The Lost One Draft 2

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There is a war going on in the planet of Cluna Clichi between Moonburgh and Villainsvillas as they are trying to find The Lost One as she can do many things, she could work for the villains or the heroes.

Fantasy / Action
Liya Scriven
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It was a cold, wet winter’s day in Wendall Road, Rusthollow, in Moonburgh, Severa Hunt, was sneaking in the town. The town that Bronze Crow was their leader and of course a role model to those civilians, big and small.

Severa can hear a loud buzzing noise from the earpiece due to her boss trying to talk to her.
Severa knew that it was Tartok, he speaks so loud through the earpiece. She was not impressed with him as she could potentially have her cover blown, by Tartok. Which happens as usual due to his stupidity and the loudness of his irritating voice?

“Severa, are you there?!” Tartok Carter asked her, through a microphone through her left ear.

“Yeah, Tartok, I’m there, keep your voice down. They will GET suspicious of me. Bronze Crow WILL take me down without a fight, YOU and I both know that, Tartok!!” she said to him, quite annoyed with him.

“You have the potion Flask of Pure Deaths with you?!” he asks her.

“Yeah, it’s in my pocket Tartok, do you trust me or not?!” she whispers to him with a question of doubt.

“I do, I trust you the most, you are fast, quiet, and sneaky, of course, this is your mission to kill her, your mission to our victory.” he whispered his explanation to her.

“Tartok, I really have to go, I got a civilian STARING at me, looking AT me suspiciously!!” Severa explains to him in a whisper.

“Severa, be careful, especially around Bronze Crow, she has eyes at the back of her head, as some said to me in the past.” Tartok explains to Severa in a whisper.

“Right, thanks for the info, Tartok, as if I needed to know that!” She whispered so that no one could hear them. Severa already knew that Gementi Frinkley has eyes at the back of her head,

Tartok didn’t sound quite impressed with the last remark, boy, he was about to roar at her. Before he had the chance to do so, Severa had turned off the earpiece. She had magically turned the earpiece into Bronze Crow’s favourite sweet, Geltangy Snaps. Severa detested Geltangy Snaps with a burning passion, they were too sour for her liking.

Severa is also a shapeshifter, like Bronze Crow, she can be in any form, shape and imitate voices and powers. Tartok’s agent Severa has now shifted into Bronze Crow, looks the same as the Bronze Crow, talks the same as her and even have her powers.

“Hello Gementi.” Severa heard a distant voice and instantly recognised the voice as Shrabilio, Bronze Crow’s distant cousin.

“Oh, hello Shrabilio.” Severa said, acting normal, like Bronze Crow would do with the locals so that she could avoid being detected as a Gementi Frinkley/Bronze Crow Imposter.

“I thought that you said that, you were going to bed.” He said with a hint of confusion as he starts to get suspicious about Severa in her Gementi disguise.

“Oh, I, just needed some fresh air, just to clear my head, at my old age.” She said to him calmly. Shrabilio believed her to Severa’s relief.

“At this, time of night, it’s cold Gementi, you should be in your bed, where it’s warm.” He stated to her.

“I could not sleep, I needed some fresh air, when I’m done, I will go back to my room, I promise Shrabilio.” She explained to him.

“Fair enough, Gementi.” He huffed out to Severa with defeat, while Severa was in the disguise of Bronze Crow.

Shabilio was having a quick conversation Severa was getting bored, she had to improvise a plan to leave politely.

“I better be going to bed at my age now.” Severa yawned out to Shrabilio.

“Goodnight, Gementi.”

“Goodnight, Shrabilio.”

Shrabilio walks away, looking quite suspicious at Bronze Crow, unknowingly that it was Severa Hunt, Tartok’s best agent, or so as he seems.

Shrabilio went home to his husband Ortwin. He decided to call Gementi’s nephew Amulius to tell him about his suspicion about his aunt being out so late at night. Which is unusual and unlike Amulius’s aunt?

