Ethelwine: School Of Magic

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Chapter 9

Sor walked into the now filling up classroom that was much smaller than the History Of The Unknown World classroom. She spotted an empty bench that had yet to be claimed. Placing herself in her chair she set her supplies out then peered around the room. This was the second intermediate course she had in her schedule and was a little intimidated by seeing the other second and third year students walk in.

“Is this seat taken?” A voice says from next to her.

She jumped slightly not expecting anyone to be in front of her. Her eyes widened slightly seeing the boy towering over the bench. He had a mop of curly hair with a slim figure and distinct facial features. He was very handsome and Sor felt her face heat up when she met his brown eyes.

“N-no. Go right ahead.” She mumbled and watched from the corner of her eye as he sat down.

“I’m Kiden by the way, Kaiden Reed.” He introduces himself holding his hand out once he settled in.

“Sorina.” She shook his hand feeling her cheeks warm up once more.

“So are you new? I haven’t seen you around before.” Kaiden questioned turning to face her.
Sor nodded her head “Yes, I’m a first year actually.”

His eyebrows rose in surprise “First year huh? In an intermediate class? Pretty impressive. I must be sitting next to a genius.”

Sor chuckled nervously “Not really, I just really love plants. I definitely wouldn’t call myself a genius.”

Kaiden smirked “Well either way, I’m glad I’m sitting next to you, some of these guys couldn’t tell the difference between a philodendron and a pothos.”

Sor let out a bell like laugh making his grin widen. “Plant joke, I like that.”

Kaiden chuckled and rested his elbows on the desk in front of him giving Sor all of his attention “If you liked that I have plenty more.”

Before she can say something else the door of the classroom swung open revealing a taller slim woman who was dressed in a flowing floral dress. Her dark hair was held up by a scarf and a beaded jewelry adorned her neck and ears.

“Good morning class! My name is Professor Montgomery and welcome to Intermediate Botany!”

Sor brought her attention to the professor and prepared to take notes. No doubt an intermediate course would jump right into it on the first day. She could feel Kaiden’s gaze still on her and felt her face heat up once more not used to any boy looking at her. “Now before we begin I’d like for you to get acquainted with your desk mate, they will be your partner for the rest of the year. Say a quick hello and turn to page 35 in your textbook.”

Kaiden turned his head to Sor with a wide smile “Hey there partner.”

“Welcome new hunters.” The crowd of first years has quieted down as Mr. Parkinson spoke. The students were in a building the size of a football field. All around them were people with various weapons training. People with guns shooting at targets. Pairs of people with various melee weapons sparring with each other. They were the 2nd-5th years. He gestured for the students to sit on the mat covered floor.

“Do not worry about them, you will join them soon enough. “Mr. Parkinson gave a wink to everyone. “But first we must go over a few things. First off, if you do not know I am Mr. Parkinson, the head of the Hunters. I am so glad to see you all here today. Second off, for the next five years this is your new family. Look out for each other, the in return the same will happen for you. If one of us falls, we all fall. We will be teaching you how to use and defend yourself against any weapon you may come across, while also teaching you the honorable trait of the hunt.”

He gave a confident smirk at this statement. "I can say in full confidence, that once you leave this school you will be prepared to face any prey..” he emphasized this word” ..that you may come across in the world. Oh! And one announcement. Stronghold tryouts are being held today after all classes are over. If you are interested come see me after training session.”

“Now, a few of you already have weapons of you own, very nice ones at that.” He glanced at Bart, who was now holding Dragonbreath in his hand. “But you did not bring your own, do not worry, we have plenty to choose from. Of course, you will have to buy these but if you can’t right now we do have layaway.” His statement received a few chuckles from the students.

“This year do not expect to go on a real hunt, we will establish your knowledge of hunting first. You will be trained offensively and defensively, and believe me, you’ll need it any creature you come up against will not go easy on you.” He looked at each student with seriousness “As it being your first year, please take the time to read all the books in your courses, you’ll never know when that information will be vital.”

Rena did her best to hide her scowl, the last thing she wanted was to do book work. She wanted to hunt dammit not sit around and read about it. The students were silent with wide eyes causing him to chuckle and give a smile “I understand this is a lot to take in but we are not finished just yet, if you would all follow me.” They all rose from the ground and began to follow the Headmaster.

Rena watched in amazement as all the upperclass students trained. This was everything she ever dreamed of. If only Lev was here, he’d have a field day with this.
“So figured out what you’re weapon is going to be?” Bart asks gaining Rena’s attention.

She bit the inside of her cheek in thought “Not sure yet, guess I’ll have to try a few things out.” Guns were cool but she wanted a weapon to be remembered by. For people to see and know she was Irena Beasley, the hunter, not just Luka’s little sister or a Beasley for that matter..

The group of around 25 students followed Mr. Parkinson as he was going over a few rules. “I shouldn’t have to say this but you would be surprised. No shooting or attacking in the armory. Besides, it is enchanted. You wouldn’t be able to even if you tried.” The group walked down a small flight of stairs to a blank wall. “Here we are. Remember, choose your weapon wisely. Your weapon of choice with very much reflect your style and personality.”

He drew a pattern on the blank wall with that glowed a bright blue when he had finished. The wall split and a door swung open . “Welcome to the Hunter’s armory.” Gasps were heard as people walked in a line. Rena and Bart finally came to the door and as they walked in their mouths fell open at the sight.

