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“A STRIP CLUB” I gaped like a fish out of water “YOU BROUGHT ME TO A STRIP CLUB?”

“A Burlesque club” he amended.

I glared at him “So you’re telling me, that when we step in there, there is absolutely no nakedness of any kind, nor will there be women dancing on a stage...”

He cut me off, his cheeks tinting red “I guess when you put it that way...”

I growled underneath my breath, stomping toward the big lit up building, trying to control my rising jealousy.

The pink, green, and white lights flashed across the ′Blossoming Lotus′ sign rapidly before they turned dark and flash brightly again.

I snorted at the irony of the strip club’s name.

I’ve only been to one strip club before, to bail out my brother after our elders told him he most likely didn’t have a mate at his age, and even that place didn’t look as seedy as this one did.

“Serenity!” Zephyr called out “Slow down!”

He grabbed onto my wrist and spun me around.

I growled “What?”

He gave me a serious look “Whatever you do, don’t eat or drink anything in there”


“Because if you do, you’ll get really sleepy and never want to leave”

I snorted “Yeah right.”

“Please” he pleaded “Just don’t touch anything”

“Fine” I grumbled “You have my word”

He breathed out a sigh of relief.

We entered the strip club and there was a chorus of greetings and welcomes for Zephyr from the bartenders and even some patrons.

I shot him a disgusted look “Classy.”

He shook his head rapidly, a look of panic crossing his face.

“It’s not what you think” he said quickly “They just know me because I constantly pick up Cerberus from here.”

“Zepphy Baby” a smoky smooth voice said from behind us “It’s been too long!”

We turned just in time for the busty redhead, wearing a particularly risque leather ensemble, jump into Zephyr’s arms and give him a kiss.

On the lips.

In front of me.

She was going to die.


I didn’t know how I was going to kill her, or if that even was possible, but I did know that my wolf was trying to claw her way out to raise hell and rip her to pieces.

Zephyr froze and the bitch took it further, letting out an exaggerated moan and winking at me while running her hands through his hair.

Zephyr FINALLY reacted then, dropping the woman on the floor and wiping his mouth with the sleeve of his workout shirt.

“WHAT THE FUCK JOEY?” Zephyr yelled, his face turning an ugly red “What did I tell you about touching me?”

Joey pouted and it took everything in my will power to not punch her stupid face.

“But baby...” she whined “It’s been so long since I last saw you. How else was I supposed to show my excitement and say hi?”

“Do what you normally do” he hissed “Wave at me from across the room and giggle with your friends.”


“And cut the ‘Baby’ crap” he snarled “We both know that you’re only doing this because of Sin”

Her eyes narrowed in anger as she sneered “What the fuck kind of name is Sin?”

“An original one” I dismissed her with a bored tone “But you wouldn’t know anything about being original even if it bit you on the ass.”

She let out an gasp before jumping up off the floor to crowd my personal space and intimidate me.

Well...try to intimidate me.

She was only five feet tall and practically a midget compare to my five’eight height.

I snickered thinking about how if I dropped kicked her, she would look like the red kickball my cousins and I used to play with when we were younger.

“Listen here you no good dirty-”

Zephyr cut her off with a snarl.

“Leave” he roared, his eyes flashing crimson “Or else you’ll regret that you didn’t”

The dumbass didn’t even sense the rage rolling of Zephyr, choosing to poke the bear more with her annoying voice.

“But Zepphy baby!” she whined “Why be with her when you can play with me?”

In the blink of an eye, Hoey, I mean Joey shifted into...well...Me?

I gaped at her, my eyes locking with Zephyr.

He let out an exhausted sigh.

“Get it through your thick skull once and for all” he said through clenched teeth “Why would I want you when I have the real thing?”

She hissed at him, hurt and embarrassment coloring her face.

She shoulder checked us as she walked away into the hands of a very grabby and older customer who was waiting at the bar.

“Ooh” a singsong voice cooed in my ear “Am I sensing trouble in paradise?”

I moved quickly, twisting the guy’s arm away from me, intending to break it, when I saw the mop of blonde hair and a flash of douchey clothes.

“I found your brother” I called to Zephyr who immediately turned in surprise.

He smirked at my hold on Cerberus arm.

“Impressive” Zephyr said “It usually takes me at least twenty minute to find the bastard.”

“Ow!” Cerberus slurred “I like the foreplay but you could at least wait until we’re in a room first before you attack me”

I curled my lips in disgust and Zephyr’s face hardened.

“Come on” he growled, grabbing his brother “It’s time to go”

“I’M NOT LEAVING!” Cerberus cried out, latching onto the bar “I JUST GOT HERE!”

“He’s been here for hours” a bartender said from behind the bar, polishing glasses “Joey, Kandy, and Twinkle were...uh...keeping him company.”

