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“What happens when his Darkness loses her Light?”

I was too busy focusing on the enemies in front of me, that I forgot about the one’s clawing at my back.

My life was just beginning...

And then he took her away from me...

The reason for my entire being...My Light.

Now with my light extinguished, I find it easier to do things that I couldn’t before.

Like hunting down and killing my traitorous brother and his lunatic of a girlfriend before they try to capture and use the evils of the world for their own horrific gain.

One last mission...Like I’ve always planned.

Only this time, I’ll finally get what I’ve been looking for this whole time.

Eternal Peace with my Mate.

Something only Death and Darkness can bring me.

You can run big brother...but you can’t hide.

Not from me.

And not from the Darkness.


Onyx Moon: Release date coming soon.

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