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I was in my office, looking out of the window, the background noise of the news anchor announcing the spread of natural disasters occurring throughout the world, when a blood curdling scream sounded from out from my kitchen.

I was out of my office and running down the stairs before I could even blink.

My son was on my tail, nearly bumping into me as I stopped dead in my tracks at the entrance of the kitchen.

Sky was sitting in the middle of the floor, broken glass and utensils scattered around her, her head tilting to the ceiling as she let out a heart wrenching cry.

I knelt down next to her, the glass crunching underneath my shoes “Baby, what’s wrong?”

Tristan knelt down on her other side, shooting anxiously looks between me and his mother.

“My baby” she sobbed harder, clutching at her chest “I can’t feel my baby anymore.”

My heart plummeted to my stomach “What?”

“I’ve felt her one moment and then the next, I didn’t...” she clutched her chest and cried harder “She’s gone, my baby’s gone.”

I looked at Tristan, his face deathly pale and he looked at me with fear in his eyes.

This isn’t possible...

“Baby...” I swallowed thickly “Remember Serenity’s in the Underworld...on a mission...she’s alright.”

“No Kaden...” she sobbed, sorrow gripping her beautiful features “You don’t understand! She’s baby’s gone!”

Tears started to gather in my son’s eyes as he realized what he mother was trying to tell us.

“Even when she was taken from us, I could still feel her here” She put one of my hands on her chest, her heart beating unnaturally rapid underneath my touch “Now I don’t feel anything. It’s like she was there one minute and completely gone the next. I can’t feel my baby anymore.”

“No...” I whispered, unable to accept my Mate’s words “It can be true.”

“Brother...” A broken and familiar voice whispered gruffly from behind me.

I stood and spun around quickly, shocked to find a face I haven’t seen in eighteen years.

“Ethan?” I choked out “What are you...How are you?”

His grim face said it all.

“I’m so sorry Kaden” he said, tears falling down his cheek “We did everything we could...”

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