Another End

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What happens when Liam Sangpur Alpha of the Primus Pack is challenged by Alpha Markus for his chosen Luna, Eleonora. Eleonora is nothing else than Markus true mate. And after eight years she ran away from him he wants her back, but why now? Is it only a coincidence that Anna-Lynn, Liam true mate he had rejected a long time ago, reappears in the same time? Who knows what is planned for them? Who is really leading that dangerous game ?

Fantasy / Romance
Lilly Leopard
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Today is the day where everything can happen and I’m afraid not for the best. I have been challenged by another alpha for my mate. My chosen mate, his true mate... I met her when she ran away from him and his brutality. The first time I saw her, I knew she was the one for me, my Nora (short for Eleonora), my true luna. 8 years later, I can’t be happier with my life. I totally and irrevocably in love with her and she gave me a beautiful son 6 years ago.

I’m Liam Sangpur and I’m the alpha of one of the biggest packs in the world – Primus pack. My family comes from the first werewolf which makes me and my wolf stronger than any other werewolf. My life was perfect until two weeks ago when I was challenged by Markus, Alpha of the Tenebris pack. In Fact, I was happy that he challenged me because I really wanted to avenge Nora for all the abuses he put her thought. I just didn’t understand why he waited so long to ask her back. It makes no sense why he waited so long when it was never a secret she was in my pack. Again Why now?

I’m not afraid of him like I say before I’m one of the strongest wolf if not the stronger in all the werewolf community. Well normally I’m stronger than him but 3 days ago I got sick. In the beginning, I thought that I got poisoned with wolfsbane but the doctor didn’t find any trace in my blood and he has no idea what’s wrong. I even avoid too many contacts with Nora and Tom (my son) just in case. And Today is the day of the fight but I can’t fight in my state and something tells me that Markus will refuse to report the fight so I don’t have another choice to withdraw it because of my shape and accept his conditions. I hope I will not lose Nora. I can lose anything except her. I will die knowing she has to leave with that monster! I can’t imagine not waking up every day with her in my arms.

Fucking stupid mate! What about mine you may ask. I rejected her a long time ago. She was, is, my beta’s little sister. She was one of the most beautiful girls I have never see... A shame for her family and our pack, she is coming to form a strong bloodline but she doesn’t have a wolf and she never will. Nobody understood how this happened. My parents were really sorry for her family when the doctors discovered that her disability was permanent. Anyway, how can I have a mate like that, even my wolf agreed with the fact that I had to reject her. Come on, I am the most powerful Alpha, what the others packs would have to think if I had a weak Luna by my side. She accepted the rejection easily (how can she not expected this for sure she was ready for this to happen). She moved to the opposite side of the country for her studies and she never came back since. I don’t even know when was the last time I saw her. Few weeks after the rejection? How old is she now? 25...I think. Is she always that beautiful? Personally I think the Mood Goddess gifted her with beauty to compensate the fact she doesn’t receive a wolf spirit. For sure she is leaving with a human where she belongs. This is a good thing that-

Knock, Knock, Knock.

“Liam, my love, it’s time. “ Nora says opening the door. “Are you ready? How do you feel?”

“Hey, I feel better” I lied but she knows me and she sees right away thought my lies. “No worries, I will find a solution, I will do anything for you baby.”

“I love you so much I can’t lose you.”

I know my neither. How are you? Are you ready to face him again?”

”No, I’m not... I was hoping to never see him again. I’m afraid this meeting will wake up my old demons ”she told me with tears in her eyes.

“Hey, listen to me. I’m here and he will have to kill me and all the pack before he puts his hands on you again.”

“You’re right and as long as you are by my side I can go through this.”

“Let’s go then.”

Here goes nothing.

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