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T H I R T Y - N I N E


“HE’S GOING TO BE YOUR DOWNFALL!” My mother sneered at me “He will bring nothing but death and destruction to you!”

“He brings me happiness and peace” I snarled back “And if you can’t accept that then I’ll-”

“You’ll what?” she scoffed “Leave me? You don’t know the first thing about living in the real world.”

“I will” I said softly “I know much more than you think I do.”

“You!” My mother snapped at Hades “You caused this! You put these foolish thoughts in my daughter’s head. You caused this strain in our relationship!”

“With all due respect Demeter” Hades said softly “You relationship was strained before I met your daughter.”

She glared at me, hatred filling her eyes “I will not stand for this.”

“You don’t have to stand for this Mother” I said “All that matters is our love for one another.”

“Love?” My mother scoffed “You don’t know the first thing about love.”

“Yes, I do.”

“Oh really?” my mother said mockingly “What do you know about love?”

“I know that knows no bounds” I said softly “Love is standing by those you care for no matter if it is good or bad. Love is having respect for one another no matter what. Love is about honesty and trust and the ability to be vulnerable to the other person without fearing if they will use that love to manipulate me.”

I gave my mother a pointed look.

She looked back at me like a rare species that she’s never seen before.

She turned her attention towards Hades “Your brothers will not be happy about this.”

Hades scowled “They don’t have a say in this.”

“He will destroy you” Her face twisted in anger as she looked at me “Everything you’ve ever wanted, everything you’ve ever dreamed of will never be possible. Not if you stay with him.”

“I will have everything and more with him” I raised my chin up at her “Because our love is something you will never understand.”


I cried at the loss of our sixth child, a child made from our love, happiness, and endless devotion to one another.

Hades held me in his arms, whispering sweet words of encouragement in my ears while the Chambermaids cleaned up the bloody mess from my newest unsuccessful labor.

We were so close this time.

Every time we get closer and closer to holding our precious child in our hands, something happens to destroy our dreams.

“We will try again αγάπη μου” Hades kissed my cheek softly “We will try as many times as you want.”

“For what Λατρεία μου” I sobbed, addressing my beloved Husband “Every time we are within reach of meeting our child, something always happens to the baby. Always. It’s like Olympus is warning us to stop trying.”

Hades face turned thunderous “My brothers wouldn’t dare of trying to take my happiness from me. They know better.”

“They kidnapped me to keep you from marriage, from finally having a happy life” I sniffled “What makes you think that they wouldn’t do something to keep us from having children?”

My husband shook his head “They wouldn’t.”

“But what if they are?” I sat up, wincing at the pain in my lower region.

A reminder of what could have been.

Of what almost was...

Hades gave me hesitant head shake this time.

“I hope they wouldn’t...” He whispered shakily “They know how much this means to me...”

“What if it wasn’t my brothers but your...” He paused, trailing off.

I gave hime a sharp look “She wouldn’t stoop so low.”

“How do we know?” He asked.

“Because...” I sighed “While she doesn’t accept us, she wouldn’t hurt her grandchild because of her prejudice.”

“But she is possibly a suspect.” Hades continued to ask more but I stopped him.

“Aγάπη μου” I grasped his face lovingly, looking into the beautiful Crimson eyes that I fell in love with all those years ago “I think it is time we summon her back.”

“I don’t think she will be easily persuaded this time” He gave me a unsure look “The reason she helped last time was do to...unforeseen circumstances. She will not be inclined to help us again.”

“We have to try my Love” I caressed his face with the pads of my thumb and his gaze soften “I want to experience this...all of this... with you. I want to hold our child in our hands. I want the life we always pictured.”

“But we have something like that now” he said softly “With the little one.”

My gaze softened “Don’t you want to give him a sibling? A little brother or sister?”

“Having a sibling is overrated” He muttered “I have two and they’re a pain in my ass.”

“But I never had a sibling” I said softly “I don’t want him growing up lonely, to not have someone to turn to when we’re being unfair or to hang out and play or do whatever it is that siblings do.”

Hades looked at me with a foreign look “Is that what you think all siblings do αγάπη μου?”

I paused “Yes?”

“And where did you get that notion from αγάπη μου?”

I blushed “From my books and that one T.V. show we watched.”

Hades blinked at me before breaking out in a bellowing laugh.

I stared at him, my jaw ticking in irritation “What’s so funny?”

He wiped the corner of his eyes, still snickering at my expense “Áγάπη μου, you don’t know the first thing about having a sibling.”

“That’s why he needs one!” I defended “So he can learn what you learned! So he can do whatever it was that you did with your brothers!”

Hades snorted “Trust me, you do not want our kids to do the same things me and my brothers did for fun.”

I raised an eyebrow “What did you do exactly?”

He sobered up quickly and gave me a sheepish smile, rubbing the back of his head “Uh...nothing?”

“Mmhm...” I shifted in the bed and winced at the pain in my abdomen.

Hades took note of my discomfort and kissed my forehead “Rest now αγάπη μου, we can pick up this conversation once you are rest and healed.”

I nodded and closed my eyes, silently praying to a force beyond our understanding to bless us with a child of our own.

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