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Pain and Sorrow...

So much pain and sorrow...

It was clawing its way up my throat and suffocating me, making it hard to breathe.

“Please Princess” A silky voice whispered in my ear “Please come back to me”

I groaned, clutching at my chest to soothe the fire that was bubbling beneath the surface.

I opened my eyes slowly, wincing at the room’s brightness.

“I...HATE...THIS...PLACE...” I groaned in pain “I really really hate this place”

I tried to sit up but my body ached in protest.

With much effort on my part, I managed to sit up on the edge of the bed and plant my feet on the stone cold marble floor.

After a few deep breaths, I took in my surroundings for the first time.

It was a neat and spacious room, probably bigger than my whole house, and had a dark color scheme.

Both the furniture and walls were dark as well as the curtains, sheets, pillow cases and blankets.

“Well someone likes the darkness” I muttered under my breath, trying to stand up without wobbling “It wouldn’t have killed someone to add some color to this place”

When I finally managed to stabilize myself, I walked towards the door on the far end of the room to see if I could find anyone in this god forsaken place.

When I open the door, my heart dropped to my feet at the sight that greeted me.

Zephyr was standing there, arms wrapped tightly around a tall curvy blonde.

She was whispering something to him in a soothing voice and he nodded, leaning his face closer into her perfect hair.

Her hair was so blonde that it looked platinum and reminded me of the Mother of Dragon’s hair from Game of Thrones.

Something that both fascinated me and made me extremely jealous.

My eyes widened at the realization.

Shit, I was jealous!



“I...Uh...” I burned red as I sputtered out a response, trying to process what I just saw.

The two broke apart and Zephyr gave me a bright and relieved smile.

“Sin” he exhaled in relief, reaching for my hand “You’re finally awake”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to bother you” I said quickly, slamming the door in both of their faces.

I leaned against the door and tried to calm my racing heart. The fire was definitely there but this time, it was like a raging inferno.

There was a gently knock on the door and suddenly Zephyr’s amused voice sounded out.

“Serenity, are you okay in there?”

“I’m fine!” I said, wincing as my voice cracked on the word ‘Fine’

“If you’re so fine than why won’t you open the door?”

“Because I’m indecent!”

“No you’re not” he deadpanned “You were wearing shorts and a modest T-shirt”

“I’m surprised you saw me” I muttered under my breath “Considering how high Blondie’s boobs were in your face”

“What was that?” Zephyr asked in amusement “I can barely hear you”

I shook my head and glanced down at my outfit “How do you know what I’m wearing?”

“Because I’m the one that changed you”

My eyes widened “YOU WHAT?”

“Don’t get your panties in a bunch” He said in amusement “I swear I didn’t look”


“Okay, maybe I peaked a little” he said bashfully “But only because I need to get you out of those clothes quickly”

There was a pause.

“Nice tattoo by the way” He said softly “What does it symbolize?”

I cursed

“It doesn’t symbolize anything” I said quickly “Just some random tattoo”

“It doesn’t seem like a random tattoo to me”

“Well it is” I snapped

The was a beat of silence before he spoke up again, this time softer than before.

“Hey, I’m sorry if I offended you” He said “I didn’t know that it was such a touchy subject”

Great, now I feel like a huge jerk.

“I’m sorry too” I said quietly “I just don’t want to talk about it”

“That’s okay” he said “But if you don’t mind, I would like to come into my own room and take a shower”

My eyes widened “This is your room?”

“Yeah, you couldn’t have guess by now?” He snickered

“Hey! I just woke up after what seemed like twenty years!” I opened the door and glared at him.

He sobered up quickly.

“Five days” he said quietly.

“What?” I asked in surprise.

“You’ve been out for five days”

“Five days?” I said in shock “FIVE FREAKING DAYS?”

He nodded and bypassed me, making his way towards the closet.

I followed him and nearly stopped dead in my tracks when I saw him strip down to his underwear.

“Eek!” I covered my eyes and threw a near by shirt at him “Normal people take off their clothes in the bathroom!”

