Alphas Burden(Queens Rising Book 0.5)

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Amora has never shifted. Her origins unknown as she was discovered on the border of the pack boundaries. The local alpha took her in and she had a fairly peaceful and cushy life. Living as the daughter of the alpha. That all changed when Nyko took over the pack from his deceased father, who came back with his mate from training camp. Seraya was beautiful, strong, and she had a wolf. The seemingly perfect alpha female. Problem was, she was cruel and selfish, putting herself above all.

Fantasy / Erotica
Erin Nicole
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Chapter 1; The catalyst

Tears blurred my vision as they cascaded down my face. The man I knew to be my father was gently laid on the ground, sobbing and sniffling could be heard from my mother, his mate, as grief racked her body. I squeezed her tighter as another wail left her body. The separation of mates' souls was a painful process, especially when one side of the bond is tugging from the afterlife. His last moments flashing inside her head over and over again, I held onto her tightly.

An invading alpha with no pack had come in with a handful of rogues and took out Alpha Anton and our best warriors in a matter of minutes. Claiming the land through conquest. The Alphas only heir Nyko was out training to succeed his father and wouldn't return for a year. They made their move the day he left, which meant they were watching the house for days, maybe even months. I will never forget the horror of watching Father's head roll from his body as the powerful jaws of the offending alpha chomped it off.

Alpha Skye collapsed as she clutched her heart, their bond was bound tight so we all doubted whether or not she would make it another day before she either took her own life or the pull from our dead alpha snatched her soul to the other side. I dipped down and inhaled her scent, coaxing her, and trying to soothe her pain.

"That's enough!" Boomed a voice so deep that it sent shivers down my spine, an Irish lilt that was soothing to listen to.

I growled, locking eyes with the new alpha. He attempted to push his authority on me but it rolled off, the only perk about not having a wolf was the hierarchy had no effect on me. I stood up defiantly, Skye grabbed my arm to try to stop me.

"She just lost her mate." I challenged. "What kind of alpha would refuse a wolf the right to bury her mate."

His jaw clenched at my obvious insult to his new title. He paced right up to me getting in my face. "The kind that has no problem killing worthless mutts." Skye yanked me down to the ground

"I've already lost Anton, I can't lose you too." She said softly before getting up, dignity sparking through her being. "I will see Anton soon enough." She said with puffy eyes, her soul was almost completely gone.

"There will be punishment for speaking to me the way you did pup." The new alpha spat. With that, he motioned for his rogue goonies to step in. "Teach her some respect."

I loosened my body in preparation to defend myself, before catching the look in my mother's eye. She was trying to warn me to not defend myself, I shook my head no. I have had to establish my strength plenty of times if I let them beat me up the harassment would never stop, and I would rather die then let anyone put their hands on me.

Noticing my aggressive posture the new alpha cut his eyes. I smirked at him as I slid under the first fist, dodging it effortlessly. Turning my full attention to the fight I spun on my heel and kicked the head of one of my assailants. Knocking him out cold, even though I didn't have a wolf, I was stronger than most of those who did. In fact, I was training to be the beta of the pack. I dodged another blow and jabbed a right hook to the second's shoulder before flipping over the thirds head. My small 5-foot height gave me an advantage as I had better agility than the bulky 6-foot frames. Moments later all three wolves lay on the ground unmoving but alive. Panting I stood victorious.

"Let's see you take on me." The new alpha said, more with intrigue than malice. I smiled at the challenge and tilted my head up. Pride swelled within me as I recognized the opportunity to avenge my father.

Screaming I ran towards him, sliding in between his legs before delivering a kick to the back of his knees. I then jumped on his back and wrapped my arms around his neck, just a little more pressure and I could snap his neck. Then he chuckled, the bastard chuckled, before he slung me to the ground onto my back. I growled and thrashed as he pinned me down. He then dipped his nose into my neck, sniffing intently. The action was very intimate as only mates sniffed each other in such a way. It was also oddly, and disconcertingly, erotic for me. Desire pooled within me as I bit back a moan.

"You would make a damn fine Alpha female." He murmured as he brushed a strand of my ash blonde hair out of my face. "There's such a familiar smell to your scent though." He said biting his lip, my hazel eyes darted to them as he made the motion, a small part of me wanted those lips on me. His musky earthy scent drove me wild. He smiled. "You have hunter blood in you."

"What?" I stuttered.

"No wonder so you're so, powerful." He crooned, "Perhaps that's also why your wolf is delayed." He said thoughtfully. "Put her in the dungeon." He called out. Confusion crossed my face. "We can't have you causing me any more trouble." He shrugged.

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