The room had to be at least half as big as the training room but replicated a large warehouse. It was packed with any gear that a warrior could hope to ask for. Rifles and shotguns were standing in racks that went down farther than they could see. Swords, maxes, and hammers, bows hung all along the walls. Drawers filled with different pistols, blades, and ammo were seen all throughout the room.

Barrels full of arrows were placed in various spots. Bart figures there were enough weapons in here to supply half of the worlds armies. Supply packs, first aid kits, combat boots, vests, MREs were all piled in different areas.

Rena began to wander through the armory in search of something to catch her eye. “Hey Bart, I’m gonna head this way.” She calls out not bothering to hear his response.

Choose wisely Beasley.′ She mumbles to herself. After a few minutes of walking she grew increasingly frustrated. Why hasn’t anything gotten her attention? Was she being too picky?

Ready to go and find Bart for help, she paused when something shiny caught her eye.

“What the.” She murmurs walking towards the golden display case that held two duo swords. “Whoa.”

The swords were breathtaking, their handles an iridescent pearl material that glimmered in the light, the blades themselves were a charcoal grey color. They were completely different from other swords in the armory. What caught her eye was the inscription on one of the blades

"Gloria resurget ex favilla judicandus" She read aloud “What the heck does that mean?”

“Glory will rise from ashes.”

She turned around to see Headmaster Parkinson standing behind her with his hands in his pockets. “Magnificent aren’t they?” He asks walking closer to the glass casing.

Rena nodded her head “Yeah, what’s the deal with the fancy display?” She asks studying the swords once more.

Mr. Parkinson chuckled “These are pretty old weapons, dated back thousands of years. Legend has it, they were forged from the ashes of a Phoenix.”

Rena rose an eyebrow in confusion “I thought the Phoenix was a myth?”

Parkinson shrugged “In our world, nothing really is a myth.” His lips turned up in a smile “Funny how you of all people were drawn to these weapons.”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh come on Irena, half the school knows your story, the girl searching for glory away from her family’s name. Breaking tradition and becoming a Hunter.”

Rena scowled, annoyed she has a ′story′ “What does that have to do with the swords?”

The headmaster chuckled once more “These swords belonged to a hunter with a similar story as yours. An adventure in search of glory. You’ll have to research it sometime.” He then reached over and pulled the swords out from their casing “I believe it’s fitting that you take these Irena. And Don’t worry about the price, technically these aren’t for sale.” He winked holding out the swords.

Nervously taking the swords from his hands Rena held them, noticing they were a bit heavy yet easy to handle. They were perfect.

Parkinson grinned and placed a hand on her shoulder “With training, I believe you have what it takes to be one of the greatest hunters the world has ever seen Irena Beasley.”

Bart shouldered his bow as he walked through the armory. “Amazing” He thought to himself. He opened a drawer that was full of tactical knives. He grabbed one, pulled it out of its sheath. The knife was all black, handle to blade. Bart decided that it would be handy to have a knife with him and was going to get it. Next he went over to a barrel of arrows and started picking through them. He figured he’d get some extra arrows seeing his the only ones in his quiver were made of dragon scales.

“Your brother was an archer as well.” Bart was startled. He turned around to see that Mr. Parkinson has left Rena to her shopping and was now standing in front of him. “He was one of the best students I’ve ever had. I couldn’t believe when I saw the list of new students that his brother was going to be in my class as well. May I?” He pointed at the bow on Bart’s shoulder.

“Oh uhhh sure.” He set the things he had gathered down and pulled the bow off of his shoulder. “I remember when August came back for his 4th year with this bow. I couldn’t believe it. A 21 year old had not only killed a dragon, but lived in the caves of it for a month while nursing the wounds he had received. Not only that but made a weapon out of the remains of the beast. Of course, not all of the headmasters were as impressed as myself or Mr. O’Malley when they found out that he had deliberately broken the boundaries that they had given him.” He was examining the bow, as if looking for flaws. He waved it back an forth and then balanced it on one finger. “Great man.” He seized ahold of the grip of the bow. “No doubt something that you have in common with him.” He held out the bow for Bart to take.

“Uhm..” Bart took the bow from his hand. “I do my best. Sometimes I don’t think I could ever live up to the potential be thought I had.”

Mr. Parkinson studies Bart for a few moments before a subtle grin came across his face. “I have no doubt whatsoever Mr. Winchester. And neither should you.” And with that, he walked out of the armory awaiting everyone to finish their shopping. Bart slung the bow back onto his shoulder and then grabbed his supplies following after his teacher.

Ali stepped into the familiar classroom a hoard of his fellow third year classmates beside him. “Aye you’d think these first years would learn to watch where their going. Sorry sooks nearly knocked me over.” The group surrounding him let out deep chuckles.

He immediately caught sight of a familiar blonde sitting in the middle section of the lecture room. A charming smile made its way onto his face as he sauntered over to her. “What are you doing here, bean? This is an intermediate class.”

Sor looked up from her notebook to see Ali standing over her. She blushed and sat back in her chair “I’m in this course Ali, intermediate Magic right?” Her head tilted curiously hoping she was in the correct classroom.

Ali stared at the green eyed girl in front of him nearly forgetting how to speak. He cleared his throat pushing away his slight embarrassment “Right.” He took a seat next to her slouching in his seat..

“So tell me bean, how did a first year manage to get into a class reserved for us second and third years?” He questioned humor evident in his voice.

Sor shrugged “Got lucky I guess.” A teasing glint flickered through her eyes making Ali smirk.

There was something about this girl.

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