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I pushed for the sixth time in the last thirty-six hours.

“Our baby is a stubborn little peanut, aren’t they?” Hades grinned at me before placing a cool cloth on my face “I wonder if they’ll look like one too?”

“A peanut? You want our baby to look like a peanut?” I let out a breathless laugh as a small contraction hit “Do you think it’s a boy or girl?”

He thought about it for a moment “On one hand, I want a boy because I know how boys think and act, but one the other hand, because I know how boys think I don’t want to handle the headache.”

I let out a small breathless laugh “And if we have a girl?”

“I really really don’t want my daughter to start dating” he gave me a pointed look “Especially if she looks like you.”

I was about to say something else when another contract hit.

I groaned and latched onto my husband’s hand.

He winced “This is a strong one.”

I nodded and suddenly the chambermaids, my nurses were calling out in excitement.

Hades jumped out of his seat and gave me an excited look “We see a head!”

I smiled “Really?”

He nodded frantically “Our baby has dark hair! Like me!”

I pushed again after a particular harsh contraction and Hades peppered my face with kisses.

“The shoulders are out!” he murmured in my ear “One last push αγάπη μου, and then we’ll finally hold our baby.”

I groaned and pushed after the small contraction that hit me.

There were more excited murmurs and one of the nurses held up our baby.

Hades cried out in excitement “It’s a boy!”

He kissed my lips “You did it αγάπη μου, you did it.”

I watched with a small smile as Hades watched the nurses like a hawk.

Our newborn son wailed and wailed as the nurses tried to clean him up as fast as possible.

Hades, being the impatient man that he is, took our son from their hands and dismissed the nurses.

When we were finally alone, Hades rocked our son all the way over to us with a non-stop grin on his face.

“Baby peanut, say hi to your mommy.”

I beamed at the word Mommy.

That was the first time I’ve heard it, considering our other peanut only called me Mom or Mother.

Hades picked up our son’s little hand and waved to me.

I grinned at my two boys and held out my arms “Don’t be greedy. Share my son with me.”

Hades cooed at our baby and dragged a huge finger against his tiny little cheek.

“He’s beautiful” Hades said as he handed me our son “You’re beautiful. You were meant to be a mother.”

I grinned up at him and snuggled up to my son “Do we look alike?”

Hades snorted “Sorry αγάπη μου but I’m pretty sure he got his daddy’s good looks.”

I snorted “If you say so.”

I gently touched my son’s eyes, eyes that he has yet to open “I wonder what color his eyes are?”

Right when I finished saying those words, my son blinked opened his eyes.

I gasped and Hades gave me a worried look.

“What is it?”


“What’s wrong with his eyes?” Hades panicked voice reached my ears “Does he have eyes? Are they fully black? Is he blind? Does he only have one eye? Are his eyes connected?”

“He has...our eyes.”

Hades calmed down a bit “Baby, he was bound to get one of our eye colors.”

“No” I stared at my son’s beautiful face “I mean... he has each of our eye colors. One Crimson and one Violet.”

Hades stared at me for a few minutes before joining me on my bed.

Our son yawned and gazed at his father with sleepy eyes.

“Holy shit...” Hades breathed “He has our eyes.”

Tears clouded my own eyes “He’s perfect.”

“So you’re not upset?”

I shook my head and snuggled closer to our son “Hell no. He’s ours and I wouldn’t change a thing on his adorable little head.”

“Neither would I” Hades grinned “Now that we know our baby is a boy, the question is...what are we going to name him?”

My eyes widened.

We were so worried about the health of our little peanut that we didn’t even have time to consider a name for him.

“I...have no idea” I groaned and then turned towards him “Do you have a name?”

He shook his head “Up until a few moments ago, I thought it was going to be a girl.”

I laughed and our boy snuggled further into my body.

“How about..mhmm... Cedar?”

Hades raised an eyebrow “Wasn’t that the name of that drunk Satyr that tried hitting on you during our honeymoon.”

“His name was Sadar” I rolled my eyes “And he wasn’t hitting on me. He was chatting with me about the new wines his family made during the summer.”

Hades snorted “Yeah, and I’m a nymph named Helga.”

I snickered “How about Jarrod?”

He have me a thumbs down.


I wrinkled my nose and stared down at our baby “It doesn’t suit him.”

There was a gust of wind and suddenly, rose petals began to fall.

Hades groaned “Here we go.”

I smacked him and the baby mewled in my arms.

I cooed at my baby and suddenly my mother was by my side, pushing Hades away.

“Go make yourself useful Hades” she pushed him away “And hide that face of yours. I don’t want to look at it while I’m here. It makes me physically nauseous.”

Hades scowled “Demeter, always a pleasure to see you.”

She dismissed him “I know, it’s a pleasure for everyone whenever they’re in my presence.”

“Mother...” I warned “This is Hades’ child too. He stays.”

She tsked and looked down at our baby “What is it?”

“A child” Hades muttered under his breath “Obviously.”

“The gender” She rolled her eyes “I didn’t know I had to simplify my meaning for such a...mature God.”

Hades glared at her “You’re older than I am Demeter.”

I cleared my throat, bringing them back into focus.

“I didn’t think you would be able to make it today Mother” I said “I thought you were coming tomorrow?”

“I couldn’t miss the birth of my first grandchild” she said, a sparkle in her eye “No matter how much I despise its father.”

Hades snorted.

“He’s a boy Mother” rubbed my baby’s cheek with my index finger “You have another grandson.”

My mother stared at my son but addressed Hades “You were man enough to give me a grandson.”

“MOTHER!” I scolded as Hades’ faced turned a deep crimson color “One more insult towards my Husband and I’m going to have to ask you to leave!”

She apologized...half-heartedly.

When our son once again yawned, he opened his eyes, and my mother gasped.

“His eyes!” she leaned closer to get a better look at them “They’re...”

“We know” I said “And we love it.”

My mother continued to study them “You know, they remind me of the Red Windflower back home. Remember the one’s outside of our home. In the field you used to play in as a child with the nymphs.”

I looked down at my son and smiled “The one’s where the petals would fall off with the gentle breeze of the wind?”

My mother nodded “So...what is his name?”

My eyes met Hades and I knew, without a doubt, what our Son’s name was going to be.

“Zephyr,” I said and Hades smiled, his eyes sparkling “His name is Zephyr.”

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