Love is Weakness. [1]

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He is a wolf, a leader but yet a loner. His father marked his soul with many scars where his mother still tries to save it. A Luna is not on his agenda. She is just living her human life with her best friend, that is untill Conan enters her life. Her once so happy life turns into a nightmare. Will she love him? Will he love her? Will they be together? Or is love nothing but weakness?

Fantasy / Romance
Denicea Christina
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My friend took another shot and I sighed. This was going to be a long night. I looked around me at the drunk dancing people. Sometimes I wished I was more like them, that was untill I saw Tiff my best friend throw up again. I took a zip from my well deserved water. I had to convince the bartender to give me one, because apperantly only alcholics go out dancing in bars. He didn’t even know the price of it.

I look at Tiff and see that she has some struggles to hold her ballance. If I wasn’t so tired I would have probably giggled about it, but this was the second night in a row that we went out. I hated it, every second of it. All the drunk guys trying to grab on you, people who accidently poor their drinks on you. I hated it. Tiff however loved it and I loved her. So here I was again. I downed my glass of water and got up to dance with her. The guy behind her has been eyeing her for minutes now. I don’t blame him, she is beautiful with her long ginger hair and her hourglass body. However I wasn’t going to let her get home with him. He looked a little creepy and a little too old.

Tiff smiled at me the moment she notices I’m walking towards her. I started swaying my hips and smile back. I did love dancing. I usually just danced alone in my room with my headphones on, but hey what can I say? I gotta save my girl.

After an hour of dancing I shout in Tiff’s ear that I’m going to get a water and ofcourse she asks me to bring her back a vodka. While I’m walking to the bar I wave at the bartender. He rolls his eyes and shakes his head. I put on my most beautiful smile and bat my eyes a little. I hardly wore make-up, I didn’t need it because my eyelashes were long and I know guys like that. He melts a little.

‘Hello lovely bartender, my friend there needs a water and I’ll have a vodka coke please.’ I say with my most beautiful smile. Well, according to myself.

‘You sure the water is for her, sugar?’ he yells back so I can hear him over the music.

I pout and scream ‘Would I lie to you?’ He turns around to get the bottle of vodka. For a minute I’m afraid that he isn’t going to give me my water but he grabs a second glass and fills it up.

‘Thank you, you’re the best bartender in the world.’

Someone bumps into my side and I turn my head.

‘E-e-excuse me missssss’ a very drunk yet shy guy says. I just smile and lift up my shoulders. Whatever, story of my life. I’m a small girl and people bump into me all the time so I don’t even really mind anymore. I look back at the bartender and give him his money.

‘Have a good night, doll’ he says with a smile. Well, how about that? Mister Hard-Ass has a sweet side.

I take the glasses and return to Tiff. I’m so thirsty that I down my water in one zip. When I look up I see Tiff did the same with her vodka. A really really long night. The drunker Tiff gets the more she enjoys herself. We will never get home. Suddenly one of my favorite songs The DJ Got Us Falling In Love (Tonight) comes on and I start dancing again. Tiff and I spin around eachother, jump up and down and laugh so hard tears form in my eyes. I did love dancing with her. The song ends and Tiff pouts at me.

‘Why can’t they just repeat this song all night?!’ she screams. I lift up my shoulders and pout back. Suddenly a warmth creeps over me. I do love dancing with her a lot, I love her so much too. I stop at my own thoughts. I’m usually not this sweet of a person. If you’d ask Tiff to describe me she’d say; One sarcastic ass bitch, but she loves like no one else does. However I never say I love anyone out loud or even think about it. Not this way. Tiff and I keep dancing and after two more songs I feel my palms get sweaty.

‘Tiff, I’m hot. I’m going for some air! Don’t go anywhere, bitch.’ I yell at her.

She just smiles and screams ‘I love you too.’

I make my way through the crowd, here and there pushing someone to get more room. I smile sweetly at some of them who turn around. Nobody seems to care. The moment I feel the fresh air hitting my face I know something is wrong. My vision starts to double. I’m pretty sure the streetlights aren’t in rainbow colours either. I feel my body and alarm bells are ringing in my head. Did someone put something in my fucking drink?! I slowely breath in and out not unfamilair with the feeling. Someone definitely put something in my drink.

I turn around to get back inside when I bump into a guy. He is only a bit longer then me, which isn’t a good sign for a guy. I look at him and I can’t help but feel that something is wrong with this guy. I smile at him and try to walk around him but he grabs my wrist.

‘Stay with me, beautiful. You don’t want me to get lonely, do you?’ he says.

I feel a warm loving sensation come up my body at his words, but the alarmbells are still ringing. It’s the drugs, Stacia. Focus, you would never go with him. I try to pull back my arm, but he isn’t letting go.

‘Perhaps I didn’t give you enough..’ he says quietly. Almost too quiet.

Now my heart is really racing. He drugged me. I step closer to him and try to look as intimidating as possible. However my vision is kinda blurry and I’m not even sure if I’m really looking him into his eyes. He let’s out a low, almost demonic laugh.

‘I guess I gave you enough after all.’

Suddenly I feel too dizzy to stand up straight, I fall forwards right in his arms.

‘N-n-no.’ I try to say. I’m not sure if it came out correctly.

The guy hugs me close and whispers ‘Let’s go, beauty. Tonight you’re mine.’

I start screaming in my head but no words come out of my mouth. I fight and I fight, but my arms aren’t cooperating. Goddammit, I will kill this son of a bitch when I gain control again. I try to push my body harder but nothing is happening. He lifts me up and starts walking. NO! NO! Stacia, come on. You have to fight. I try and try, but the more I try to push my body the heavier it becomes. Suddenly he lays me down, I try to look at where we are but I can’t get my eyes to open. Somewhere far away I feel him touching my clothes. I try to roll over, but once again my body doesn’t do as I say.

So I do all that there’s left to do.. I cry. I’m not sure if it’s only in the inside or outside, but I know what’s happening. I feel the panick come up my throat, I see the darkness of my unconciousness creep up on me. The sound of my own cry rings in my ears. This is really happening.. Why me? Suddenly I am pulled on my side with force. The side of my head hits the pavement and for a moment I am able to open my eyes. I see a tall man on top of the guy that just attacked me. Is he hitting him? I try to focus, but everything turns black.

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