off.

“The entrance” he confirmed, standing up and holding his hand out for me.

I took it gingerly, blowing out a breath of air before standing up.

“Let’s do this”

We entered a dark looking cave with fog, something that reminded me of scene from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

“I can barely see” I whisper-shouted, careful not to wake up any cave dwelling creatures.

“You’re a wolf aren’t you?” Hades asked dryly “A nocturnal animal?”

I growled “The fog’s making it hard to see”

“We’re almost there” Zephyr said, grasping my hand and dragging me further “It’s just up ahead”

“What’s up ahead?”

He didn’t answer me but then again, he didn’t have too.

I saw it for myself, not a what, a who.

“Holy shit” I whispered to myself, gaping at the cloaked skeleton holding a long stick, gazing back at us and following our movements.

“Charon, my old friend!” Hades greeted the Skeleton, patting him on the back.

The Skeleton didn’t answer back, instead, pointing his long and bony finger at me.

I clasped Zephyr’s hand tighter.

“Oh her?” Hades dismissed me and for once, I didn’t snark back at him “Don’t worry about her. She’s going to be my guest for a while”

The Skeleton’s head turned from me to Hades slowly, the sound of clacking bones rubbing against each other echoed throughout the cave.

“Yes, yes” Hades waved his hand dismissively “I know the consequences”

I yanked on Zephyr’s hand and he bent down enough so that I could whisper in his ear.

“I thought the living weren’t supposed to enter the land of the dead?”

“There’s always a loophole” he whispered back, his pretty eyes gleaming “Always”

“What consequences is he taking about?”

“I don’t know”

I gave him a ‘Don’t lie to me’ look.

“I really don’t know” he said “Hades keeps me on a need to know basis”

I hated that phrase.

I hated that I was kept in the dark with little to no information to go on.

Suddenly the skeleton morphed into the most handsome man I’ve ever seen. Thick blonde hair, full pouty lips, grey eyes, and an muscular body anyone could kill for, he really was the second most handsome man I’ve ever seen.

Behind Zephyr of course.

For the second time that day, my mouth dropped open in shock.

Charon sighed, gesturing for us to climb aboard his boat.

“The only thing I can do is warn you of the consequences” Charon said “But I see your decision has been made”

Hades clapped Charon’s back again “It has old friend”

I couldn’t keep my eyes off the handsome man and Zephyr nudged me towards the boat, muttering something under his breath.

“Did you see that?” I asked in awe “He went from bones to hotness in three seconds flat”

“Yeah” Zephyr deadpanned “So sexy”

I rolled my eyes and gave him a grin “I mean, not as sexy as you”

He perked up, glancing sideways at me “Really?”

“No” I snickered “He’s way cuter”

“Ha!” he poked my nose “You said cute not sexy! So you do think I’m sexier than Mr. Boneface”

“I can hear you two” Charon said dryly “Now can you get in, I have a line forming”

I looked behind us and noticed no one was there.

Charon gave me a smile.

“The living can’t see them Love” he winked at me and my face warmed “Just the dead”

“Row the boat” Zephyr grumbled, sitting close to me in the back of the boat.

Charon rolled his eyes before muttering something in Greek to his paddle.

The boat took off slowly and I clutched Zephyr’s thigh.

“Don’t touch the water” Zephyr warned “And don’t let it touch you”



“Serenity, would you like to hear a story?” Charon asked, his smooth voice warming me like hot chocolate on a cool rainy day.

My eyes widened at the use of my name “Uh sure?” I said, not wanting to anger the guy driving the boat I was currently on.

Charon smiled.

“Once upon a time...”

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