Dog Cake

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I live in a fine bakery. Nothing big, really but to me it's home. Hi. I'm Pancake. A hairless Chihuahua.

Fantasy / Romance
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Bread and Love

I woke up to the smell of.... bread. Had we opened yet? He can't open the bakery without me! I raced out of bed. Henry!!!!! He wouldn't dare not. My paws rushed down stairs. Was the bakery open? No. "Henry!" I barked. " Is the bakery open? Did you open it without me???" He turned around. Henry!

" Hi Pancake, just in time for the grand opening!"

He said that each time we opened the store. " Oooo, I can't wait!" I yipped. Henry didn't respond, he didn't understand what I said. That was the way us things were. Us dogs talked, yeah. But all humans heard were series of barks, yips, woofs, growls, and whimpers.

Our first costumer was this lady in a sweater. She had black hair tied up in a ponytail. "One loaf of whole wheat bread." she panted. I could tell that she had been running. Was she trying to lose weight? I could only wonder. " or... whole???" Henry blabbed.


Then, the looked up at each other. The click was so silent. Only a dog could hear it. I had to break this click, it was only supposed to be me and Henry. Not Henry and her! Bark! Do it now! " Woof! What do you think you're doing! Snap out of it, Henry! Wooooof!"

"Ummm..your dog...did I mention that I'm allergic to dogs?" The lady had broken the silence.

" Not to Pancake, he's hairless.."

They starred for some more time.

"Oh! My bread!"

" Hm? Oh, right!"

He handed her the bread.

"You don't have to pay, meet you later?"The lady thought.

" Sure. Byeeeeee!!!"

She hurried off. " WAIT!" Henry shouted, "MEET YOU AT THE PARK, FIVE PM!"

I heard a distant see you there! But nothing else.

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