“But my laundry basket’s in here” he said in a ‘Duh’ tone “It makes more sense to undress in here and dump my clothes in the basket before jumping into the shower”

“And it really isn’t that hard to pick up your clothes after the shower and deposit them into the laundry bin”

“You have your way and I have mine” he said in an amused voice “Don’t try to change me this early into our relationship”

I heard felt his presence closer to me and I jerked back into the way.

“Why are your eyes closed?” he snickered.

“Because unlike some people, I respect boundaries” I muttered.

“I respected your boundaries” he said in a defensive tone “I just had to get you out of those clothes quickly before you suffered from hypothermia”

He paused “Besides, it’s not like you’ve never seen a -”

I cut him off quickly, blushing furiously.

Silence hung in the air.

“You’ve never...” he asked in complete shock “But you’re so beautiful-”

My blush deepened “Shut up”

“And you’re a wolf” he said continuing on like he didn’t even hear me “Don’t all wolves have that ‘Naked and Carefree’ attitude”

“Not all wolves” I rolled my eyes even though they were still covered “Obviously”

“But don’t they usually?”

“I was the Alpha’s daughter” I snickered “I don’t think my dad would be too happy if he had to kill some of his wolves for looking at me naked”

“And you never wanted too...” he trailed off, going back to the OTHER thing.

“I’ve never been in love”

“Love has nothing to do with sex”

“Maybe to you it doesn’t”I threw a hanger at him “But it does to me”

“How so?” he asked in curiosity.

I groaned “Go take your shower, I’ll be waiting in your room”

“This conversation isn’t over!” he called out from behind me.

“Yes it is!” I called back.

Fifteen minutes later

I shot a shirtless Zephyr a dirty look as he came out of the bathroom smelling like fresh sandalwood.

He was too damn perfect and chipper for my mood.

He put his hands up in defense “What did I do?”

“How come you come out of the shower looking like a God but when I come out of the shower, I look like the girl from the Grudge”

He grasped his chin like he was thinking “Hmm... I have a theory but won’t know for sure until we test it. Go jump in the shower and we’ll see what happens”

I cracked a smile and hit him with a pillow “Nice try Doofus”

He snickered “It was worth a shot”

I rolled my eyes and glanced around his room “So...”

“So?” He prompted after I trailed off.

I averted my gaze and picked at his silk sheets “What happened to me? One minute I was on the boat and the next, I struggling to keep my head above the water”

He was quiet for a long time and when I looked up to gauge his reaction, his eyes were closed and it looked like he was struggling to stay in control.

When he finally opened his eyes, they were blazing with an emotion I couldn’t quite decipher.

“Hades pushed you overboard” he said through gritted teeth “He let his anger get the best of him and reacted harshly”

I jumped up so quick that is made my head spin “THAT SON-OF-A- BITCH THREW ME OFF THE BOAT!”

I started pacing and cursing, thinking about all the things I would do to Hades when I finally found him.

I knew I wasn’t capable of killing a God but I could definitely hit him where it hurts. And believe me, when I was through with him, he would be talking like a chipmunk on helium for at least a month.

My parents didn’t put me in soccer for no reason.

“Serenity,” Zephyr grabbed my hand “You need to calm down. You’re still healing”

I paused “Healing? Healing from what?”

“You got pushed over into the Acheron River” he said softly “The River of Pain and Sorrow”

I rubbed at my chest, still feeling the remnants of all the pain and sorrow I felt when I woke up.

“It wasn’t a dream” I asked softly “I thought that I was just imagining...”

“It wasn’t a dream” Zephyr said softly, pulling me back to the bed and making me sit down “What you felt was the pain and sorrow of those who have recently passed. The pain of suffering the way they did and the sorrow of leaving their world, and their loved ones behind, sooner than they anticipated”

“And the fire?” I asked, looking into his eyes that were equally beautiful and well as intriguing “Why did I feel like I was on fire? Like I was burning from the inside out?”

He gave me a sheepish smile and looked away “I...ah...”

