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A soft creak from the floor boards jolted me out of my information induced stupor.

I looked up and found my wife giving me a concerned look.

With a sigh, I leaned back in my chair and took of my glasses, disregarding them on my desk.

“Kaden, you need to sleep” her soft voice rang out “It’s been three days since you got more than five hours of sleep”

“Sleeping doesn’t help us to get our daughter back”

“And you think not sleeping will?” she rounded my desk and took a seat in my lap, gently grasping my face “If anything, not sleeping will be your downfall”

“I just miss her so much” I said quietly, letting my frustration show “I’m her father and couldn’t even protect her.”

“He was a God Kaden” Sky grasped my face firmly “The King of the Underworld, to be exact, and was holding you family hostage. Not to mention, draining the life out of your mortal mate”

“But maybe if I would have fought harder or...smarter” My eyes filled with tears “Maybe, just maybe, if I would have been stronger, I could have saved our baby girl.”

“You did everything you could to save her”

“But it wasn’t enough” I whispered, averting my gaze “It just wasn’t enough”

There was a knock on the door and my son stepped in, his face haggard and in distress.

“What is it baby?” Sky said, jumping off of my lap and running to our eldest child “What’s wrong?”

“That was Uncle Rhys” he said, looking at both of us with tears in his eyes “Aunt Kassi had an accident. They had to rush her into emergency surgery in order to save the baby”

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