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A long time ago in kingdom where it rains ash and fog never leaves. Where there was once happiness and kindness. Is now nothing but a dark and cold place. Due to a incident that has happened a long time ago. Dealing with Queen Barea, Kadin's mother who is traditionalist. Who enforced the cruel and horrible things that has taken control over the people of her kingdom. Kadin, unlike her mother. She is a open minded person who believes that sometimes traditions are met to be broken. For instance, her mother wants her to be queen. But she does not want to be queen at all. Not only that but growing up as a royal, she was forced to hide her hair and to change her mannerism but she never understood why, until now. As Kadin starts to search for who she is. She unlocks a dark hidden power from within her. That helps her untangles a terrible web of lies that the woman. She was raised to call mother , has been using to control the people of her kingdom. Armed with the truth,Kadin realizes she is the only one who can change her kingdom. By turning the tables on everyone who has harmed someone. With her vengeance from all the pain that her mother has inflected on her. She will end the curse of the crown that supposed to be hers. Even if she has to kill everyone in her way. ---------------------------- Also available on Wattpad.

Fantasy / Horror
Age Rating:


In a vacant room where nothing, but a single bronze embroidered chair stood in a dark and eerie room. As a foreboding lingered. leaving a chill in the air. In the chair, a girl sat with her wrists being attached together behind her back. Her wrists were swollen and red from the rope,that bounds her to the chair.

The girl swiftly moved side to side, hoping that it would move. But it stayed still like it was glued in place. A loud blood curdling scream came from the girls mouth. It only echoed back as tears were pouring down her cheeks.

Her auburn curls clinged to her face as it was damp from her tears that trickled from her checks down onto the collar of her the plain white shirt underneath the shimmery silver metallic paints suit. It had gritty dirt marks on the knees and elbows as if she was dragged and forced onto the chair.

In the far distance, footsteps were heard. They were loud and yet put a bad taste in the girls mouth. She stopped struggling as her eyes reached the door to see what awaited her , for who was yet to come.

The air that had felt cold only worsened the pain in the girls chest as she silently hoped that it wasn't who she thought it was.

But her pleas were not answered as a woman that lived and breathed royalty , her shoulder length ash blonde tussles that framed her heart shaped face. But while her face showed grace and beauty, her silver eyes showed anything but that.

The woman frowned as she saw the girl in her attire, taking long strides towards them.

Before she grabbed the girl roughly by the chin, her tips of her fingers were the only thing that touched her.

"Now tell me, daughter. Why aren't you wearing the dress that I told you to wear. Kadin, you are a female not a male . Males wear suits and Females wear dresses. We've discussed this like a million times darling. It's just the way things are."

Her voice was silky smooth and brought chills down Kadin's spine. She gulped as she kept her tighten her jaw.

"Answer me, girl!"

The woman put more empathized in her tone of voice, showing how agitated she was getting. Then she huffed and let go of Kadin's chin, purposely grazing her nail across the soft tender skin that now started to turn red. Kadin kept her eyes on her mother in order to not get in trouble with her.

Her mother had other plans as she smirked and grabbed Kadin's lower jaw in her hand . Kadin hissed and attempted to pull away, but she had no luck.

Her mother reached into a ruffled pocket on her jade silk dress that was reached down to her knees.

Then her mother pulled out a dagger that nestled into her palm easily. She putted the tip between a open spot in between her fingers. She added a little pressure and Kadin cried out a little and struggled as she felt pain run through her body.

Sightly her mother tightened her grip and said, " Now...either you speak or I will make you bleed. Do you understand?"

"Y-Yes! Mother," she choked out as she kept eye contact with her mother.

"Good girl, now answered my question."

"I didn't want to wear a dress, mother! Pl-please understand."

A bright and welcoming smile reached upon her mother's lip like she was about to praise her daughter but her eyes always gave away her true intentions. She slowly removed the dagger from Kadin's chin and slowly released her face.

Kadin wasted no time to take slow and steady breaths as she watched her every moment and action. Kadin personally has to stay alert with her mother or else who knows what else she could do.

Her mother placed the dagger in her hand down and steadily walked around before she grabbed the chair and slashed across the binds that kept Kadin tied to the chair. Kadin fell on the floor as in the instant that the blade cut through.

"You're lucky, I'm actually in a good mood today. We have a guest over and I need you to behave .Do you understand," she said as she eyed Kadin down, who nodded swiftly not wanting to anger her at all.

She turned around and before she walked out the door Kadim heard her mother say,,"Good, but don't think you are off the hook yet. Now and get changed. I don't want the guest to think that I approve of this little hobby of yours."

Kadin looked down and sighed. As she left, each and every step she took echoed throughout.

Her maids were shuffling around her room as they were trying to pick her outfit out. Dresses upon dresses were being thrown all over the place.

Throughout all of the chaos, one of the maids was crying as she rubbed her chartreuse eyes and as she taken a glimpse of the bruises that Kadin's mother gave her from the little 'talk ' they had.

"My apologies Miss. I should have never suggested that you wear that suit. It's my fault, I just thought that you were just joking around with her being strict towards sticking to traditions. The last princess I worked for, her parents didn't mind if their daughter wore pants. But then again, she had two dads so that would make sense."

"Lyth, first calm down and take a deep breath. Second, it's not your fault that my mom doesn't want to update her views. For the very last time, please don't call me 'miss' you're making me sound older then I am."

"Sorry, Mi-Kadin! Now, let's get you ready. We don't want Queen Barea going off for both incidents," Lyth said as she joined other maids who were all over the place. She went to the closest, merely taking a couple of minutes, before she came back with a maroon dress that was knee length and had a lace shimmery skirt.

