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☄️SIN ☄️

“The Blood Moon starts in less than four minutes” he said as he stood in the area where the Elysium border once stood “Kill as many as you can before the Moon rises and the bond solidifies. We don’t need anymore more interferences wasting our time.”

He then turned his attention back to me, a devious glint in his eyes.

“Let’s get going my little wolf key” he said, making my stomach drop to my feet “We need to prepare for our grand finale.”

“SERENITY!” Zephyr roared, steadying his feet “GET BACK HERE YOU ASSHOLE!”

Lycaon kicked him so hard that he flew into a nearby house.

Cerberus chuckled and gave Lycaon an impressive glance before picking me up by the throat again.

I would have ran away before he had the chance to grab me again if only his damn snake didn’t have my bicep in a vice, ready to strike at any moment.

“I’ve see you managed to turn Hades goody-two-shoes into a little rebel now, little key. Congratulations!”

“” I managed to croaked out even as black dots lined my vision.

“Thanks,” He grinned “But no thanks. You can’t handle my exotic tastes Princess.”

I watched helplessly from behind Cerberus shoulder as Arachne and Lycaon created carnage in what was once my family’s beautiful resting place.

Lycaon and other gruesome lycan creatures destroy the neatly rowed houses and rip their long claws into members of my family.

Arachne released her spiders and soon they merged together to create horrifying soldiers that cut down my family quickly and stripped the flesh from their bones.

My Wolf rose to the surface to help protect her family only for Cerberus to suppress her by tightening his grip on my neck, efficiently cutting off more of my air supply.

“Nu uh uh” Cerberus sang “I’ll snap your neck before your wolf can even lengthen her little pinky claw.”

“Too bad they can’t shift huh? Would have been useful right about now?” He smiled up at me as the screams of my family rang out louder “Just goes to show how weak you shifters really are. You really are nothing without your wolves.”

He tsked like he thought we were a waste of life.

“Bastard” I snarled with what little oxygen I had left “I’m going to kill you.”

“While it’s true that they can’t die again” he said like we were having a normal fucking conversation “They do feel pain and it’s going to be bitch to have to go through the regeneration process.”

My Wolf came to the surface again and before he could do anything to tamper her down, I shifted my hand into a claw and slashed down his face.

He instinctively released me to clutch his face and I shifted into my Wolf, getting as far away from him as possible.

I got a good look around my surroundings and found that he was taking me to the Chiefs house.

The Women and Children...

I cut across the opposite way where the Rat Bastard was writhing in pain and darted inside the house.

Using my enhanced senses I found the women hiding in an underground bunker that was so hidden I almost missed it if I didn’t hear whispered words coming from beneath my paws.

I shifted into my Human form and lifted the small hatch, dropping down through the small hole and dodging a punch as it flew at me.

“Woah hey!” I dodged a kick to my thigh and another to my chest “I’m here to help!”

“Serenity?” Aunt Keira said in shock “What are you doing here?”

“I’m getting you out of here” I said, shifting anxiously on my feet “As soon as possible.”

“Ethan said it’s safer for us down here” Keira frowned as Jordan started gathering the children “Why are you moving us?”

“Because there’s a psycho out there looking for me” I said, watching as women took them through a door which I assumed was an exit point “And his lackeys are destroying the whole Elysium as we speak.”

A few of the women let out shocked gasps while the others tried to comfort as many children as they could.

I looked at the three women in charge “We need to leave now before he finds you.”

“Where will we go?” Keira asked “This is the safest place in the whole Elysium.”

“We could go and wait in the forest” Jordan suggested “It’s far enough from here that no one would go looking for us.”

Josephina looked contemplative for a moment before decisiveness flashed in her eyes “We’ll take them to the cave.”

“What cave?” Keira asked “We have a cave?”

“Just follow me” Josephina said, looking right at me “We need a distraction. Can you handle that?”

“My middle name is distraction.” I said before shifting, nudging the three remaining women as they looked at me with worry clouding their eyes.

Josephina left first, followed by Jordan a few moments later, shooting me a silent good luck.

Keira was the last one left, looking down at me with sorrow, sadness, and anger.

I nudged her thigh and she ran a hand threw my fur, bending down to give me a ferocious hug.

“Kick his ass” she growled “And come back to us. Your uncle would be so pissed if you ended up down here with us permanently on my watch.”

I barked out a laugh and she gave me one last look before catching up with the others.

I made sure they were a good distance away before I created my distraction.

Taking a deep breath, I threw my head back and howled proudly to the moon.

A smile graced my face as I heard the howls of my family joining in with mine. They might not have had their wolves but that didn’t make them any less predatory.

Cerberus’ first mistake was thinking that he was the Hunter in our domain.

His second mistake was thinking that we were sheep waiting to be slaughtered by his hand.

His last mistake was thinking that I was going to sit back and take his attack on my family idly.

What he didn’t realize was that I was a Matthews, the Next Alpha of the Largest Pack in the World, and when a wolf was back into a corner, she had nothing else left to lose but come out fighting.

I was the Hunter

And he was my Prey.

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