CODEX Part 1: The Story of The Commander

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Watch and Regret

When they got to her apartment, Luke was just walking out of his, dressed for a fun day outside. It was quite a shock to see two strange guys walking from the elevator down the hall, one of them carrying Zoe on his shoulder like something petty.

Luke's eyes widened when the two strangers passed him, Zoe's unconscious body moving along with the one carrying it.

Ezekiel was first to glance at the human over his shoulder and wave awkwardly. Luke swallowed nervously and waved back before he ran back into his apartment and leaned against the door, thinking about what he just saw.

“What? I thought you left already,” Mark mumbled, laying around, eating snacks and watching TV.

“I think I saw something that I shouldn’t have,” Luke gasped.

He was already imagining the whole scenario. Luke had seen movies with gangsters, most of the collateral victims ending up in a pit in the suburbs.

"They're going to come after me," the boy whispered, shivering at the scenario he created in his mind.

Mark shook his head and turned back to his movie. His friend was such an air head if he thought his life was meaningful.

The truth was completely different and probably disappointing. Eneizar threw Zoe on the bed as soon as they entered her room. He walked out quickly and sat on the couch, getting quite comfortable after what just happened. Ezekiel was standing by Zoe’s side, speechless yet with a lot of thoughts he wanted to express into words.

From Ezekiel’s point of view, she was really lucky. Zoe could see ghosts, demons and God knows what; she was the child of the Devil and she had a big destiny already planned by the Gods. Of course, she wasn’t able to socialise well with normal people and she had a boring personality; she was weak as a human and without her experience with dark creatures she wouldn’t have created her web series. Overall, Zoe was no one without her gift.

Therefore, Ezekiel was jealous.

She didn’t want anything she had and she called her gift a curse. It was only something she got by true coincidence; it could have been anyone, in the end. It could have been him. He was interested in spirits and he read a lot about Heaven and Hell. Ezekiel was a better choice than Zoe.

"Why did they choose you?" Ezekiel whispered, looking at Zoe's sleeping face.

In the living room, Eneizar tensed when he felt a trail of hatred run through the apartment, stopping in front of the bedroom.

“I smell jealousy,” a low and husky voice sung happily.

Eneizar rolled his eyes and laid back his head so he could look at the intruder. Even if the trail was leading to Ezekiel, the demon was leaning against the window with his arms folded in front of his chest.

“You better have a good reason to come here. You’re going to turn these two upside down and I’m not sure I want to solve any problems just yet,” the vanity demon commented, yet didn’t move an inch.

“Isn’t that exciting?” the same voice responded.

Eneizar laughed, moving only to get the soda can from the table. Having a demon like him around was better than having dark fairies. Having an angst demon would only make everything better.

“The hole must have become larger,” Eneizar continued, watching the angst demon pass the couch towards the bedroom.

“More and more. Soon enough, the Commander will have to return and take responsibility,” the angst demon sung, contently spinning so that he could face the door to Zoe’s room.

Eneizar glanced at Zoe’s room as well. The door wasn’t closed, so he could see Ezekiel staring with a mix of jealousy and worry at her.

“We should make a move already. She’s not allowed to learn anything yet so it’s easy to manipulate her,” Eneizar commented while keeping his eyes set on the human boy.

The angst demon raised an eyebrow and turned towards Eneizar.

“So Mehrdir didn’t tell her anything?” The two demons hummed. “What does she know, anyway?” the angst demons asked the older one.

“Why don’t you check it out yourself?”

Ezekiel’s jealousy became more prominent when the door to the room opened wider. He couldn’t see the demon but the demon could see Ezekiel clearly and he could induce more jealousy and anger into him. The human shivered when he felt someone touch his shoulder; the hair on the back of his neck got up and he froze. He was afraid to look over his shoulder, scared that there might actually be something horrendous.

Around the same time the demon entered the room, Zoe stirred, waking up. Her head was pounding and her forehead stung. It was a weird feeling. Besides, she knew she got possessed. It was a unique experience and she didn’t want to go through it again.

Zoe’s eyes moved around the room in order to realize if it was hers or if she was still at Chris’s. Fortunately, she was home. She narrowed her eyes when she noticed Ezekiel standing beside her bed with a blank look on his face. He was probably having an inner battle or something. She was ready to get up when her head snapped back to Ezekiel; more exactly, to the entity behind Ezekiel.

“Who the heck are you?” she asked, though her throat was sore.

Ezekiel was aware that something bad was going on in the room, he could feel it in his bones. Zoe sighed and grabbed his hand. Once she pulled Ezekiel on the bed, the demon flinched and took a step back. The envy diminished to a normal level and Ezekiel started to feel guilty.