The bartender gave me an embarrassed smile.

“Twinkle” I snorted “At least it’s original”

“Cerberus” Zephyr growled “We’re going home. NOW!”

Cerberus narrowed his eyes at his little brother “I can still kick the crap out of you”

Zephyr snorted “Not when you’re wasted”

“I’m not wasted!” he wobbled, picking up a bottle I did see until now, from the bar “I’m tipsy. There’s a difference.”

“I thought you guys couldn’t get drunk?” I asked Zephyr as his brother took a swig from the bottle.

He gave me an amused smile “Where’d you hear that from?”

“Books, movies” I shrugged “They usually state that it takes a lot of alcohol until Gods get drunk”

“We’re not Gods” Zephyr said “Our parents are but we’re not. Although we have a higher tolerance than normal humans, there are still some types of drink that get us hammered pretty fast”

I nodded at his brother “So what is he drinking?”

Before he could answer me, Cerberus tumbled toward us and dragged me to a seat next to his on the bar.

I grimaced at the stickiness of the counter.

“Have a drink with me!” Cerberus demanded.

“No” Zephyr and I replied at the same time.

Cerberus tapped the rim of his bottle and smirked at his brother.

“One drink and I’ll go home with you”

“If we have one drink, we’ll never go home”

“I promise we will” Cerberus held up his hand “Boy scout’s honor”

“Were you even a boy scout?” I asked dryly.

“Sure was” he said proudly “Sold cookies and everything”

“Idiot” Zephyr pinched the bridge of his nose “Only girl scouts sell cookies.”

“Details, details” he waved his hand “Anyway, I promise after one drink, I’ll go home with you”

Zephyr sighed “One drink”

Cerberus sat straighter and gave us a devious smile “Kiss of Life”

“Nope” Zephyr growled, taking my hand and pulling me away from the bar counter “Not happening. We’re not playing your stupid game.”

“You already agreed!” Cerberus cried out “You can’t take it back!”

“No” Zephyr growled “Now let’s go”

“Fuck off!” Cerberus snapped “You broke your promise, therefore, I’m not going anywhere with you. Hope you remember to tell Hades that when he asks why you failed to bring me back home.”

“She is not a pawn in your little game” Zephyr snapped right back “So stop trying to involve her!”

“I asked you for one drink” Cerberus sneered “I didn’t ask for you to take her to the back and have your wicked way with her.”

“You’re walking on thin ice” Zephyr snarled.

“Oooh, I’m so scared” Cerberus snorted.

I touched Zephyr’s arm “One drink doesn’t sound too bad”

He glanced down at me “You don’t know what you’re asking for Sin”

I shrugged “What’s the worst that could happen?”

“A lot of things could happen” He let out an unamused laugh “Things that you’re not ready for”

I gave him a small smile “You’d be surprise at what I can handle”

He was quiet for a minute, contemplating his decision.

He eyes roamed my face and when he saw the steely resolve in my eyes, he finally gave in.

“Quick warning though” he muttered quietly “Whatever I do or say tonight, just know that I don’t mean it. And please, as soon as we get back to the palace, please lock yourself in your room”

My eyes widened “What does that mean?”

Cerberus snickered from behind us.

“Just promise me you won’t be upset?” He pleaded.

I gave him a wary nod “I promise”

Zephyr took a deep breath and led me back to the bar counter.

“One Kiss of Life” he asked the bar tender.

The bar tender nodded before putting two shot glasses in front of us. He then proceeded to fill one of the shot glasses with, what looked to be pomegranate seeds, and the other with a pink pearlescent liquid. After he was finished, he pushed the glasses towards us and nodded that he was finished.

“I don’t have to drink that?” I asked, sniffing the liquid “Do I?”

“No, I do” he passed me the shot glass of pomegranate seeds “But you do have to eat these”

“I thought you said not to eat anything here?” I questioned.

“These are the only things you could probably eat in here” Zephyr explained “Since they came right from the fruit and not mixed with anything”

“And is there a reason why there’s only six?”

He shrugged “Not really”

“Okay” I smiled “Bottoms up”

“Wait!” he grabbed my wrist “There’s still time to back out if you don’t want to do this”

“Boo!” Cerberus booed from behind us.

I gave him the stink eye.

“The faster we do this, the faster we can go home” I smiled at Zephyr “And the faster I can go sleep”

Zephyr chuckled “Don’t say I didn’t warn you”

Zephyr released my lips and I swung back the pomegranate seeds, which were surprisingly refreshing.

He took my surprise face in and chuckled “Here goes nothing”

As soon as he lifted up the drink, it burst into flames.

“Holy shit!” I called out in surprise.

Zephyr quickly drank the shot before yanking me towards him and pressing his lips to mine.

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