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T H I R T Y - T W O


I snapped my head up in horror and found Lycaon grinning at me.

“So the girl does have a weakness” he nodded towards the bowl “And it so happens to be him.”

The mousy man unveiled another plate and I cried out as my anguish increased ten-fold.

It was Zephyr’s head.

His beautiful eyeless face stared back at me, his mouth gaping wide open.

“What did you do to him!” I cried out, my voice cracking in pain.

“It’s pretty obvious with what I did with him.”

“Why?” I croaked out, my eyes looking everywhere but the head and plate in front of me.

“I needed to give you some motivation.”

“Motivation for what?”

“I need the key” he took a bite of his soup “To finally get out of this hellhole.”

“I don’t have any key!” I cried out in frustration “We don’t have any key!”

“I knew he didn’t have the key” Lycaon nodded to Zephyr’s head “But I wonder if you do.”

I snarled in frustration, trying to break free of my constraints.

“Killing him did nothing for you” I growled “Even if I did have a key, there’s no way I’d give you shit now!”

I spat at him and he just shrugged.

“Maybe, maybe not” he shrugged “But then, his death would have been for nothing.”

“HIS DEATH WAS FOR NOTHING!” I growled, my Wolf rising to the surface “HE WAS INNOCENT IN THIS!”

I can’t tell you what happened next because I just...snapped.

My Wolf took over completely and I didn’t have enough energy or want to rein her in and stop her.

His eyes widened in surprise and he jumped back when I tried to lunge at him.


I snarled, and lunged for him again aiming for his throat.

With a flick of his wrist, he managed to throw me against the opposite side of the room.

I jumped to my feet, shaking my head out in surprise.

When my eyes locked with Lycaon’s, I noticed that he was shifting.

And he shifting into something that I least expected.

His eyes turned yellow, and the features of his face elongated into a snout. I watched as his ears shifted up, towards the top of his head and his teeth lengthen to sharp canine points. Fur sprouted on his entire body and he grew at least four more feet.

He shifted into a Wolf-man, one that resembled those in the old movies.

He growled and ran full speed at me.

He collided with me faster than I anticipated and it felt like I was being ran over by a Mack truck.

I quickly jumped back to my feet and when Lycaon made a move to grabbed me, I dodged out of the way.

Before I could get a few feet away from him, he grabbed me by the tail and slammed me down against the floor.

I whimpered, feeling my head snap back against the cobblestones due to the force of the blow and managed to kick him off me with my powerful back legs.

Lycaon skidded into the wall and growled loudly at me as I jumped back to my feet.

‘Come on Sin’ I thought to myself ‘We have to find a way to defeat him before he kills us.’

He was definitely bigger and bulkier than I was but he wasn’t faster, smarter, or my limber than I was.

“The one mistake Zeus made was giving me this power” Lycaon said in garbled voice “The fool thought he was punishing me, when he in fact, he was gifting me the greatest power of all.”

I snarled but he ignored it, instead choosing to continue his tirade.

“Sacrifices needed to be made to gain this power” he continued “Just like sacrifices needed to be made for the key.”

Without warning, he ripped the table from the floor and threw it at me.

I dodged it in time and avoided his claws from swiping my underbelly as I leaped over him and landed on the wooden bar.

He started towards me again and before he could get close to me again, I lunged at him and latched onto his thigh.

He howled in pain and with a sickening and satisfying crunch, I felt his femur snap beneath my jaw.

His large hand latched onto my fur as he tried to unlatch my jaw.

I dug my teeth in further and my mouth filled faster with his disgustingly thick blood.

His nails from one hand shredded into my shoulder blades while the other hand latched onto my jaw.

With his brute force and sheer power, he ripped my jaw off his leg and threw me through a glass window.


I watched helplessly as Serenity was thrown threw a glass window, her Wolf’s beautiful fur matted with blood.

The ugly creature followed Serenity out the window and I watched in horror as he kicked her so hard her body flew twenty feet away.

I jostled in the chair that I was bound too, letting out a roar of frustration and rage when I saw the ugly bastard lift Sin by the scruff of her neck.

“SERENITY!” I roared when he squeezed her neck hard enough to draw blood.

Serenity shifted into her human form and I was amazed to to find her smiling.

Not at me but the ugly bastard in front of her.

Bloody, bruised, and injured, but she was smiling?

“Here’s the thing about Sacrifices” she said, her voice garbled but deadly quiet “The bigger they are, the more you have to lose.”

With those words, she thrust her hand underneath his chin, a hand that was shifted into a sharp claw, and embedded it into his skull.

He made a garbling sound before falling to his knees.

“Foolish girl” he wheezed out “I wasn’t the first and I won’t be the last. At least with me, you would have been spared. Now you have no one. Whose going to protect you now that your precious little boyfriend is dead?”

A murderous expression crossed her face as she dug her claw into his skull harder.

She whispered something in his ear before releasing him.

When he silent after a few wheezing and garbled breaths, she collapsed to the floor and released a heart-wrenching howl.

Right when I was about to scream for her, a hand wrapped around my throat.

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