Ethelwine: School Of Magic

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Chapter 16

Sor wrapped her arm around Hope who gave her a small smile as they walked towards the dorms “Don’t worry Hope, even if any of us have dates, you’re going to look beautiful that night I’ll be sure of it.”

Rena caught up to the two, the cool wind blowing through her curly hair “How exactly are you going to do that?” She asks walking next to the two girls.

Sor grinned “I’m designing our dresses of course. My magic isn’t just for plants.”

"Our dresses? Oh no, I’m not really a dress girl. You really don’t have to.” Rena protests earning a rare glare from Sor.

“Too bad. I’ve already started working on them. You’re wearing a dress.”

Rena cast Hope a look of defeat before giving her an encouraging smile “Hey, don’t worry about Bart. Guys like him are oblivious to everything. I’m sure he’ll get his senses knocked into him before the dance. ” Hope nodded her head no longer looking as dejected.

“I say, if we don’t get dates for this dance we three go together. Deal?”

Sor beamed at Rena “Deal!” She turned her head to Hope with a raised eyebrow “What do you say Hope?”
Unable to hide her grin she nodded her head “Deal!”

Bart, Trevor, and Garrett caught up to the girls not wanting them to be alone at night even though they could look after themselves. The group walked together back to their dorms. As they were passing the library they heard screams.

Bart pulled an arrow out and took off around the corner followed by the others. They ran into 3 mage girls. “T-that thing! W-what is that?” 40 yards away was a figure crouched over a body. He looked their way and stood. Bart sent an arrow flying towards the creature but it dodged. It bolted, Bart dropped his bag and sprinted after it.

“Bart no!” Sor said in a panic. Trevor sprinted after Bart transforming into a German Shepard mid sprint. “Trevor!” Hope yelled after them but they weren’t listening. The creature got to the other end of the courtyard where the grim training facility was and started up the wall. “Not this time.” Bart stopped suddenly and pulled an arrow out in one fluid motion and released. The arrow hurled through the air hitting its target and causing him to fall back down the wall. Trevor bolted past Bart barking and growling.

The creature was just getting up off the ground when Trevor attacked sinking his teeth into the creature. There was a loud hissing noise before it swatted Trevor 50 ft the other way. There was a yelp from the German Shepherd and the creature pulled the arrow out, and climbed back up the wall. It escapes while Bart ran to Trevor to see if he was okay.

The rest of the group ran up to the 3 mages who seemed to be in shock “Hey it’s alright we’re going to get help now.” Hope soothes out trying to comfort to the pale faced girls.

“Oh god.” Rena breathes out looking over at the dead body. “Sor, Hope you two go and get O’Malley and Ali if you can, call an ambulance as well. Garrett you go check on Bart and Trev. I’ll stay here with the girls and the body.” Not wanting to question her in this situation the group split off.

A few minutes later Sor and Hope returned with Mr. O’Malley in tow. “Ali’s still knocked out. Must have prescribed too much...” said Sor, partially amused by the situation.

“What’s going on here, Ms. Beasley? What did you see?”

Rena immediately began to recount the events that had just occurred merely moments ago.

“Come on man get up.” Bart grabbed Trevor’s hand as he transformed back to human. Trevor groaned as he got up. “You were right. He hits hard.”

Garrett ran up to the two of them. “Are you guys alright?” Bart looked up at the building where the creature had fled.

“Yeah. We’re good.” Trevor and Garrett started to walk back to the group. “I’ll catch up in a sec.” Bart jogged over to where the creature had fallen. He saw it. He reaches for his arrow and examined it.

“How is there no blood?” He looked around the scene but nothing. He ran back with his arrow in hand.

“What have you got there Bart?” Mr. O’Malley asked approached the boys with their friend’s following behind.

“What? Oh. Nothing. Just one of my arrows.” He lied before shoving it back in his quiver. “Oh man.” He looked at the body for the first time. “Its Leon. He’s one of the Hunter’s attackers.”

It didn’t take long for the ambulance to show up, Trevor was checked for any injuries while the mage girls were speaking with O’Malley and a couple of officers.

Rena glared at Bart who leaned against the ambulance truck looking lost in thought as people bustled around “That was really reckless of you Bart. You and Trevor could have seriously gotten hurt.” She states standing in front of him.

“I couldn’t let that thing get away again! It killed another student.”

“And it could have killed you too.” She shot back continuing to glare at him.


“Guys.” Sor interrupts quietly approaching the two “I was just listening to the paramedics talk about Leon, they found two puncture marks on his neck and most of his blood was drained from his body.”

Rena and Bart exchanged looks as Sor continued looking nervous “I’m not exactly sure but I-I think that thing is a vampire.”

The group sat around The O’Malley living room drinking tea. Mr. O’Malley came from the kitchen with a tray of pound cake. “Alright then.” He set it down as everyone grabbed a slice. “What are we talking about hm?”

“I was just reminding Bart and Trevor how stupid it was to attack that thing.” She shot a look at Bart. “And I was reminding her that this thing has already killed 3 people, including my teammate and will kill more if it’s not stopped.” Bart snarled back.

“You could have died!” Rena threw her hands up in the air.

“This is coming from the girl who used to sneak off and hunt werewolves with her pals.”

“Enough! Bickering does nothing to diffuse the moment, hm?” O’Malley’s tone, even when visibly agitated, was ever still. It was that of a confidant - you were free to speak without worry of judgement or assumption.

