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T H I R T Y - F I V E


It’s been three hours and I still haven’t found my Serenity.

After I was done talking to Nyctimus, I immediately grabbed out things and followed the paw imprints Sin left behind in the dirt.

I would have kept following the prints too if they didn’t disappear the minute I got exited the town’s boarder.

I growled in frustration and let out a yell.


I sighed when I realized that she probably couldn’t hear me, considering that she was lost in her grief thinking that I was dead.

“Once I turn into my Wolf, I have a hard time turning back. It’s like...she just...won’t give up the control.”

Serenity’s words haunted me from the night I nursed her back to health after Arachne’s venom poisoned her.

Great, just great.

So on top of her thinking I was dead, her wolf probably took advantage of her grief and refused to give up control.

~~~~~~~~~~Five Hours Later~~~~~~~~~~~

I was starting to lose my mind, little by little, when I felt something lurking behind me.

When I turned, I came face-to-face with a beautiful jet black coal colored wolf.

Her eyes were glowing bright green and she lifted up her lips in a snarl.

She looked side-to-side as well as behind her and I knew for a fact that while she couldn’t see me, her Wolf could definitely smell me.

No doubt, probably thinking that she still smelled my dead corpse even after all the miles she ran.

When she found nothing out in this barren desert, she shook her head and ran North.

I followed her as she ran into a cave, a scary, dingy, and sketchy looking cave that she would have never ran into if she was in control of herself.

Inside the cave, instead of resting, she began to pace back and forth.

Her wolf let out a few whimpers here and there and every time I heard them, my heart broke into a million pieces.

I leaned against the wall, tired from messed up day I had, and closed my eyes lulled to sleep by the clacking of her paws against the stone cave.

She was safe...

We were least for now.

When I woke up I found a Wolf, my Wolf, standing over me.

She looked in my eyes with those beautiful glowing green eyes, and I became a bit breathless.

Even in her Wolf form, she was absolutely breathtaking.

Before I could even say a word she leaned forward, sniffed my neck, and then promptly bit down.

I tensed and instead of feeling pain like I would have expected, I felt a rush of pleasure.

I moaned and before I could even understand what was happening to me, the huge wolf transformed into my strong girl.

“You died” she wailed into my chest as she gripped my shirt in her small fists “I saw your head on a platter. Your eyes were in my soup!”

“Shhh...” I cooed, rubbing her smooth back “It’s alright. I’m right here.”

“Zephyr...” she sobbed harder “!”

I sat up and shucked my shirt off before redressing her still sobbing form into it.

When I laid back down, I brought her down with me.

I kept rubbing her back softly and eventually her sobbing turned into soft sniffle.

“How...are” she clutched my shirt tightly “You were dead.”

“Shh Baby...” I cooed her “I’m here now.”

“But how?”

I sighed “The man with Lycaon? That was his son. Nyctimus.”

She lifted her head off my chest to stare at me, those green eyes hauntingly sad.

So sad...

“That was the bar’s name.”

“He named it after his son” I sighed “After he killed and served him to Zeus when he was six.”

She let out a soft gasp “He killed and cooked his own son?”

I nodded “He also fed his last wife to his people because she cared for them too much.”

“What” she said, laying her head back onto my chest “But that still doesn’t explain how you’re here with me.”

“Because Zeus felt sorry for the boy, he brought him back to life and gave him a special gift to protect himself in case his father tried to kill him again” I ran my fingers up and down her back softly “He gave him the power of illusion. With a drop of his blood, he was able to show us whatever he wanted us to see.”

“ wasn’t...real?” she whispered so softly that I almost didn’t hear her. “You’re real? Right now? My subconscious isn’t imagining you because of grief?”

“No baby” I sat up with her in my arms and kissed the corners of her eyes, where tears were forming again “I’m very much alive and here with you.”

She cupped my face with her small hands and looked into my eyes “Why are you the one person that makes me feel like this?”

“Like what?”

“Like I didn’t just loose you” She bit her lip “It felt like I lost my whole soul, my purpose for living, in that one single moment.”

My eyes soften as I took in her beautiful face “Really?”

She nodded and when I went to say more, she clasped her hands across my lips, silencing me.

“Being the Alpha’s daughter is more than having a title” she said softly “From the moment I was born, my whole life has been micromanaged for me. How I acted, what I said, and even how I presented myself in front of our Pack, which was fine because I love my people and would do anything to for them. However, as hard as I’ve tried to ignore it, being the Alpha’s daughter is fucking exhausting. I put on this facade for everyone because if they think the Alpha family is unsure or weak, or god forbid if we make a tiny mistake, the Pack would wonder if we were competent enough to lead them”

“That’s why I have to be so confident and strong all the time. One mistake could cost the Pack everything.” She took a deep breath “I’ve never been so scared to lose something so precious in my life. Never. But then again, there hasn’t been anything in my old life worth losing. Well...there hasn’t been anything worth losing until...You."

“Serenity...” I whispered, shocked at how open she was being to me.

In my short time of knowing her, from both when we were kids and now adults, she has always held a tight rein on her emotions. This was a girl, who even at seven, would barely tell me what she was feeling after she scraped her knee on a rock.

To hear her talk like this, so open and trusting, was something that made my heart do somersaults in my chest.

“Nothing in my life has ever meant as much to me as you do.” She nuzzled her face into my neck and pressed a soft kiss to it “Which scares the absolute shit out of me because if I had to chose between you and my Pack, I would chose you. A choice I never would have made for anybody else.”

“Not even your family?”

She shook her head.

“The Pack comes first. It always has and it always will” she looked sad “Mom and Dad decided that after the Wolf Moon War. They wanted to make sure that our pack was always protected and had a leader to protect them. They taught Tristan and me to worry about the Pack first.”

“You know I would never make you choose” I said softly, a small smile gracing my face “I never want you to think you should choose me over your family or Pack.”

“I know” she kissed my dimple and my smile widened “But if I had to choose, I would never regret choosing you. Ever.”

I combed my fingers through her soft curls, contemplating if I wanted to share with her something that I’ve been holding on for a long time.

Before I could even utter a word, a loud roar came from within the cave we were currently residing in.

We both looked up in time to see the bull-headed creatures stalking towards us.

What we didn’t see, however, was that the cave opening was no longer behind us.

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