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I stared at the spot my daughter last stood at, willing for her to come back and tell me this is all part of one of her elaborate pranks.

Wanting more than anything in the world for her to come down the stairs and snark at me for letting her go off with two strangers.

But deep down, I knew better.

She was gone.

For real.

This wasn’t one of her many pranks.

My baby girl was gone and there was nothing I could do to save her.

“Kaden” Kassi whimpered “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry”

I continued to stare at the spot, choosing to ignore Kassiopeia before I said something I regretted.


“Leave” I whispered “Just leave”

“I’m sorry!” she cried, reaching for me “I’m so...”

I flinched away from her grasp, not caring about the pain that crossed her face at my movement.

“Get out!” I yelled “Just go!”

“Kaden...” Rhys growled and I shot him a murderous look, my patient snapping in half.


Tristan appeared at their side in an instant, urging them to the door.

“I had no choice Kaden” Kassi pleaded “All of you would have died if I didn’t...”

“The deal you made was crap” I spat at her, my wolf on the surface “I thought you had better commonsense than making a deal with the fucking devil”

“I didn’t know that he would...” she trailed off, tears running down her face “Please...forgive me...I can’t...”

“Forgive you?” I laughed harshly, cutting her off “You want me to forgive you? Would you forgive me if I made a deal on your son’s behalf? One that signed his life away?”


“I made vow to her the day she was born” my voice cracked as I relived the memory “To both her and her mother. I promised to keep her safe. I promised to be there for every scrape of the knee, for every heartbreak and argument. I promised...”

Flashbacks started to playback in my mind from when my daughter was born, shattering my heart even more.

“Congratulations Dad” The Doctor said as she handed our baby to my wife “It’s a little girl!”

I stared in awe at the tiny crying creature laying on my wife’s chest, not believing that this small and delicate angel was ours.

“She’s beautiful Kaden” Sky cried as she gazed at our daughter’s face “Absolutely beautiful”

I still stood there speechless, gazing at the two most important women in my life with more love than I could even believe possible.

“Okay Mom” a nurse said sweetly, taking my newborn daughter from my wife “It’s time for us to take her”

I snapped out of my shock and lurched forward, shielding my girls from the nurse.

“You’re not taking her!” I snarled and the nurse shrunk back “No one’s touching my daughter!”

“Alpha” The Doctor said softly, removing her surgical scrubs “They’re only taking her to the warmer to weigh and measure her. They’re not going far. See that? They’re taking her over there”

She pointed to the little Bassinet in the corner of the room and I immediately relaxed.

“Kaden,” My wife said softly, calling my attention to her “Let them do their jobs. The faster they work, the faster you can hold her”

“I don’t want to hold her” I grumbled

Sky gave me a quizzical look “Why not?”

“Because I’ll break her” I whispered meekly “She’s just so tiny”

Sky let out a laugh and I grumbled even more.

“You had no problem holding Tristan”

“He’s a Matthews Man” I said proudly”We’re tough and thick skinned”

My wife smiled “And you don’t think she’ll be tough too?”

“Oh I know she’ll be” I groaned “It’ll be God’s way of biting me in the ass for saying I’d have all boys”

Sky laughed so hard she snorted.

I gave her a small grin.

“That statement really did come back and bite you in the butt” she snickered “Now didn’t it?”

I nodded “She’ll probably be stubborn like me too”

“Oh God” Sky groaned “I’m going to have two stubborn mules in my house”

I snickered and kissed my wife’s forehead.

“I love you” I said softly, gazing down at my exhausted wife’s face,

She gazed at me with a smile “I love you too Wolf Man”

“Thank you” I cleared my throat, wiping my eyes quickly before she saw my stupid tears.

“For what?” She asked softly

“For making me the luckiest bastard in the world” I said “And giving me two beautiful children”

I got down on my knees and clasped her hands.

“I promise you that for as long as I life, I will protect our children with everything I have” I told her “I’ll protect them until the day I die”

“I know you will” Sky’s smile softened “And so far, you’re doing a pretty damn good job”

Wetness on my shirt tugged me back to the present.

I looked down and saw my beautiful wife clutching my dress shirt, tears running down her stunning face.

“We have to bring her back” she sobbed “We need to bring our baby home”

Tristan stared at me from behind Sky’s back, tears falling down his face.

“I promise I’ll find a way to bring her back” I vowed to both my wife and son “Even if it’s the last thing I do”

"We’ll find a way” Sky clutched my shirt tighter, determination lighting up her eyes “As a family”

I nodded slowly, knowing that nothing or no one was going to deter her away from saving her family.

“Together,” I said, looking at both her and my son “Always and Forever”

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