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“Alpha Richard” Dad said in a bored tone, shaking the pretentious Alpha’s hand “How have you been?”

“Alpha Matthews” Alpha Richard sneered, shaking hands with my father “It’s been too long”

“Not long enough” Dad muttered and Mom smack his arm, giving Alpha Richard and his wife a megawatt smile

“Please excuse my Husband” She apologized “He gets cranky when he doesn’t eat dinner on time”

I snickered

“Well Well Well” A annoying voice called out from behind me “If it isn’t little Serenity Matthews”

I turned around and gave him a dirty look

“Well, not so little anymore” He whistled low “Damn did you grow up”

“Little Dick” I deadpanned

EJ and AJ laughed while Tristan gave me an exasperated look.

Richard Jr. my archenemy since I was eight and he was ten scowled at the use of my personal nickname for him.

“It’s Alpha Richard now” he said “In case you didn’t hear”

“Oh well in that case” I bat my eyelashes at him “Then I guess that makes me Alpha Serenity now”

Little Dick laughed like he couldn’t believe what I was saying.

His eyes slid over to Tristan’s

“Is she serious?”

Tristan smiled

“Dad announced it to the Pack last week”

Little Dick’s jaw feel open “And you’re okay with that!?”

“Of course” Tristan frowned “Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Because being Alpha is your birthright” Little Dick exclaimed “As the firstborn! And as a Son!”

I gave a humorless laugh “And because I’m a girl I can’t possibly rule like my brother can?”


Both my brother and I growled at him

He raised his hands in defense “I’m only stating facts”

“Well you can shove those facts straight up your-” I was interrupted when Alpha Richard called for his son.

“Come now Jr.” he said “We must find our table before the Queen arrives”

Little Dick nodded at his father

He grinned at me before sliding his index finger across my cheek

I grabbed his finger and snapped it back until I heard a crack.

He winced in pain

“Touch me again and the only thing you’ll be able to do with your hands is to give people high fours” I snarled in his face “Do you understand?”

He nodded and yanked his finger out of my grasp before trailing behind his father.

“I hate him” Both my father and I muttered simultaneously

When we realized what we said, we grinned at each other.

Mom and Tristan rolled their eyes, walking away from the two of us and heading toward the bar.

“Don’t let him get under your skin Firecracker” Dad ruffled my hair “You deserve to be Alpha”

I sighed

“I know but sometimes I feel like you wouldn’t have gave me the position if Tristan didn’t decide to travel the world in order to search for his mate”

Dad frowned and pulled me to the side

“Serenity there’s something you should know” he said “I will say this once and only once. I gave you the Alpha position because you deserve it. You’re hardworking, honest, and have more balls than any man here. I gave you the position not because your brother was leaving but because you earned it. In fact, I never even offered your brother the position. My choice was always going to be you”

My heart lept in my chest “Really?”

He smiled “Yes really”

“You didn’t even think about having Tristan rule the Pack?”

“At one point in my life I have to admit that I wanted my son to rule the Matthews Pack” he admitted “But watching you two grow up and become the people you are today, I realized that you were better suited for the job”

“What changed your mind?”

“You did” he smiled “I love Tristan, I truly do but he’s a big softy like your Mom. He would believe anything anyone would say”

“You on the other hand...” he trailed off with a smile “Are my mini me”

I snickered “Uh oh”

He smirked and nudged me towards the Twins

“Go have fun”

“No promises”

“What was that about?” EJ asked as I caught up with them

“Just discussing our mutual hate for men name Richard”

“I feel sorry for his future Mate” AJ shook her head

“Careful sis” Ethan snickered as he nudged his sister “You might be his future mate”

“I would rather babysit children” she said “Than be his Mate”

I laughed “How do you expect to have kids when you hate them?”

“Easy” she grabbed an hors d’oeuvre from a passing waiter “I can pinch my kids when they get out of order”

“Where’s Bailey EJ?” I looked around the crowd for his Mate

“Her parents wouldn’t let her come tonight” EJ pouted “Being that she’s still sixteen”

“That sucks”

“I love her” He sighed “But sometimes I wonder how different it would be if we met when she was eighteen”

“At least she’s two years younger than you” I reminded him “Not ten”

“At least you met your Mate” AJ said bitterly

EJ and I shared a look

“You okay AJ?” I asked gently

She huffed and shuffled her feet “I’m fine”

“You sure?” EJ asked his twin again

“I’m fine” she growled “Just leave it”

“There’s no reason you should be upset” EJ said “Because Sin hasn’t met her Mate either and she’s not turning into a jealous lunatic”

His eyes widened as he realized what he said and slapped a hand over his mouth.

Tears sprang to AJ’s eyes as she turned abruptly and walked away from us

“Dick move” I muttered “A real dick move”

“Shut up” he said before making his way through the crowd to find his sister.

An announcement sounded throughout the whole Ballroom to let us know that it was time for the annual tradition in which Aunt Kassi would dance with one of her subjects.

The crowd made room for our Queen to dance with Beta Easton.

I walked over to my family who was standing next to Uncle Rhys and Little Wyatt.

I kissed Wyatt’s nose and he giggled as he held his hands out to me.

I took him out of Uncle Rhys hand and bounced him on my hip

“Hey Buddy”

He giggled louder “Hi Sinsin”

“How was school this week?”

His eyes lit up and he started telling me all about the interesting things he did this week with his friends.

“I even learned how to count to two hundred!”

My eyes widened comically for him and he puffed out his chest in pride

“Mom said that if I got to three hundred I could get a fish”

“A fish!” EJ said, coming up to us and plucking Wyatt from my hands “Tell me more about this new fish of yours!”

Wyatt started babbling to EJ and I took the time to watch Aunt Kassi dance.

Beta Easton spun her around the dance floor and although she danced beautifully, she seemed stiff the whole time.

I glanced at everyone else to see if they noticed her stiffness too but they were to busy gazing at he with smiles on their faces.

Beta Easton whispered something in Aunt Kassi’s ear and she stiffened even further, her complexion turning pale.

“Something’s wrong” I whispered under my breath “She’s too stiff”

Uncle Rhys head snapped to mine before looking towards his dancing wife.

He passed Wyatt, who was now back in his father’s arms, to my Aunt Taylor before making his way to his wife.

Halfway through his trek though, he stopped suddenly.

Aunt Kassi shook her head at her husband before shooting him a small smile and mouthing something to him.

Beta Easton spun my Aunt one more time as the song began to slowly wind down.

The song ended and Beta stepped away from our Queen, bowing to her and clapping with the rest of us as the song ended.

“Thank god that’s done” EJ said, drawing my attention to him “Because I’m starving”

My Aunt hurried quickly over to us before whispering something in my father’s ear. When she pulled away, I saw his face turn a death shade of white.

My father grabbed my mother’s arm before following behind Aunt Kassi.

Uncle Rhys handed Wyatt off to my Uncle Beckett before quickly trailing after my parents.

“What’s going on?” I asked

Tristan shrugged “Must be Alpha stuff”

“Then shouldn’t I follow them?”

EJ tugged my hair

“You’re not Alpha yet” he sang

“Shut up” I said before turning away

“Where you going?” EJ laughed at my retreating figure

“To get some food!” I called out “I’m starving!”

“Bring me back one of those pomegranate tarts!”

“Get it yourself!”

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