There was a knock on the door and suddenly that blonde from earlier poked her head in.

I immediately scowled and crossed my arms, staring down at Zephyr’s silk sheets.

“May I come in?” she asked in a chipper tone “I brought lunch”

“Come on in Kore” Zephyr waved her inside.

She walked right into the room like she done it a million times.

Which...considering how gorgeous she was, she probably had.

“Now Zephy, I brought all of your favorites” she unveiled the silver lid of a plate and there was piles and piles of all different types of food like meats, pastas, and these strange looking fruits.

I raised en eyebrow at Zephyr but he just grinned at Kore.

My scowl deepened and I’m pretty sure my Wolf and I were two seconds away from mauling her.

“Now you two need to gain back your strength” she continued “That’s why I included some yummy and nutritious greens from my garden”

She stopped in front of Zephyr and patted his cheek fondly.

“Please, eat everything” she said in a no nonsense tone “No matter how much you dislike it”

Zephyr nodded and smiled up at her “We will”

“Good,” She smiled and turned to the door “Come find me when you’re finished so that we can discuss important matters”

“I will”

She closed the door softly and Zephyr finally turned his full attention onto me.

He smiled dropped when he saw my ugly scowl.

“Uh oh” he winced when I growled “What did I do this time?”

I just growled louder and stood, walking to where Kore left the food, and grabbed a bread roll before taking a huge bite out of it.

“You’re pretty flirty for someone who already has a girlfriend” I commented after a few minutes, when I knew I was calm enough not to Wolf out “If I knew you were a cheating douche canoe, I would have smacked you sooner”

He gaped at me “What in the ever loving Hell are you talking about?”

I nodded toward the door Kore left through not even five minutes ago.

“Don’t play dumb” I sneered “We both know what I’m talking about”

“Me and Kore?” He pointed to himself “Together?”

I nodded and this time, took a bite of a large piece of steak.

He stared at me for a full minute before he broke out in laughter.

Laughter that didn’t stop for a good five minutes.

Laughter that made him fall off the bed, clutching his stomach and tears fall down his face.

“What’s so funny?” I growled at him.

“Me....and...Kore?” He gasped out, clutching his ribs like they hurt “Are you serious?”

“Forget it” I mumbled, stuffing my face with more food “Just forget I said anything”

After a few more snickers, Zephyr stood up and walked towards me.

I ignored him, continuing to stuff my face with food.

“Hey,” he said softly, lifting my chin with his forefinger so that our gazes were level “You have nothing to worry about”

I reared my head back “What the hell would I be worried about?”

He smiled and poked my forehead softly “Whatever it is your beautiful mind thinks is going on between me and Kore”

I pushed him away from me “Why would I care what goes on between you and Ms. Barbie?”

“Because if you didn’t care, then you wouldn’t look like someone peed in your cheerios”

I rolled my eyes “Thanks for the vivid imagery”

He snickered “I’m serious, there’s nothing going on between me and Kore”

Although my heart was telling me to believe him, my brain on the other hand, had much more common sense.

There was still one question that was constantly nagging me “Why not?”

“Hm?” he raised an eyebrow at me.

“Why isn’t there nothing going on with you and the Barbie incarnate?”

He grinned “I like this side of you”

“Don’t get use to it” I punched him “And don’t deflect”

“Okay, Okay!” he raised his arms in defense “Things would never work out between me and Kore because, first of all, EW! that’s just disgusting, and second of all, she’s Hades Wife”

I paused, my eyes widening “Her? His Wife?”

Zephyr snickered “There’s someone for everyone”

“But she’s so...” I trailed off “And he’s so...”

I made a face and Zephyr grinned.

He was about to say something when a throat cleared from the bed, startling both of us.

When Zephyr saw who it was, he growled and held me closer.

“I swear to Zeus” Zephyr said through gritted teeth “If you don’t leave now, I will light your ass on fire”

“Tsk tsk” the person said “Is that anyway to talk to your Older brother Zephy poo?”

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