CODEX Part 1: The Story of The Commander

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Romeo and Juliet

“Maybe I should search for someone. No one around her seems to have any idea what she can do.” Iaosur mumbled, leaning against the wall next to the door to the kitchen.

Eneizar was facing him thus having his back turned to Zoe. He could hear her steady breathing so he knew for sure if she was eavesdropping or sleeping.

“That human, Ezekiel, has a few ideas. He’s not very bright and definitely inexperienced but his desire to know her more is making her want to raise her self awareness.” Eneizar whispered back.

“It would’ve been easier if Mehrdir wasn’t such a secretive arse. Why didn’t he tell her the basics at least? I’ve been sent here for a reason and so have you. We’re not here to raise her into the commander.” Iaosur hissed, glancing at the sleeping woman with suspicion.

“It was his mistake. Now that Mammon is keeping him busy, we can create the weapon we need not this-” Eneizar stopped and turned to look at the human with annoyance, “She’s a weakling at this point.”

“If she keeps it up, she’ll end up like the others and we both know Beelzebub has other plans. At least Lucifer didn’t threaten your status if you didn’t want to come.”

“He didn’t have to. I’m here because I have my own curiosities.” Eneizar answered coolly but Iaosur sensed a slight change, tremor even, in his being. It was interest and demons were not allowed to show any special interest in a human.

The two demons left shortly after they heard Zoe wake up. With Iaosur and Eneizar gone, she could finally breathe in an empty house. She had the apartment for herself for the rest of the day and she could finally take a bath without being scared that someone could barge in. Zoe was ready to get in the bathtub and relax for a while when the bell rang. She ignored it once, twice, but that person was very stubborn. She had no choice but to grab the towel and get out.

“What?” She almost growled at the intruder.

On the other side was Mark who had a wide smile spread on his face, making her powerless in front of his optimism.

“Is there something urgent that I need to know?” Zoe continued in a softer tone as she opened the door wider for the guy to enter.

Mark looked around her place, throwing an eye here and there. He noticed a few differences from last time; for example, there was a pillow on the couch and the living looked messier than before; the atmosphere overall was different and a bit tense.

“I, Luke and a few friends want to go camping this week,” Mark started, his eyes still wandering her living room.

She was in nothing but a robe and she was craving for that warm bath. Zoe’s mind was anywhere but a camping trip.

“And?” Her tone wasn’t optimistic for what he wanted to ask her.

“Well you see, we are all guys. Luke asked a friend to come and she said she will if she won’t be the only girl. So I’m asking you since we are neighbors and everything.”

She blinked slowly and registered what he told her. When she finally realized what he was saying, her eyes widened.

“You’re asking me to go camping with a group of strangers?” She asked slowly, trying to assure herself that she heard right. There were a lot of theories as to why that was a dangerous thing.

“You know me and Luke.” The boy added, looking at her with wide eyes, urging her subtly to go along. “I noticed you don’t go out much so I just-you know, we just want to get to know you better.”

“Yeah, it seems that’s what everyone does these days,” Zoe muttered to herself, feeling annoyed by the unwanted attention.

But the positive man could not accept a negative answer so he walked further into the house and sat on the couch, looking up at her with a lot of newfound bravery.

“We’re going to Scotland and we’ll sleep outside and experience life in nature. We’ll have a campfire and sing songs and play and-” sensing how there was definitely someone else coming by with how many mugs were on the coffee table and the former sight Luke saw with two men carrying her home, Mark took another turn, “You can ask your boyfriend if he wants to come too.”

Zoe scoffed immediately but did think about how she could turn it into her favor.

“I don’t have a boyfriend but can I bring a friend?”

Mark nodded, anything just to get her to come.

“Our friends aren’t from university but you will definitely like them. They’re fun.” He assured her before he got up with a content smile and sparkling eyes.

She didn’t ask more because it wasn’t her business. Mark left once he received the answer he wanted and Zoe could finally have her long awaited bath.

Spending time in water, with her head lying back and hands resting on the sides of the tub, it felt heavenly. Zoe could finally hear her heart beats and think to herself without background noise. She closed her eyes and smiled when she thought how Mark included her into his plans. It was nice to have someone think about you, which turned her towards Ezekiel. Even if he was doing it to catch a glimpse of the underworld or for amusement, he was like a flee constantly coming back to the light, blindingly hitting it head first. Making this comparison, Zoe chuckled to herself.

The bath was cut short when her stomach rumbled. She changed and dried her hair quickly but there was nothing to eat in her fridge thus she had to go groceries shopping.

On the way back, she didn’t even glance at the wall; she was far too busy to care about that. She wanted to give the news to Ezekiel, since he was going to be her plus one in the trip but she forgot to ask for any type of personal contact information.

