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Where it all started

"Hey! Check that ass dude..." said Micheal when i first saw her. She was wearing a our college uniform in which was blue salwar and white kamiz for girls. She was on a bike with her dad or some other relative, I didn't notice him because I was continuously staring at the girl's face even after my friend said to check her ass. She had a round face just chubby enough to bite her cheeks and had a brown skin the color which turns me on and was wearing a specks with pink frame, nose just like a parrots beak but smaller... And lips "ahh" just wanted to bite those pink lips that too without lipstick.. And her height was just around 5.4 or 5.3. She was a new admission to our college in 2nd PU. She passed us by walking my friend and me were still looking at her ASS. Micheal was a guy with dark complexion tall 5.8 with a framed glasses and well built physique and another friend of mine joined us Ajay who was tall lanky guy with good looks. Like literally he didn't have to do anything to make girls fall for him. We three were best friends since highschool.. We completed our highschool togather and were doing our further studies togather. We were squad of 4 but one of our friend has to leave town because of his dad's transfer. And yeah i am Karan the kind of guy every group has normal middle class guy with average looks with height of 5.6 spiked hair. We all went towards class togather just which was like 5 min distance from college gate talking about how nice the girl's ass was we saw just before he came. When we entered the class the first thing i saw was the same girl we were talking about sitting in the first bench of our class. I was shocked because i thought she was new admission in 1st PU. But i ignored that thought and we went to our normal place on 'LAST BENCH' where no-one else would sit because everyone in our class knew that its our spot. As ma'am entered class I was curious to know her name. When she started calling name I was waiting for which name she will respond to but due to my idiot friends singing I missed it. But the class started by Rita madams classic line " Students look on board i am going to teach you important topic today"

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