Amulius had been very concerned from what was deciphered from their phone conversation.
Severa kept walking towards Gementi Frinkley aka Bronze Crow’s house, a tad bit quicker than Bronze Crow’s usual pace for her age.

Before Severa sneaked into Bronze Crow’s bedroom, she made the house soundproof so no one could hear her or Bronze Crow. Severa climbed in the window that was left open for her and went into Bronze Crow’s room without looking like a maniac who wants to kill Bronze Crow for no reason.

Bronze Crow had been awakened the sound of someone walking in her room, she knew it was Severa, her loyal agent, who’s undercover as Tartok’s agent. She isn’t quite the best at being discreet when it comes to climbing windows like Bronze Crow’s windows.

Bronze Crow knew Severa was coming as she had planned to get Severa to kill her today, she couldn’t bear the pain that her illness is causing her.

“Hello Lara, you know that I’m dying, you need to kill me, I only trust you to kill me. I know you will get the job done, and you would want to improve on your discreetness. Especially when it comes to windows like mine.” Bronze Crow said to Severa, addressing her by her real name.

“How did you hear me, boss?!” Severa asked Bronze Crow.

“Who makes a house soundproof, not even my nephew would do that?!” Bronze Crow asks Severa.

“I thought you wouldn’t want the plan to kill you to be exposed, just yet, I thought that it would be easier to make the house soundproof, than have a random eavesdropper lurking in.” Severa explained to Bronze Crow. Bronze Crow realised that Severa had a point, so she didn’t bother her with the soundproofing topic, she wasn’t complaining about it either.

Severa knew about the plan, after all, the plan had been made out by the woman herself.

“I’m glad someone is making the job to kill you easier for a change.” Severa chuckled hysterically, playing along the bad guy facade.

“I’m glad, the pain will be gone forever, let me write the fake letter to my nephew to protect Amulius from the truth about the fake murder, for your own sake. Oh, Lara, sweet little Lara, I’m glad someone like you is going to kill me, and I’ll be in peace once I die.” Bronze Crow said to Severa with pride.

Bronze Crow had started to write her fake death notes for her nephew and finished the fake note within three and a half minutes, per note for her sister’s note, she already had the real note written for her sister that she has to hide from Amulius.

She casts an enchantment that her sister could reveal the truth in her letter.

“So, you’re letting me kill you, is that right, boss?” Severa asked Bronze Crow, just to be sure with Bronze Crow.

“Yes Lara, you know the plan very well, we fight, you win the fight, and you kill me easy-peasy.” Bronze Crow said to Severa with honesty.

“OK, I have a fight scenario, I kill you with the Flask of Pure Death, I have to make your attempted suicide look like a murder scene, if I’m correct, yeah?” Severa said to Bronze Crow.

“Yes, Lara, you planned the staging of my death very well, that’s why I hired you as my undercover agent. You’re clearly an astonishingly good double agent, you think things through of the plans for my death to be. How did you not get caught, with my plans for you to kill me? Tartok has a tight leash on you, after all, you’re his best agent as well as mine.” Bronze Crow said to Severa with praise in her weak voice.

“I learnt from the best boss, even if it means to be a double agent for you.” Severa stated to Bronze Crow, her real boss.

“I taught you well, Lara, just like Tartok taught you well, but I taught you better, by giving you the powers of being a shapeshifter. To be fair, Lara, everyone has been convinced that it was Tartok who did it.” Bronze Crow said to her.

“When are you going to fight me, boss?” Severa asked, Bronze Crow getting impatient.
“Until I say so, have some patience, my little Lara, you’re just like your father Lughaidh.” Bronze Crow said to Severa.

“Did you really have to bring my father into this, boss?!” Severa asked Bronze Crow with annoyance in her voice.

Soon as, Bronze Crow nods her head to the left then nods her head to the right to signal the planned.

