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I grunted as my body was, yet again, thrown to the floor.

Whatever feelings I felt for Zephyr last night immediately dissipated as soon as I step through the doors leading to the training room.

This Zephyr made me want to throttle him into next year.

Assuming if I could at least get one hit on him.

“My bruises have bruises” I wheezed out “I may also have internal bleeding”

“I thought you said your father trained you” He barked out as I was standing up, trying to take in large gulps of air.

“He did” I glared at him, jumping to my feet “But I don’t think he thought I would be fighting the son of two Greek Gods.”

“Well he obviously didn’t prepare you well enough...” He paused his actions before blinking at me “How did you figure it out?”

“You have your parents eyes” I said softly, rolling my own eyes “Crimson from Hades and Violet from Persephone.”

He closed his eyes, the corners crinkling with pain.

“You also have a lot of their traits” I bit my lip “Only a fool would ignore the resemblance.”

His face blanched and he turned away.

I reached out to touch him but it only made him flinch away from my hand.

“Hey,” I said quietly “It’s okay. I didn’t mean to bring up such a sore subject...”

“I’m nothing like them” He snapped.

I reeled back in surprise, a frown marring my face at his harsh tone.

He took a deep breath before returning to his fighting stance.

“Sorry” he apologized “I just don’t want to talk about them right now.”

“Fine” I mimicked his stance and he let out a relieve breath “Then let’s fight”

He rushed forward, quicker than I could blink, and knocked me on my ass again.

“Son of a bitch” I growled, my temper rising.

Now, I was starting to get annoyed.

He was making me feel like all the training I’ve done with my Pack and father was for nothing. All those hours I’ve spent perfecting my technique to the point where I would wake up with bloody knuckles, sore muscles, and bruises covering every inch of my body felt wasted to me.

“Come on” Zephyr taunted “Not everyone is going to pull there punches like I do”

I snarled “Don’t hold back on my account Princess”

He grinned and rushed forward again but this time, I was ready.

Instead of trying to block or dodge his attacks, I used his momentum against him and allowed my Wolf, for a brief second, to take over.

She was faster and, by far, stronger than I was and I would have shifted earlier if I could.

Zephyr was knocked back ten feet away courtesy of my roundhouse kick to the face.

His head popped up and he stared at me in shock, no doubt noting my eyes were flashing between blazing green and grey as my Wolf fought me for dominance.

She was itching to get out but I had to rein her in, considering that if I didn’t, Zephyr’s creepo brother would take interest in me.

Something that I did not want to happen since he gave me such creepy vibes.

Zephyr jumped up, his eyes lightening with renewed interest.

“What?” I growled at him, getting in my fighting stance.

“Do it again”

I raised an eyebrow “You want me to purposely knock you on your ass again?”

He nodded, a smile lighting up his handsome face.

A smile that was setting off the butterflies in my stomach.

I shrugged, trying my damndest to contain by rising blush, and motioned for him to attack me again.

When he got close enough, a heavy vine wrapped around my waist and threw me against the marble wall.

My head snapped back against the marble and I winced when the throbbing began and my vision blurred.

The vine kept me firmly in place and when I started to kick out, to my horror, other vines erupted from the floor and slithered their way toward me, wrapping themselves around my arms and legs, holding onto me tight.

“NO FAIR!” I snarled, wanting to kick the stupid smirk off Zephyr’s face as he walked towards me.

My breath caught in my throat when the light reflected off Zephyr’s eyes.

Two violet eyes that were so bright they looked like they could light up a dark room.

“Life’s not fair” he whispered softly, his lips skimming my cheek as he talked.

A throat cleared behind us as Zephyr whipped around, he huge body blocking mine against the unwelcome guest.

The vines immediately disappeared and I peaked over Zephyr’s shoulder to find Kore smiling at us with a glimmer of fondness in her eyes.

“Yes?” Zephyr asked “Is there something you need?”

Kore sighed before gesturing to the clock on the wall.

“Training time is over” she said “I was to escort her to the Courtyard for her next session so that you could meet with Hades. However, when I passed through the courtyard on my way from the garden, I noticed that your brother seemed to be missing.”

Zephyr groaned.

“Please tell me that I don’t...” Zephyr was cut off mid sentence.

“You do” Kore nodded “Hades is busy and since I can’t go, that leaves you”

He sighed and turned to me.

I was relieved when his beautiful eyes were once again their normal color.

One crimson and one violet.

“Stay here and...”

I cut him off “Nope, I’m going with you”

“Absolutely not” he said, his tone firm “You will stay here. In the castle. Where you’re protected”

I ignored him and look at Kore “Is it dangerous if I go with Zephyr?”

She contemplated my question before shaking her head.

“Not if you stay close to Zephyr”

I gave the raging man next to me a triumphant smile.

He scowled at Kore “You know what happens when you go out there”

“But I’m the Goddess of Spring, honey” Kore smiled “My light calls to their darkness”

“And what do you think her light would do to them?” He barked out “Her LIVING essence?”

Kore shook her head “There were many mortals before her that walked these lands without trouble.”


“And, if I’m remembering correctly, those mortals didn’t seem to share a special bond with anyone like you. Now did they?” She raised an eyebrow and Zephyr’s eyes widened a fraction.

“Fine” he spat, intertwining our hands and pulling me towards the door “We’ll find him”

We were halfway down the corridor when I dug my heels into the ground, slowing down his movements.

“Are you trying to tear my arm from my body?”

I squeezed his hand and laughed when he gave me a confused look, squeezing my hand back.

I gently pried my hand away from his and he frowned.

“Sorry” he said “I guess I don’t realize my own strength”

“It’s okay” I smiled “But I think I need to change first”


I raised an eyebrow “I don’t want to spend my first time outside this castle looking like a sweaty mess”

I gestured to my frizzy hair and pink sweat stained work out clothes.

He snorted and latched onto my hand again “Trust me, where we’re going, you’ll be the best dressed there.”

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