"What do you think?" Lyth asked as all the maids stopped what they were doing and looked in awe.

" But I don-"

"Wait, I haven't even shown you the best part about it," Lyth cut in as she lifted up the skirt and showed Kadin a pair of shorts that were hidden well.

" See? Now at least you get to be comfortable."

Kadin smiled and hugged Lyth in such a tight hug that Lyth was gasping for air.

"Thank you so much !"

"Can. You. Please. Let. Go?"

"Sorry," Kadin said as she let go of Lyth and grabbed the outfit from her hands.

"What are you doing, Kadin," Lyth asked in confusion as Kadin held the piece of clothing.

"What do you mean?"

" Kadin, you know-"

"Please let me get dress by myself own this time."


"Please," Kadin pleaded as she started to jump up and down.

"Why, Kadin? I don't understand."

"You've gotten me dressed for as long as the last eighteen years of my life. Can I please just do this myself ? Plus, I'm pretty sure you and the other girls would like a break for a bit? "

"Fine. Karen , Pactrica, Geshia ,Yulle, Opal, Vert, and Willow you are all done today," Lyth said as she looked at the other maids who eyed her curiously, but bowed or currtised as they all left the room in a rather hastily.

That's when Lyth wiped her hands on her skirt and walked back in the closet.

While Lyth was gone, Kadin quickly changed into the horrendous outfit that she truly didn't want to wear all. If she didn't though, she knew the consequences she had to pay for in the end.

Lyth came out with a pair of flat shoes that was made from the same material of dress, but was in inky blotchy color.

"There. Now, all you need to do is put them on and we're set to go,"

A small smile was upon the lips of Lyth as she handed to them to Kadin.Who placed them on the ground and quickly changed into them. The old ones she had on previously, were just kicked under the bed. Which Lyth had decided to not mention it cause of the limited time they had.

"Okay, you are ready. Come on . "


"Yes, Kadin."

"Before we go, I must ask. How is your wife, Ana? You never talk about her anymore."

Lyth was slightly shocked at the question.

" I'm surprised you remembered her. She's sick, Kadin. I'm really worried about her; but you mustn't worry about her. You already have so much on your own to deal with."

"But Lyth-"

" Please understand Kadin, there's only certain things I just don't want to talk about. Now, tell me how do you feel about this 'guest' your meeting."

Kadin frowned and she took a second to calm herself down with steady breaths.

"I still don't understand. Who can be so important that I have to dress like this. Ughh, I hope it's not another potential suitor again," Kadin grumbled as she followed behind Lyth. Who walked out of Kadin's room while sightly giggling .

"Thank goodness, Kadin. Our very special guest is here," Barea said as she had a smiled on her face. She looked at Lyth and grimaced. One that caused the creases on her forehead to unfold showing a little bit of her age.

"What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be off with your wife? " Queen Barea said with a sneer upon her face.

"But your highness, I-"

"I don't care ,you are free to go . Have a good day. Mrs. Pawthon" Queen Barea said as Lyth frowned before she looked at Kadin who mouthed at her with a little smirk, 'I'll tell you about it later'

Lyth nodded her head before she curtsies and said," I hope it goes well, your highness ."

Lyth turned around and walked toward the door that closed behind her with a huge thud.

Queen Barea looked at Kadin and said. " Okay , now that is over I need you on your best behaviour."

"I will mom"

"I mean it, you only have three chances Kadin or else," Queen Barea said.

Kadin quickly readjusted herself before someone knocked on the door and butlers rushed to open it .

A man appeared with a soft face, from the eyebrows to the tip of his chin. He had magenta eyes that stood out from his suit that was monochromatic and stripped across horizontally. He also wore a hat that protected his cardinals locks that sightly tangled at the ends.

He stepped inside as a gush of fog and little specks of what it appeared to be ash came through with him. He coughed and gently brushed off his shoulders

" Mister Farnham, what a pleasure for you to visit us."

"Likewise, Mrs. Moorgray. And who might this be," He said as he moved his gaze to Kadin who was not happy about the ordeal at all and made no attempt to hide it as she didn't make any eye contact with him.

"This is my daughter, Kadin. Kadin, this is Oswald Farnham and he is one of our many allies from the other kingdoms," Queen Barea said as she smiled .

Kadin internally rolled her eyes up in her head. She did not like Oswald at all as he had very narcissistic vibes .

"Nice to meet you, Princess Kadin.That's not a very popular name for the ladies, but I cannot help but realize how astounding you are this evening." He smirked a Kadin as he grabbed her hand to kiss it.

Kadin pulls it away and snarled," Who gave you the right to touch my hand or me at all?"

King Oswald stared at her in disbelief, he frowned and turned to Queen Barea.

"You have a feisty one there," He said as he placed a hand on his hip while he chuckles and twirls around.

Queen Barea looked at Kadin in fury, but Kadin was too busy gagging to see her mother glare. She found it disgusting on how he complimented her and her mother.

"Anyway, as much as I love to flirt with you ladies. I actually have business to talk about here with me."

Kadin stopped gagging and thought to herself, 'why am I here then?' She gripped her hands as she felt nothing but a burning desire in her heart to suddenly punch that ugly smirk off both of their faces. Instead, she breathed in and out.

"Yes, Mister Farnham. Let's go and talk in the throne room , shall we?"

"So, that means I don't have to be here right mother?"

"Of course you have to be there Kadin." Queen Barea gritted her teeth for a bit looking at her daughter.


"Good, lets go."

Queen Barea took long strides ahead of both of them. Both Kaidan and Oswald stared at each other, then Kadin walked ahead of Oswald as she huffed the entire way.

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