Battle of Bloodlines: Keeper of La Tecla (The Key) Book Three

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Book 3 of the Keeper of La Tecla (The Key) series is coming soon!

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Doctor Richard Matthews received a call reporting two deaths on the Isle. Appearing within the wall, he sped toward the greenhouse pushing his way through a thick crowd and once standing alongside the Demons guards that created a barrier preventing access inside, he made his medical inquiries.

“What happened? Who are the victims?” he questioned. Leaning in listening to the reports, they revealed a shocking revelation that the Doctor couldn’t accept, “NO…you can’t be serious! Are you sure?!” he objected.

“Yes, Sir. Jonathan Saxon confirmed their identities.” one of the guards replied, solemnly, “Even I, before we sealed it off.” he sighed heavily, closing his eyes wanting to forget the images that haunted his mind.

Matthews ran his hands along his shaved head, shaking it in disbelief. His red Wraith eyes stared at the door seeing faint shimmer in the doorway from the arcane barrier then glanced over his shoulder catching the reactions from other Wraith guards and residents as they too, caught the scent of blood in the air. For the supernaturals, it was intoxicating, dead man’s blood or not. He turned to the guards, inquiring curiously as to found the victims, while ignoring his natural cravings and impulses.

“The witch Katrina discovered Mr. Sheng-su and Beth discovered Lady D.” another guard revealed, “She’s over there. It shook her to the core, Sir and you know nothing shocks that old bird likely.” he pointed to his left; Matthews followed his direction and across the distance between themselves and a cluster of massive trees, sat Beth on a natural stump high enough from the ground to allow her seating.

Matthew pushed his way through the crowd then sped toward the elderly woman, startling her with his sudden appearance and swift breeze. Kneeling in front of her reaching for her hands, they trembled. He looked deep into her pale blue eyes then leaned in comforting her in deep friendship; they had known each other for many-many years. He felt her boney fingers claw into the fabric of his white coat and listened to her genuine sobs.

“Richard…I can’t believe this, I can’t…” she whispered, “I have never seen such…oh god!” she cried, squeezing her eyes shut.

“I know Beth, I know but look at me…look at me…” Matthews’ voice spoke softly as he cupped her frail face in his large hands, “this wasn’t your fault, do you understand? You couldn’t have known this would happen, alright? No one could have foreseen this!”

Beth sniffled and opened her eyes, she studied Matthews’ handsome features, giving a brief nod knowing that his lack of emotions kept him sane and focused. After what she’s seen, the Immortal wished she could easily shut off the emotions that flooded her. Wiping her tears away with a handkerchief, she quickly wiped her tears away.

“Alright, now listen to me…” Matthews continued, “I want you to stay here and no matter what you see or hear, don’t move from this spot!” he instructed, “I’ll have Justin take you back to the hospital.” he received an agreeable now in reply, “Good.” he glanced over his shoulder toward the gate where the sound of vehicles quickly drove through the tunnel and gates; Coroner vans parted ways with one approaching the greenhouse and the other heading toward the human dwelling.

“Go…” Beth sniffled, whispering softly, “I’ll be fine, go!”

Matthews gave her hands a squeeze then sped toward the greenhouse; Beth sighed heavily trying to block out the haunting images of the sight inside.

Returning to the guards, Matthews inquired as his eyes searched the crowd,

“Where’s Yzavela? Has she been notified?”

“We just received word moments ago from the guards at Haysham that she, Erik and Steven have arrived there so it shouldn’t be long now until they receive the news. Nick, Caleb and Wyatt are waiting for them outside the wall with Jonathan.” a guard replied.

“Good. It’s good they have friends breaking the news.” Matthews nodded then turned to the Coroners, “Get inside now and tend to the scene!” he gestured.

The Demon guards stepped aside, dismantling their barriers allowing the medical team inside; they were shocked by the sight before them but pushed aside their thoughts as they quickly covered the woman’s body. Their heavy work boots crunched against shattered glass and clay pottery shards with soil thickening into a sludge-like mud from pooling blood around the victim.

“Bloody hell…” one of the men muttered watching his footing, “poor woman.”

“Shh!” another snapped, “It’s not polite to speak ill of the dead!” he was a very superstitious man with a strong Catholic upbringing.

Matthews watched from outside then turned, hearing Justin’s voice speaking with guards as he approached. The young black man received the news from the long grape-vine of phone calls going around the island.

“Matthews, tell me this isn’t true?” he fretted heavily but Matthews’ expression was his answer, “Oh, bloody hell…this can’t be happening. I mean not to Yza…not again! After Anthony, she wasn’t the same you know, but now this? And her mum? God, I can’t imagine how she’s going to handle this, and then there’s Erik too?”

“Justin…this isn’t easy for any of us and I don’t think anyone here can imagine her reaction to something like this, which is why we all need to prepare for the aftermath of the Hybrid’s rage that’s about to be unleashed and believe me when I say…it’s going to be swift and wrathful.” Matthews finished, placing his hand on Justin’s shoulder.

“And what I’m afraid of.” Justin uttered.

“Justin, we can’t worry about that now. I want you to take Beth back to the hospital, she’s over there by the trees. Can you do that?”

Justin nodded then turned away, pushing himself through the crowd where his longtime girlfriend and Maker Sasha, suddenly appeared. She walked alongside him listening to the shocking news; she gasped in surprise as she held onto him. He comforted her, walking with her in Beth’s direction.

Karma. Retribution. Consequence. It all means the same thing in the end, doesn’t it? Well, it doesn’t matter. I’ve suffered at the hands of karma for too long, it can kiss my ass! I’ve lost my mother, I’ve lost my beloved Anthony and I’ve almost lost myself, but I’m at the edge of throwing it all away for as I stand above my enemy laying at my feet, the voice in my mind asks and taunts,

“Are you sure you want to do this? Think of the consequences.”

“F*ck consequences!” I muttered deeply. I’m a powerful supernatural creature with no limits and I was going to embrace who I was now. Lowering my hand striking my enemy down I finished, “Consequence be damned!”

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