“Stupid human,” the angst demon spat, glaring at her with malice.

“Is that your name?” Zoe spat back with the same amount of smart ass as Ezekiel when they first met.

Unfortunately, Ezekiel wasn’t able to see the reaction but he wasn’t missing much, anyway.

“You have some courage, I’ll give you that, but you’re powerless in front of me, Zoe.” The demon smirked cockily and glanced at Ezekiel. Her grip tightened around him which made the human get closer to her. “You can’t save anyone. You can only watch and regret your decisions for the rest of your life.” He chuckled evilly before he disappeared.

Ezekiel didn’t know what happened but he could hear Eneizar laugh bemusedly in the living room. At least he was still around.

“You’re making her life harder, Iaosur!” the vanity demon shouted before he stuffed his face with the nuts left on the table.

“Who was that and why did IT come here?”

Eneizar’s eyes widened a little when he heard the cute nickname she gave him.

“The IT is actually still around,” he started, watching her with a smirk in his pale face. “He can play with your emotions, Zoe. I wouldn’t get on his bad side so soon if I were you.”

She didn’t even flinch or feel remotely threatened. Eneizar wasn’t sure if she was really stupid or just got used to being around demons.

“Then IT should come and say that to my face instead of using you or Ezekiel. Isn’t that right?”

She looked straight at the human when she asked that, unconsciously forcing Ezekiel to agree and nod slowly. It was all right to see her fight verbally with Eneizar because he could see them both but the other one, Ezekiel could only feel it in some weird way. It was like a sudden hatred and malice ran through his body, surprising him of his own thoughts.

Since the angst demon got encouraged, he followed Zoe’s request, coming like a dark mist and engulfing Ezekiel. The human realised he couldn’t move and felt that evil touch on his shoulder again. It was really weird and it felt like someone was pushing him out of his body.

“I think he’s here,” Ezekiel whispered.

Zoe’s head turned quickly to her acquaintance and she froze. Ezekiel’s eyes were moving chaotically and his legs were slowly giving up. She turned helplessly to Eneizar, who was watching with interest.

“Tell him to stop,” she urged the vanity demon.

Eneizar started to chuckle. He wasn’t going to move a finger for her.

“It’s your fault. You make him stop.” He winked and got out of there.

Ezekiel was getting worse. His body was trembling and the irises in his eyes disappeared completely. She didn’t know how to make it stop; she was only human.

“Stop it,” Zoe repeated, but nothing happened.

She was getting really scared. The view was taken from a bad horror movie about exorcism. It was really bad. She didn’t know what to do and she was seriously feeling like crying. It had never happened before; she was defenceless in front of a demon. Maybe she got too accustomed to having Mehrdir get her in trouble but also help her out when she needed him the most.

She had nothing better in mind and she simply touched Ezekiel, trying to calm down and reassure him that she wasn’t going to leave him alone. Much like before, when she touched his arm the demon got thrown into the window and smashed it to pieces.

The demon was visible, at least to her. The IT was short compared to Eneizar and Mehrdir. He looked more like a teenager than the rest, even younger than Ezekiel. What struck Zoe were his blue eyes and dark hair and the way he was dressed: he wore designer clothes and accessories but his shoes looked like they were from the 20th Century.

After he regained his powerful and almighty behaviour, the demon glanced at the window, making it brand new with the flick of his finger. He raised an eyebrow and turned to her. He took a few steps towards her before he started to laugh.

“You!” He hit her forehead with his finger. “You have potential.” He actually seemed quite happy saying that, maybe even excited.

Zoe was perplexed. Did he think possessing people was a joke?

“Are you the one who possessed me too?” she hissed, anger building up after such a scare.

The demon only tilted his head to the side and frowned.

"Who would possess you?"

"What-" He disappeared before she could say anything else.

Ezekiel fainted once the IT let go of him. He wasn’t able to do much, let alone walk. She couldn’t drag him to her room so she brought a pillow and a cover for him. He was sleeping peacefully in an empty living room and thankfully, she couldn’t feel any dark force around. A big plus was the window that magically repaired itself.

Zoe couldn’t go into her room and work after she witnessed that. She grabbed her equipment and moved to the living room, got comfortable on the ground as close as possible to the boy, and started her work. She was glancing from time to time at Ezekiel, just to be sure he was all right. Chris’s uncle didn’t even know how right he was about Ezekiel and the way he would absentmindedly get into trouble. At the same time, it was comforting having someone alive around.

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