Unfortunately, Ezekiel didn’t come over in the next few days either but Zoe couldn’t say she felt lonely because Mark dropped a few times to tell her more about their plans. She didn’t even notice the absent demons and ghosts but the dark fairies returned. They were messing around, like always but it didn’t interrupt the peace.

“That guy that’s been coming around lately,” one dark fairy started. She was in her fairy form and was standing lazily on her desk.

“What about him?” Zoe was a bit preoccupied by work; she had to correct her latest chapter and send it to Alec before the trip. She had to place the dialogue and it was harder than it sounded because she had to be careful and keep in line.

“Is he your boyfriend?”

That definitely surprised Zoe, making her cross the line and have to redo that part. She took a few deep breaths before she started again.That subject was very touchy ever since high school and it wasn’t only Terrance’s fault.

“No. He is my neighbor.”

The fairy tilted her head to the side and raised an eyebrow.

“He looks like a dinosaur.” Her comment amused Zoe very much.

She couldn’t deny that. His face was long and he had huge eyes. She was sure he was the opposite of Mehrdir in absolutely everything. Mark’s style was a mix of stylish and hip-hop, which was weird but he was able to pull it off. But looks weren’t what mattered because Mark was a kind person and she was thankful to him. He did something that no one had done in a while: include her in his plans, even if it was just a coincidence.

“You’re enjoying his company too much.” The fairy continued.

“I do, yes. I like talking to him. It makes me feel normal.”

The fairy frowned and walked in front of her. While Zoe was working on her laptop, the little girl was standing between her hands, looking up with bright eyes.

“But you’re not normal, Zoe. What if something happens in this trip? You know how demons are,”

Zoe sighed and decided to postpone her work for a few hours. She rubbed her eyes and walked in the kitchen, the fairy following her.

“I’m serious!”

“Is that why you left when Eneizar and the others appeared?” Zoe asked, turning to the small girly fairy. Her eyes were green, hair was blue and she looked like a cicada with human features.

“Look, Zoe. You-“

The doorbell rang and Zoe walked right last the fairy, ignoring whatever she wanted to say.


It was night and she wasn’t expecting anyone. Well, maybe she was expecting Ezekiel since he hasn’t given a sign in a few days but no one else.

“Hey. Am I interrupting your work? I just wanted to tell you that our friends will come and get us tomorrow morning at 6 sharp. So, tell your friend and pack.”

Mark was like a gust of fresh air. He was a normal guy with normal friends and normal interests. She shook her head and let him in, his fluffy, messy pink hair being like a colorful break from beige and white.

“Oh, alright. Thanks for telling me. I will inform my friend too when I’ll get in touch with him.” She thanked him with a soft smile.

Mark didn’t know just how much that trip meant for Zoe so he brushed her gratefulness as something trivial.

“So, how is it going?”

The only thing they have been talking about for the last week was the trip. He really wanted to know more about her but she didn’t seem to do anything but work.

“Well, I have to finish a new chapter and it’s been hard. I need a dialogue that won’t sound emotionless.” She responded tiredly.

Mark’s big eyes were staring at her with a mix of nervousness and happiness. He was glowing with positivism and she couldn’t help but feel threatened, in some strange way.

“Would you like to help me with it?” She asked him, trying to indulge for a few more hours into his blinding attitude.

That was definitely what he was waiting for; the magic words.

Since Mark knew how to draw, it made everything easier. She finished contouring in no time and the dialogue was the only part left.

“Well, he’s saying good bye, right?”

Somehow, they ended up on the ground, in the living room. They had a lot of papers around them and incomplete spaces in the script.

“He’s the hero so I don’t know how to make it believable. I mean, he wouldn’t just say good bye and leave. But at the same time, I don’t want it to be cheesy.” She whined, biting on the pen in concentration.

“Hasta la vista, baby.” Mark started in an Arnold Schwarzenegger poor imitation.

They stared at each other blankly before they started to laugh loudly. That was not going to be in the script but the way he said it made it really funny.

“There must be something. Tell me the plot of this chapter, again.” He said after he calmed down.

“Well, Gregorian is a fallen angel and he became very close to his companions from Earth. He has to leave because Heaven needs him but he has to die in order to get there. He can’t commit suicide because he won’t go up there. He needs to be killed and the girl he fell in love with does that. She shots him.”

Zoe explained before she looked up and tilted her head to the side in curiosity. She wasn’t necessarily looking at Mark; her attention was caught between the human and the two fairies behind him who were enacting a love scene. He couldn’t hear them but she could.

“Romeo Mark, thank you for appearing before me; a humble and weak human.”

The female fairy was on the backrest while the male fairy was on the armchair.

