Sadly Happy In Love

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A collection of sad love stories. This book is only book one of my Improv writing sessions.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

This is a story about love.

Once upon a time, there was a girl.
The girl was no princess, and she lived in the lowest tower.
She was the most beautiful non-princess to ever live in the lowest tower.
But the girl was sad, she was so very sad. That every night the girl cried herself to sleep. Every single night, without missing a night, she would cry and cry herself to sleep until it quickly filled up her little low tower.
"I am so sad" She cried out to the grass. For her tower was so low, it was the only thing she could see. The girl had never seen the stars, the sun, the clouds. Only dirt. Dirt, and grass, bugs and creatures.
These were the girls only friends. As the years carried on and the girls tears continued to flow like a river from her eyes, a very special thing happened. The girls tears started to become the very life source of the land she lived upon.
Mother nature herself became dependent on the girls tears. After awhile the girl noticed that rain stopped visiting. Instead it was replaced by the girls tears. And oh, how the grass did grow tall. And all the bugs, and creatures of the tall grass were gifted a pond, and water supply. All from the very sad girls tears.
"The only use I serve to this earth is my tears. I must keep crying, for i do not deserve to be happy. If I ever were to stop crying, the creatures of this land would have no water, the grass would grow no taller. I would ruin everything."
And so she cried.
And she cried.
And cried.
She cried until her sadness was a mystery for her. She cried until she could not thing of another thing to cry about. She cried until the tears from her eyes felt like sharp little blades cutting her across her soft cheeks.
For she had no reason to keep her promise to the grass, bugs, and creatures of the land. But she did. They needed her. For once in the girls life she was needed. She was depended upon, something had wanted her. They loved her. The girl was loved. And she loved them too.
For the first time in all her years, the girl was... happy.
But she knew that she could not stay this way. No. For that was not the love she needed to give the ones who needed her. She needed to remain sad.
"Why must I cry tears of sorrow? I am joyful, I can rejoice in the presence of a lover. I love you grass, I love you dirt, I love you bugs, and I love you creatures. You are mine and I am yours, always."
With those words, the girl cried out the loudest cry she ever did cry in her whole life. From that day on her tears were ones of joy. Not that the grass, or the dirt, or the bugs or the creatures noticed the difference. But she did, and it meant the world to her.
So there she stayed, crying till the end of her days.

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