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F O R T Y - N I N E


“That’s why you couldn’t bring someone more experience from my family” I concluded “You needed me.”

“We have to find the item together” He stated firmly “And once we do, Hades will reinstate our bond.”

Millions of other questions started swirling in my head but before I could voice them out loud, Zephyr pulled me to bed.

“Come on, my love” he gave me temple a soft kiss “You’re exhausted and we have much to prepare for tomorrow in order to find the item quickly.”

“We need to find it tomorrow?” I asked, my heart rate picking up “On the Blood Moon?”

“Tomorrow is our deadline” He nodded “All the distractions and interferences from those monsters have condensed our actual searching time.”

He gave me an extra shirt of his and then turned around to give me some privacy.

I smiled and immediately slipped off my jeans and shirt before climbing back in bed and snuggling close to Zephyr.

I traced lazy circles on his chest, trying to make myself fall asleep despite the nagging question in my mind.

Zephyr chuckled and I tilted my chin up to him, wondering what was so funny.

He gazed down at me with an amused question “Go ahead, ask the question that’s on your mind.”

“Do you think he knew?” I bit my lip “About the Blood Moon?”

“Who knew?” Zephyr asked, his eyes flashing, waiting for me to confirm his suspicions.

“Hades” I answered “Did you think he knew about the Blood Moon?”

“I have no doubt that he did” he sighed “I wouldn’t put it past him to plan our return on a centennial event.”

“What’s going to happen once we give the item to Hades and he returns our bond back to us” I laid my head back on his chest “Will you have to stay here?”

“I’m done.” He murmured in my hair.


He tilted my head up to meet my gaze “Once that bond is reinstated, we’re out of here.”

“What?” I gazed at him in shock “You’re going to leave your home?”

“This is my last job for Hades” He said, relief lacing his tone “It’s time that we starting living our lives. We have lost time to make up for.”

“But....but you’re the Prince of the Underworld” I sputtered, my mind not quite understanding what he was saying “”You’re Hell’s future ruler. Why would you want to come back to me?”

“Why wouldn’t I?”

I just stared at him like he was an alien “You do realize I’m going to be the next Alpha right?”

He nodded slowly “I know.”

“And you’re okay with that?” I questioned “You’re okay with me being in charge?”

“I love it when you’re in charge” He grinned cheekily, “It’s so sexy.”

“Be serious for a second” I pinched him “You’re not bullshitting me? You don’t care that I’ll be in charge of thousands of Pack Members? You won’t try to undermine my leadership a few months from now because you miss your Princely title?”

He laughed “Princely title?”

I nodded.

He leaned down and kissed me softly before nipping at my lower lip.

I gasped at the sudden sting and blinked up at Zephyr.

“I’m secure enough in my masculine self to take a step back, if you want me to, and let you do what you need to do for our people” he said softly “I would never stand in your way, but I need you to understand one thing.”

“What?” I inwardly cursed when the word came out all breathily and soft.

“While you may be the boss out there, in front of all the Pack” He locked eyes with me and my breath caught “But behind close doors, I like to take charge.”

I gaped at him “Who are you and what the hell have you done with my Zephyr?”

“I don’t know how it happened but I feel free” He grinned sinfully “Exposing the truth must have taken the weight off my chest, knowing that I can be my real self around you now.”

“And your true self is a horn dog?” I asked innocently, my heart melting at his confession.

“Only for you” He laughed “Now go to bed Princess. The faster we find this damn item, the faster I can sweep you off your feet and have my wicked way with you.”

I scoffed “As if I would make it that easy for you to sweep me off my feet.”

Zephyr snorted “As if you make anything less than hard.”

I snorted and closed my eyes, listening to reassuring heartbeat of my Mate’s strong heart.

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