In the final battle, Severa knew it was time to fight, time to kill Bronze Crow, her very own boss, as planned.

“It’s on boss.” Severa said to her real boss, Bronze Crow.

Severa and Bronze Crow fought each other as Bronze Crow planned it. Swiftly, Severa had used her combat training as planned, she kicked Bronze Crow in the crotch.

Bronze Crow nearly fell, as she fell, she tripped Severa with her feet and Severa fell on the ground and had a cat fight on the ground, and they both eventually got up off the wooden ground and fought again. Severa used her offence spells to knock down her boss. Gementi used her defence spells to block Severa’s offence spells. Both women were getting tired and limp from fighting each other.

“Lara you have to kill me now, please, I can’t go on and live like this any more, it hurts too much Lara, here’s the spell to kill me. You have to say it like you really want to murder me. Do it quickly please” Bronze Crow begged Severa as she passed the spell to Severa. Severa read the spell twice to make sure she said the spell correctly.

“Before you kill me Lara, it was Tartok who killed your son, not your sister Luna, like the way he brainwashed you to believe about how your son died.” Bronze Crow said to Severa, that’s how she could make Severa furious and instantly kill her as planned, the truth hurts sporadically.

“Don’t BRING my dead son into this, you sick BITCH! CALATOFANOS GRENOS!” Severa said to Bronze Crow.

Bronze Crow suddenly dropped dead on the floor. Severa checked her pulse, she’s officially dead at the scene.

“It was nice knowing you, my boss, I’ll see you once I die.” Severa said in Bronze Crow’s soundproof house.

Bronze Crow had left a quick note for Severa.

Severa, you must keep Tartok away from the lost one, Ozra Sasani, she’s the key to everything, the key to unite everyone, and you know that he only wants her powers to become powerful.
You must keep an eye on her, you have to be invisible as Amulius does not know that you actually worked for me, he’s still convinced that you’re the bad guy. Once Ozra will expose Tartok’s lies about your son, give him the note that I have left for you to read.
Keep Tartok on a leash.

Your Boss, Gementi Frinkley: Bronze Crow.

Severa had shed a quick tear as she wanted to avoid killing Gementi, but unfortunately the poor woman contracted a deadly disease and her health was starting to deteriorate rapidly. Gementi requested Severa to kill her, and it had to be quickly, as she preferred not to die in pain.

Severa did a spell to convince her nephew and everyone that she was poisoned by the Flask of Pure Death. She had disposed the potion in a form of a chocolate bar wrapper to prove to Tartok that the bottle had to be opened. And left it as evidence for her nephew to find as a scent to throw him off.

Once she was done setting up Bronze Crow’s death scene, she quietly sneaked out of the window and vanished back to Villainsvillas. Tartok looked quite astounded, as she didn’t expect to see Severa this fast.

“That was fast, Severa, I need to ask you something.” Tartok asked Severa.

“What do you want? To ask me if Bronze Crow is dead, for your information, yes she’s dead.” Severa answered his question.

“Don’t talk to your boss like that, and yes, I wanted to ask if Bronze Crow, our enemy, was dead.” Tartok lectured Severa for being rude to him.

What Tartok doesn’t know is that Severa is a double agent, and she knows that he killed her son Elm and her husband Drest committed suicide thanks to Tartok’s actions. Severa decides to break the awkward silence between them.

“We should have a toast, don’t you think, Tartok?” Severa asked Tartok eagerly.

“Yes, we should have a toast, now that our enemy’s long gone, we should have a toast for getting our power back.” Tartok said to Severa with a shriek of delight.

“Let’s go to Grankitos Pub, where everyone celebrates, including us, it’s our time to shine, now that Bronze Crow is finally dead at long last.” Severa cheered Tartok on.

Tartok, Severa and all his loyal allies are going to Grankitos Pub, to celebrate the fall of the Bronze Crow, the leader of Moonburgh.

