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I looked from Zephyr to the man on the bed and back to Zephyr, my mouth gaping in surprise.

If this guy was who he said he was, Zephyr’s brother, he was the total opposite of the man standing in front of me.

Where Zephyr was tall, dark, and handsome, the newcomer was all light. Light hair, pale skin, and neutral colored clothing options.

However, with that being said, there was something behind those violet eyes of his that I just didn’t trust.

It was like he was one of those Angler fish, the ones that use their shiny lights to lure their prey within range of its sharp teeth.

There was wickedness behind those violet eyes that made me wary and untrusting.

I knew that if a bunch of people were stuck in an alley with these two, they would view the newcomer as the lesser of the two evils, considering how he looked like an angel and how Zephyr looked like the devil with his darker complexion and clothes, not realizing that this person could cause more trouble than anyone realized.

The newcomer rolled his eyes “Always one for the dramatics little brother”

“Get out of my room!” Zephyr took a step forward, baring his teeth.

“Can’t do that”

“And why not?”

“Because mother sent me to fetch you”

“Liar” Zephyr snarled “Mother told me to meet her later”

“Oh, alright” the man sighed “I heard we had company and wanted to see for myself what all the excitement was about”

The man peaked behind Zephyr’s frame and winked at me.

“And let me say” he gave me sultry eyes “I am not disappointed”

“Cerberus...” Zephyr growled, warning in his voice.

“That’s your name?” I snorted “Cerberus?“Like the dog from mythology?”

Cerberus scowled “That’s Cerberus I, I’m Cerberus the II”

“So you were named after a three headed dog?”

“Good ol’ dad loved his damn pet so much that he decided to name me after it” Cerberus rolled his eyes “Of course Zephy poo got the good name, Mom wouldn’t condemn him to an eternity of having a ridiculous name”

I raised an eyebrow “And you’re really his brother?”

I eyed Zephyr “He’s really your brother?”

“Sadly yes” Zephyr sighed “Unfortunately...”

“But you’re so...” I trailed off “And he’s so...”

I pointed to the pretty boy and he gave me sensual smirk.

“I’m so what?” He crossed his arms behind his head and laid back “Deviously handsome? Deliciously delectable?”

“So...pretty boyish” I smirked “Like a little ken doll”

Cerberus scowled and Zephyr snickered.

“Charming” he said before sitting up and giving me a pointed stare “So unlike you Zephy poo”

“Out!” Zephyr growled

Cerberus stood, holding his hands up in front of himself “Fine! I’m leaving!”

He purposely walked in between Zephyr and me, rubbing half of his body against mine.

I pushed him away from me and was about to punch him when Zephyr wrapped his arms around my waist, holding me back.

“He’s not worth it” Zephyr murmured in my ear.

“Oh, he’s definitely worth it” I sneered “Worth my fist in his stupid face”

“Feisty” Cerberus chuckled, tugging on a piece of my hair “I like it”

He was close enough for me to claw but since Zephyr had a death grip on me, I couldn’t.

So I did what every girl, Wolf or not, would have done in my position if a creep was bothering her.

I kicked him in the balls.

I grinned wickedly when he went down like a sack of potatoes, groaning in agony.

Zephyr winced in sympathy.

“You have two seconds to let go of me” I threaten “Or else you’ll end up like Ken doll over there”

Zephyr sighed before releasing me, shaking his head at his brother.

“I told you to leave when you had the chance”

“I didn’t know your little toy was David Beckham in disguise” Cerberus choked out, tears in the corners of his eyes.

“She’s unpredictable” Zephyr deduced “I didn’t know she could kick like that either”

“That’s what you get when you play thirteen years of soccer” I sneered at both of them “Try that again and you’ll see what else I can do”

“What is she?” Cerberus growled “She’s not a normal human”

“I’m...” I started but Zephyr quickly cut me off.

“She’s a normal human” Zephyr said “Nothing special besides her ancestry”

Cerberus narrowed his eyes “And you’re telling me, the daughter of a very powerful and resourceful Alpha, an Alpha who happens to come from generations of Alphas, has a daughter who is completely and absolutely normal?”

He scoffed “I smell something fishy”

“It could be me” I remarked sarcastically “I was, after all, pushed into a freaking river”

“And that!” Cerberus snapped “How did she survive the Acheron? No normal human can survive the River of Pain and Sorrow”

“You forget she’s half human” Zephyr said “While she doesn’t have the active Wolf gene, they do lay dormant in her DNA”

“Her brother’s a Wolf” Cerberus commented.


“Usually when one sibling is a Wolf, the next one will most likely be a Wolf as well” Cerberus narrowed his eyes “The chance of the next baby being born human decreased with each pregnancy”

“You sure know a lot about wolves” I commented “Obsessed much?”

Cerberus smirked “Wolves make the best...friends”

He emphasized the word “Friend” making me read between the lines to figure out his meaning.

I surged forward and was about to attack him when Zephyr caught me once again, wrapping an arm around my waist.

“Get. Out” Zephyr said in a calm and scary voice “This is the last time I will tell you”

“Fine, fine” Cerberus held his hands up, walking toward the door “But don’t keep her cooped up for too long. Wolf or not, they tend to have a lot of pent up energy”

“Son of a...” I started my curse but Zephyr covered my mouth with his hand before I could finish.

“Stop antagonizing her”

“Whatever” he said before rolling his eyes and leaving the room.

When I heard his footsteps walk away, I bit Zephyr’s hand and whirled on him.

“Did you just bite me?” Zephyr gaped at me.

“Why did you say I was normal?” I punched him “Why did blatantly disrespect my heritage? I’m proud of who I am”

“I had too” Zephyr explained quickly, dodging my punches “Or else Cerberus would have took a deeper interest in you”

“What does he have like a wolf fetish or something?” I sneered “Why would he take interest in me?”

“Because Cerb likes to collect rare items” Zephyr said “And you would be the perfect addition to his collection”

I reared my head back in shock “Me? Why me?”

“You know why” he gave me a pointed look.

“No, I actually don’t” I said “Care to clarify for me?”

“Daughter of an Alpha and Human?” he began “First manifested your wolf powers as a newborn? Newly crowned Alpha of one of the largest packs in the world for the first time in your pack history”

“How did you know about my first shift?” I whispered shakily “No one know about my first shift except my parents”

“Hades wasn’t lying when he said we’ve been keeping an eye on you for a long time” he whispered.

“Not even my brother knows” I bit my lip “Or my cousins”

Zephyr stayed quiet, not incriminating himself further.

“Why me?” I asked again “Why I am so special? What does Hades want with me that he couldn’t get with another wolf?”

“I’m sorry” Zephyr shook his head “I’m so sorry”

“Please,” I pleaded with him, grasping his shirt between my fingers “The least you can do is tell me what I’m in for”

He opened his mouth to say something when suddenly, the room started shaking.

I grasped him tighter “You have earthquakes in hell?”

“No,” he sighed, rubbing a hand through his hair “This isn’t an earthquake”

“Then what is it?”

“Hades is summoning us” Zephyr said, leading me to the door “And he doesn’t like to be kept waiting”

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