“Juliet Zoe, I would do anything for you. I promise I will save you from the wrath of demons with my scarily bright and wide smile!”

She raised an eyebrow and leaned more to the side to watch the two. Juliet Zoe rubbed her hands together and got on her feet.

“Will you catch me if I fall?”

“I will catch you with my dinosaur strength and my awesome dancing moves!”

Zoe snorted when the male fairy did a back walking dance. That grabbed Mark’s attention.

“Is there something wrong?” He asked, thinking that he might have made a mistake without knowing.

“Hm? No, everything is fine. I’m just thinking what to add to the script.” Zoe lied, her eyes never leaving the spot on the armchair.

“Now, jump Juliet Zoe!” The female fairy did jump but he didn’t catch her. She glared at him and punched him in the arm. Actually, she punched him so hard that he fell off the armchair. “No! I’m drowning!”

“No! Jack! Come back! There’s room for two on this armchair! Even if you didn’t catch me, I still can’t live without that bright and wide smile of yours and your dinosaur face!”

Zoe bit the inside of her cheek and continued to watch them.

“The water! The water is freezing!” He gasped heavily. It did sound like he was chocking.

“What water?” Zoe mumbled as she stretched and leaned back.

“Good bye, cruel world! Good bye and see you in the afterlife!”

“See you in the afterlife…” She repeated his words, getting an idea.

Somehow, Mark ended up helping Zoe a lot. The fairies were still playing around but they weren’t interfering with smartass comebacks or tricks. Obviously, they weren’t Mehrdir or Eneizar.

“Finished!” Mark exclaimed before he threw his hands in the air in victory which caused a bad cracking noise. He groaned when he felt pain in his lower back. “Finally we can do something else.” Her head snapped to him when he said that. His eyes widened and he started to ramble, suddenly feeling very embarrassed. “Not that helping you finish the chapter wasn’t nice, because it was, but it was also tiring,” He decided to shut up since nothing he was saying was going to save his ass.

But Zoe was too content to care. She moved everything in her room and turned back to Mark a few minutes later.

“But really, where did that come from? The names and the adventures are very detailed.” Mark changed the subject quickly.

Zoe didn’t have time to respond because the fairies sat in between the two and interrupted her.

“She actually lives a contradictory life.”

The female fairy nodded as her Romeo friend was talking.

“She has a lot on her plate. You better check the ground before you try something, human.”

They were surprisingly talkative after they just returned from who knows where. Zoe really missed the companionship but she didn’t miss their traits; dark fairies were always making fun of someone or some kind of disaster in the back.

“My parents were strict and I usually had to play by myself. I had imaginary friends for a while and I was scared to make real friends. I was scared that they would disappoint me. In some way or another, I did go through those adventures in Fallen but they weren’t supernatural; they were inside my mind.” She got to explain before the fairies could interfere again.

Mark watched her shift on her seat uncomfortably and thought of something to say, something reassuring.

“Well, now you have good friends. You have me and Luke and you will meet the others too. I assure you, Zoe. That won’t happen again. I don’t disappoint my friends.”

His encouragement was nice but he had no idea what her life was like. Reassurances were not genuine in the world she lived in.

“Woa, woa. Romeo, don’t try the smooth talk. You have to wait in line.”

Zoe raised an eyebrow at the tone the male fairy used, though Mark couldn’t hear him. What was that supposed to mean? The fairies glanced at each other and nodded, coming to an agreement.

“She has three more aspirants for that title.” The female fairy started, making Zoe frown in confusion, “The lover title, remember? Someone to take care of you and understand your needs and blah, blah, blah,”

Mark was curious what Zoe was thinking about when he saw how quick her expression changed. She had moments when she was spacing out completely and it happened twice while they were working.

He couldn’t hear the Romeo fairy when he shared his opinion on the lover matter, “You don’t have to worry. Demons always win against humans.” That conversation went into a weird direction. “I bet on Eneizar. He has the charms. Or maybe Mehrdir. You do miss him.”

The female fairy was having different thoughts, “I bet on a human. She can take him to Hell with her.”

Zoe glared and slapped her hand against the back of the couch, squishing the fairies under her palm.

“Are you alright? Maybe I should go. You must be tired.”

Zoe turned quickly to Mark who was getting ready to leave. She did it again and became more interested in the supernatural than what was there, visible to everyone and everything and more real than a demon or a fairy.

“It’s fine.” She added quickly, blushing when she realized how weird it was. He chuckled and ruffled her hair, like she was a puppy; which she was in his opinion, a lonely puppy.

“It’s ok. Tomorrow we have a big day. We should go rest.” He smiled softly and left.

Zoe was sure Mark wasn’t going to disappoint her as a friend instead, she was more scared that she was going to be the one to disappoint him.

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