“Boss, do we have a celebration today?” Innocentius the bartender asked Tartok.

“We do Innocentius, we’re celebrating the fall of the Bronze Crow thanks to our loyal agent Severa Hunt, to Severa.” Tartok proposed a toast to Severa’s success in killing the Bronze Crow, even though she wasn’t happy about it. It’s what she wanted, just to ease her pain.

“To SEVERA! To the fall OF the Bronze Crow!” the crowd in the pub cheered, with joy.

“Thank you, guys, it was so easy to kill her, she was asleep and sneaked the Flask of Pure Death in her opened mouth, she was gone like that.” Severa bragged through her lie.

“That’s my girl, quick and painless for that fucking wagon, who fucking deserves to be sliced with machetes, if I had my way.” Tartok praised Severa in succeeding killing Bronze Crow.

They were unaware that Gementi was dying, and she wanted to die before her illness goes any further, causing her more pain.

Severa had plastered a forced smile to celebrate in killing Bronze Crow, her boss, to protect her cover.
Everyone was celebrating until Agrippina Le Doux, Tartok’s loyal, obedient follower, who has this extreme obsession with Tartok even though he’s a married man, has arrived in the pub.

“Oh great, she’s here now” Vena muttered among the customers of the pub with him. They truly despise her for her sadist methods.

“What’s going on here, guys?!” Agrippina asks everyone with a sickly sweet voice to everyone.

“Um... Didn’t you hear Agrippina, Bronze Crow is finally dead, thanks to Severa.” Radobod, Tartok’s second in command, told Agrippina timidly.

Agrippina was livid, jealous of Severa, but she has a sneaky suspicion about her, convinced that she’s a double agent, for the dead Bronze Crow.

“Why her, it should have been me who killed her, not that skanky dimbo.” Agrippina seethed with bitterness in her voice.

“Because, she’s faster and more agile than you, you’re more than likely to blow our cover than Severa would” Hereward said to Agrippina bluntly. Agrippina walked away from the criticism from her allies, who don’t even like her. She walked towards Severa with envy written all over Agrippina’s face.

“You sneaky little bitch, thinking you can get away with being a double agent, working for the dead Bronze Crow.” Agrippina snapped at Severa with jealousy. Everyone was gasping at the accusation that Agrippina assumed about Severa being a double agent. Agrippina is correct, Severa is a double agent for Bronze Crow, so Severa has to lie about being a double agent to protect her cover and everyone in Moonburgh.

“Agrippina, I have no idea what you’re talking about, I’ve been loyal to Tartok, ever since my sister killed my son, you have an unhealthy obsession with our boss even though he’s a married man.” Severa lied through teeth.

“Well I really don’t trust you, you’re one of them, I know you are.” Agrippina seethed with anger.
“OK, alright, whatever you say Agrippina, she did the job, didn’t she? She did, Severa would have the job done better than you.” Hereward.

“Oh fuck off Hereward, I didn’t ask for your opinion, shithead!” Agrippina snapped at Hereward.

“Don’t talk to him like a piece of shit, you skank,” Severa retaliated back to a furious Agrippina.

“Do you want to fight me, you cunt?!” Agrippina asked Severa.

“Really, a pussy like you wants to fight me, once you lose the fight, you cry like a fucking baby, so fuck off you bitch, Radobod.” Severa scolded Agrippina.

“Yes, Severa, what can I help you with?” Radobod asked Severa.

“Escort Agrippina out of the pub, for attempting to ruin the cheerful aura that we have here to her shitty little house, please.” Severa asked Radobod, he obeyed Severa’s order.

“Fuck off you prick, I can leave myself.” Agrippina snapped at Radobod.

Before Agrippina could leave, Severa tripped Agrippina like a petty schoolgirl. Agrippina sent a death glare towards Severa’s direction and left. Everyone went, celebrating the fall of Bronze Crow.

That was a close one for Severa Hunt, the double agent.

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