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Our first stop before we left for the Annual Wolf Moon Memorial Ball was to visit my Uncle’s gravesite.

I linked arms with my brother as we walked to where our family’s mausoleum stood on the Pack grounds, a few miles away from both the Pack house and our house.

Up ahead, I saw my Aunt and Uncle along with my cousins coming out of the mausoleum, my Aunt sobbing into her husband’s chest.

Both AJ and EJ wore grim expressions as they tried to console their mother as best as they could.

My father walked ahead of us, gathering his little sister in his arms and whispering soothing words to her.

I grimaced, hating all the pain that my family was going through because of one power hungry group’s mistake.

I broke away from my brother “I’m going to go visit Uncle now”

He nodded and made his way to the rest of the family.

I took a huge breath before walking inside the huge Marble Mausoleum.

I walked straight ahead, towards the very end of the mausoleum, where our most recent family members lay eternally sleeping.

My heels were clacking against the marble floor and my heart was beating faster than it has ever been before.


I had no idea

I’ve done this multiple times before but somehow, tonight felt different.

It felt like something was going to change in my life.

Whether it good or bad, I really couldn’t tell yet.

All I know was that I think my Uncle was trying to warn me beyond the grave.

“Hey Uncle Ethan” I touched his marker on the wall

Ethan John Matthews

Loving Son, Brother, and Friend

Gone, but never Forgotten

“So tonight is the annual Anniversary ball” I said quietly, talking to the marble Plaque “Tristan said that I should be on my best behavior this year since they’re still trying to get the blood out of the carpets and drapes but I can’t help it. Some of the Alpha’s and their sons are just so arrogant that I want to either ring their neck till they turn blue or punch them in the face”

I laughed, remembering something my parents told me

“Dad says that I act like you when it comes to fancy parties” I continued “He says that you hated them too. Says you hated all the fake people and stuffy outfits”

I smoothed the wrinkles from my dress “I can see why”

I sighed again and started pacing back and forth in the small space, my heels clicking against the polished floor

“I don’t know Uncle Ethan” I ran a hand threw my hair “I just feel like there’s something more I could be doing out there. Schools the same, boring as usual. Don’t even get me started on the idiots at school. I just...I wish I could have met you Uncle Ethan. I wish I could talk to you about this in person”

I paused

“But of course, you don’t want to hear my whining about life when you didn’t even get to live yours” I sighed and touched his marker one last time “We miss you Uncle E. Dad might not always say it but sometimes, when I do something rebellious or say something sarcastic, he gets this look in his eye that let’s me know he’s reminiscing about you”

I cleared my throat and backed away “Anyways, Uncle E. Wish me luck tonight”

A cold wind swept through the mausoleum and the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end. I quickly made my way towards the exit and sighed in relief when my family came into view.

I don’t know whether it was the stress from the day or the upcoming stress of the evening but I definitely felt a weird energy surround me while I was in the mausoleum. Which was weird considering that I’ve been visiting it ever since I was a little girl with no problems at all.

“Sin?” my brother asked in concern “You okay?”

I nodded my head, giving him in what I hope was a convincing smile “Yeah, just cold”

“I told you to put on a different dress” Dad muttered before going into the mausoleum

Mom gave me a smile before following him.

“Alessia, Ethan” Aunt Taylor called to her children “Your father and I are going to head to the venue now. Do you want to come with us or walk over with Serenity and Tristan when your Aunt and Uncle are finished paying their respects?”

“We’ll wait here” they both responded simultaneously

Aunt Taylor smiled before kissing her twins on the forehead “Love you two”

“Love you more Mom” They responded before turning and giving me a devious smile

“So what do you have planned for tonight”

I was about to respond when Tristan cut in

“Nothing,” he gave us a look “She has nothing planned for tonight because Queen Kassiopeia called us saying that they’re still trying to stains out of the carpets and drapes from last time”

“Why don’t you call her Aunt Kassi like the rest of us do?” AJ asked

“The same reason why I call you Alessia Jane and him Ethan James” Tristan shrugged “Because it feels more natural”

“And yet you call Serenity by her nickname”

“Sin suits her better” Tristan grinned “I don’t know what Mom and Dad were thinking when they name her Serenity”

I punched him “I happen to like my name”

“No you don’t” EJ laughed

“Yes I do” I said haughtily “Because it throws people off when they meet me”

The twins laughed and Tristan shook his head

Mom and Dad came out of the mausoleum holding hands and talking quietly.

“Let’s go kids” Dad smiled at us “We’re running late”

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