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T H I R T Y - S I X


I was getting real sick of these monsters interrupting my private time with Zephyr when I needed it the most.

We rolled away just in time as a humongous hoof stomped down on the spot where we were just occupying.

Zephyr groaned “Not again.”

I was about to reply when the wall that I was currently standing against, went pliable in my hands.

I looked down and saw the wall, which was solid less than a minute ago, ripple in a water like effect.

One minute I was against the wall in our well lit cave and the next, I was falling backwards into another dark cave.

I grunted “This is really getting old.”

When I tried to get up, a hoof came down on my shoulder, keeping me to the ground.

It didn’t hurt but the message was clear.

Try to get up again and your shoulder will be crushed.

I glared up at the huge monster in front of me, a monster that was definitely ten times scarier than the other monsters we’ve faced.

And that’s saying something considering that Arachne was fucking terrifying.

The Minotaur left his foot hesitantly from my shoulder and when he was sure I wasn’t going to move, he turned back to the cave wall that we just came through.

With a wave of his hand, the cave turned solid again.

It my great horror... became see through.

Like a two-way mirror.

I was still gaping like a fish when the Minotaur picked me up like a rag doll and threw me over his shoulder.

I finally came to my senses when the Minotaur started traveling down the cave rather quickly.

“Wait!” I yelled, watching a frantic looking Zephyr pounded on the cave walls like a crazy person, searching for me “I can’t leave him.”

The Minotaur ignored me and I struggled against his hold but it was no use.

He was much stronger than I was.

“Stop” the Minotaur grumbled “Or I drop.”

I froze “You speak English?”

He grunted a confirmation.

“I need to go back to him” I pleaded “He...we’ve been separated too...please.”

“I save you.”

I paused in my pleading, surprised by his answer.

This was something new, considering since the whole time I’ve been here, something was always trying to kill me.

Not save me.

“He won’t harm me” I finally said “He’s my...Mate.”

The Minotaur gave me the side eye and I explained further.

“He’s my person” I said, struggling to find words that described something so precious to me “The one man that I love and am going to be together with for a very long time.”

“He brings death” the Minotaur said “Death to everything.”

I shook my head vehemently “No, he doesn’t.”

“He will.”

He dropped me down on a chair shaped rock and I took the chance to glance around the wide spacious room.

It was still a cave but only furnished with a bed, the rock chair I was currently sitting on, and a fireplace.

The minotaur moved to the fireplace and threw some logs into it.

When he was done, he turned his attention towards me.

I looked at the fire in horror, know what he was going to do it, and promptly scrambled towards the exit.

Before I even got there, the exit disappeared.

“You not leave” he said from behind me “Labyrinth changes every ó̱ra.”

I whirled on him “Does that mean Zephyr is trapped?”

The Minotaur shook his beastly head.

I breathed a sigh of relief.

If I could just escape and make my way back to Zephyr, then we would be fine.

The beast stared at me “You like me?”

“No, I am most certainly not” I shook my head “I am human.”

He leveled his stare with mine “Your flesh do not smell human.”

I winced knowing that at some point, this Minotaur would most likely try to eat me for dinner.

“You beast like me?” he stated again “Aren’t you?”

“Yes,” I nodded slowly “And for the record, I’m a salty, skinny, bitter tasting beast. All muscle and no meat.”

The Minotaur guffawed loudly and the ring in his nose jingled a little.

“I no eat you.”

“Why not?” I blurted out and then facepalmed at my stupidity.

Apparently, my brain only worked during crisis mode or when I was getting attacked by evil, arrogant, spider-lycan type things.

This Minotaur was totally throwing me off my game with his niceness.

“I ate already.”

“Then why am I here?” I questioned “Why take only me?”

“You know how to control” he thumped his chest hard “I want to know how to control.”

“Control what?”


I just stared at him “I can’t help you.”

“Why not?” he demanded, his expression darkening.

I put my hands out in a calming gesture “Well, the first reason being that we aren’t the same species.”

“But you human, I human” he said in confusion “You beast, I beast?”

I nodded “But we’re not the same kind of beast.”

“It not matter” he shook his head “You teach me to control beast.”

“But it does matter” I said hesitantly “What if I can’t teach you how to control your beast? What if the way I learned doesn’t help you?”


I shrugged.

If helping him kept from eating me for dinner, I would help his as much as I could until that door reopened again.

I just had to endure fifty minutes of teaching him what I knew about controlling your inner beast.

Should be easy right?

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