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After rejecting ten eager and very grabby Alphas, I made my escape towards the balcony on the far right of the venue.

When I was out of sight, I leaned against a pillar and took a much needed deep breath.

“Rough night?” An amused voice asked from my left

My head snapped to the mysterious voice and I scowled “How’d you guess?”

“Might have been the huge sigh you let out” he said “Or the fact that your beautiful self is out here scowling and hiding from everyone”

I gave a harsh laugh “Flatter will get you nowhere”

The guy shrugged before jumping on the balcony’s wide ledge

I straightened “Watch out or you’re going to fall”

“That’s the best part” He turned his head and gave me a grin “The wind rushing through your hair, the adrenaline pumping through your veins, and the split second moment where you feel like you’re dying”

“You’re crazy!” My eyes widened at his words

“So I’ve been told”

“Why would anyone want to experience death?”

“Death, in some cases, is better than living a life without a purpose”

“That’s...strangely poetic” I said before cocking my head and scrutinizing him “I don’t think we’ve met before. What’s your name?”

He started to walk dangerously close on the ledge and my stomach lurched.

There wasn’t a lot of things I was afraid of but heights were definitely on that list.

Don’t even get me started on the multi-story malls with the glass ledges. Ever time we visited the mall my stupid brother or cousins would walk dangerous close to the ledge and pretend that they were falling over.

Every single time.

I couldn’t even peek over the edge without getting nauseous and woozy.

Don’t even get me started on roller coasters.

“Who wants to know?” the guy asked

“I do” I smirked, crossing my arms

“And who are you?” he smirked right back

“I asked you first”

“Well, I was born first”

“How do you know?” I gave him a grin “I could be a forty-five year old cougar trying to seduce you into being my next boy toy”

He laughed

“You age well then”

I laughed too

He bent at the waist and held out his hand “I’m Zeph”

“Zeph?” I raised an eyebrow and placed my smaller hand in his “Sin”

He grinned before yanking on my hand and trying to lift me up on the ledge.

I fought back and dug my heels into the cement “Oh hell no!”

“Come on” he gripped my hand tighter “Live a little”

“You mean die a lot!” I snapped at him, yanking my hand out of his grasp “Don’t touch me!”

His grinned and he held up his hands “Okay, calm down”

“Don’t tell me to calm down” I growled, walking away from his stupidity

I heard the heavy thump of his weight hitting the floor before his voice rang out.

“I never thought Serenity Matthews would be such a chicken” his amused voice said from behind me

I whirled on him “What did you say?”

“I said,” he began “I never thought Serenity...”

I cut him off with a glare “I never told you my full name”

He smirked “You didn’t?”

“You know I didn’t” I said before walking up to him and getting in his face “So why pretend to not know me when you obviously do?”

He leaned forward, the light from the chandeliers inside catching across his face.

My breath caught when I took in a ruby colored eye and an deep violet one.

When he heard my gasped, he turned away

“Enjoy the rest of your night” he said gruffly before walking past me and into the venue.

“WAIT!” I called after him but it was to late.

He was already gone

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