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Battle of Bloodlines: Keeper of La Tecla (The Key) Book Three

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The story continues, finding the Hybrid at war once again but this time, against the vicious Lycynians seeking revenge against her for killing two of their own. Wraiths, Demons and Shayds are ensued in a battle of bloodlines beneath the red moon...

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Doctor Richard Matthews received a call, reporting two death on the island. Lowering the phone on the desk, he closed his eyes clenching his strong jaw then turned away, vanishing quickly. Appearing within the wall, he sped toward the greenhouse pushing his way through the thick crowd gathered outside; residents spotted the Wraith’s white medical coat and parted a path for him. He was met with resistance from the Demon guards that had created a barrier preventing access inside. Looking around scanning the faces of the people behind him, he quickly made his medical inquiries; he listened to the reports from the guards point of views. His red Wraith eyes widened in shock because the revelation was something he did not expect or accept.

“You can’t be serious?! Are you sure?” he objected.

“Dr, Sir…” one of the guards muttered, “Jonathan Saxon confirmed them, even I before the greenhouse was sealed off.” he sighed. Closing his eyes, he wanted to forget the horror of the image that taunted his mind, “And that’s not all.”

“You’re telling me there’s more?!” Matthews fretted arguably.

“Beth discovered Lady D.” another guard whispered.

“Wh…what?” Matthews’ voice cracked.

“She’s over there.” a third Demon pointed across the grounds, “She’s shaken to her very core and you know nothing shocks the old-girl likely.”

“And who discovered Erik’s father, Hiromi?”

“The Witch, Katrina Moore.” a fourth guard replied, “She’s at the mortal dwelling giving her report which from what we’ve heard from the guards over there, the scene is very much like this one. Leonus and Derek are over there now, keeping the situation manageable.”

“Manageable. Right.” Matthews grumbled in complaint, “The last thing we need is that bulk of a Scotsman taking control of the situation.” he turned, walking in Beth’s direction; the older woman sat on a tree stump high enough to place her bum upon. Kneeling in front of her, he reached for her hands that trembled. Looking deep into her pale eyes, he leaned in for a comforting embrace of friendship. Feeling her bony fingers claw into the fabric of his white coat, he listened to her genuine sobs.

“Richard, I can’t believe this, I just can’t.” she whispered, “And I have never seen anything like that in all my immortal years.” she cried, squeezing her eyes shut.

“I know, but look at me…” Matthews pulled away gently. Cupping her face in his hands, he whispered softly, “You couldn’t have prevented this, even if you could. No one could.” he pulled his hands away, sitting next to her on the grass, not caring about staining his coat with a splash of green. Rubbing his hands across his shaved head, he glanced at the sky that begun changing as clouds slowly rolled in, “I can’t believe this is happening. Again.”

Beth sniffled, glancing down at the black man. Knowing his lack of emotions kept him sane and focused, she wished she could easily shut off the emotions flooding her and lock away the memories. Wiping her tears away with a handkerchief, she asked about Yzavela.

“I don’t know how she’s going to handle this.” Mathews slurred, looking at Beth, “Listen.” he pushed himself into a kneeling position in front of her once more, “I want you to stay here, I’ll have Justin take you back to your clinic, alright?” he instructed, “Get some rest and drink some of that awful tea of yours too, hmm?” he grinned, placing a hand on her small and frail shoulder. Receiving a nod, he stood then veered toward the gates where medical vans quickly drove through the tunnel parting in the different directions, “The Coroners are here, I have to go.”

“Go, it’s alright.” Beth urged, “I’ll be fine, go!”

Matthews leaned in, giving Beth a quick kiss on the head then sped back to the greenhouse pushing his way through once more. Standing around with the gathered guards, he made his inquiries about the Hybrid’s whereabouts, wondering if she had been notified.

“We just received word moments ago that she returned to the island with Erik and Steven, so I don’t think it’ll be too long before they hear the news. Nick, Caleb and Wyatt will be there waiting for on the wall with Jonathan too.” a guard replied, “Figured they could use all the friends they have to help them accept the news, you know?” he shrugged.

“Good, that’s good. They needs friends right now, that’s good.” Matthews nodded then turned to the Coroners, “Get inside now and tend to that scene, make sure the woman’s body is covered properly and with respect.” he gestured inside.

Demons stepped aside, dismantling their barriers allowing the medical team inside. The men and women were shocked by the sight before them but pushing aside their own thoughts, they covered Lady D’s body; their heavy work boots crunched against shattered glass and clay pottery and almost slipped on the soil mixing with the blood pooling around the body. It created an unsightly thick sludge-like black goo.

“Bloody hell, poor woman.” one of the men muttered.

“Shh!” another hissed, “It’s not polite to speak ill of the dead!” he gave himself the sign of the cross, in honor of his strict Catholic upbringing.

“Hurry up!” Matthews ordered from the doorway then he turned hearing Justin’s voice approach. The young black man was fulfilling other guard duties when he received the call on the long grape-vine of phone calls that spread across the island, “Ah, just the Wraith I was looking for!” Matthews greeted, placing a hand on Justin’s shoulder.

“Tell me it’s not true, mate?!” Justin fretted. Seeing the look on the Matthews’ face was the only answer he ever needed, “Oh sh*t, this can’t be happening! I mean, not to Yzavela, not again. After Anthony she wasn’t the same you know but now her mum? God, I can’t imagine how she’s going to handle this, and now there’s Erik too, what’re we going to do?”

“I need you to take Beth back to her clinic, make sure she settles in.” Matthews instructed, gesturing toward the tree stump where the woman still sat. From his point of view, she looked like a lost soul just glancing around, “And there’s no sense in wondering about Yza’s reaction, I’m sure we’ll all find out soon enough, no go! Get her out of here so she doesn’t have to witness any more tragedy.”

“That’s what I’m afraid, mate. Yza’s wrath.” Justin held his head low, slurring his words. Giving Matthews a nod, he turned pushing his way through the crowd; his girlfriend Sasha appeared, walking alongside him after hearing the shocking news. Justin looked at her, feeling her hands grasping his arm. Wrapping his arm around her waist he gave her a quick kiss to the cheek, “I know love, I know I can’t either but right now, I have to take Beth back to her clinic and since you’re here, do you think you can stay with her?”

“Sure.” Sasha nodded, “Of course, you know how much I love hanging around older people.

“Worried their age will rub off on you?” Justin chuckles.

Sasha rolled her eyes, nudging him gently.

“Mm-hmm, nice try.” she smiles.

Approaching Beth, both Justin and Sasha placed their hands on the woman’s shoulders, causing her to jump in place from their sudden touch.

“Sorry, love…didn’t mean to scare you.” Justin held his hands up, “Matthews sent me to help you.”

“Beth, would you like me to make you some of that god awful tea that you love so much?” Sasha knelt in front of her.

Beth looked upon the young woman; her smooth black skin glistened from the sun due to her body soils and lotions. Giving a faint nod, she clasped Sasha’s hands.

Justin leaned in, teleporting both of them and himself to the hospital, appearing outside Beth’s clinic.

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