He pressed one large palm to his forehead and closed his eyes. “I need you to, veryyy intently, listen to what I am going to tell you. There is a clear pattern to this. There are three. Students. Who are no longer with us, and each of them were done in much the same way, hm.

Now, the paramedics have informed me to be on alert, but I cannot divulge much more at this point. But I am inclined to believe we are dealing with something incredible dark here.”

“A vampire.” Sor said, instantly wishing to take it back now that all eyes were on her.

“...and what do you know of it, Ms. Dalca?”

“Well I overheard some paramedics talking about the bite marks and blood being drained from Leon. Along with the creature’s incredible speed and strength, I put all the pieces together and it’s pretty obvious we’re dealing with a vampire .” She states nervously “why it’s here though is a mystery, vampires aren’t known to be in this part of the world. They’re mostly resided in the eastern part of Europe” Her lips pursed in thought.

“So what do we do?” Rena asks turning O’Malley with her arms crossed.

“Vampires are supposed to be large creatures with wings though right? And like Ali said, there’s never been a case of one taking another form.” Hope said curiously looking at Mr. O’Malley. “Has there?”

O’Malley sighed. “I’m sorry, but this is not my field of expertise. I feel I know as much as you lot, hm.... however, I’m certain that there are professors who would have that type of knowledge. Garrett, my boy, we need to sit with Headmaster Novak and pick her brain.”

“Yes sir.”

“Now, I hope this does not come across as...overbearing. I do not want any of you back out walking on campus. If you would, I’d prefer you all stay here for the night, hm? I have enough space in this bloody home for everybody.”

“So they just found the boy’s body on the lawn?” Ali was leaning against his desk, facing behind him.

“And you dummies gave chase?”


“And then you stayed the night at my place and NO ONE thought to stir me awake?” He said in an exaggerated tone, before plopping into his seat and folding his arms to be childish. “How could you let me miss the good stuff, people?”

“Sor said that you wouldn’t wake up.”

“Hey! Don’t pin this on me! I may have put too much lavender in the salve but I was just trying to help.” Her lips pulled into a pout as she crossed her arms.

“Well I might have if she tried harder!”
As they bickered, the side door of the classroom opened. It wasn’t the usual Mr. Parkinson strolling in, however. This teacher was much younger. He walked in with a heavy limp in his stride, and seemed to be having an issue breathing. He set his bag down my the board and began. “Good morning, my name is Professor Mort,” He said as he wrote on the board. “I will be the adjunct for this course for the...foreseeable future.

Now as you know, there has been great tragedy to strike the school this semester, so the headmasters have a lot on their respective plates. Due to this, Headmaster Parkinson will be taking a leave of teaching to focus his energy on making Ethelwine a safe environment once again”.

Professor Mort winced. Bart raised his hand. “Uhhhh. Professor Mort, are you okay?”

“Ah yes! Fine, fine. Been having the most difficult time sleeping, and the soreness that ensues. Say, you’re Mr. Winchester correct? You carry quite a reputation.” The slimy instructor looked intently at Bart, but it was indistinguishable whether it was admiration or loathing.

Rena leaned over to Sor who sat next to her “Is it me or is this guy super creepy?”

Sor nodded her head slowly in agreement “Definitely super creepy.”

“Hopefully not a bad one.” Bart said calmly back to the Professor. He studied the professors expressions towards him. “Surely I’m imagining it.” He thought to himself

“There’s still time for all that, boy.” Mort said, attempting to make a joke of it. “Now,” he faced the board, “please take out the text and turn to chapter 7. We are going to discuss magic creatures.”

Ali turned to Garrett. “Why can you Grims not find a professor worth a damn?”

“Shut up.”

“Actually Professor before we start.” Hope raised her hand. Professor Mort seemed to be attempting to hide his irritability. “I was wondering if you knew anything about vampires?”

He turned back towards the class. “I know enough to teach, Ms..?”
He was very condescending.

“Johnson, Sir. My name is Hope Johnson”

Mort smirked, annoyed. “Ms. Johnson. I am sure we will be able to cover all of your questions as we dive in to the lesson. Now let’s begin! Magic creatures are as old as magic itself. They take many...”

Ali drowned the professors creaky voice out. Turning to Hope, he gave a look that mocked the professors stupid expression.

“Do you have something to say Mr. O’Malley? Or do you think that because your father is a headmaster that you are exempt from listening to my lesson?” He was still writing on the board.

“Ho-how did he know?” Bart thought to himself

Rena and Sor exchanged looks of bewilderment, this guy was beyond creepy now.

“We-well I was just telling the guys this week great it would be to learn from someone so knowledgeable i-in this subject.” He rubbed his forehead in his palm, trying not to look dumb.

“Ah, okay. I see what this is then. Class, listen carefully.” The Professor hobbled towards the center of the floor. “As you probably have heard rumor of, I was once a student at this very school. A Grim. And as I’m sure those of you in here can attest, our class does not always carry with it...pure association. I have traveled, Mr. O’Malley, and I have seen great works of magic in my time” his voice droned, and his gaze went beyond the seated students.
“...I do not take it lightly. Now! If there are no more interruptions, may I please teach this course?”

Bart looked over and saw Ian snickering across the classroom

Sor’s gaze followed Bart’s to Ian who shot her a wink. She scowled and quickly looked away.
Today’s class period seemed to drag forever. The squad sat in perpetual silence until Mort dismisses the class, and they bolted as soon as they could.

“Aye, was that insufferable or what? ‘I’ve seeeeen some things!’ That man is way too serious.”

“Agreed.” Bart said as they walked. “Something is off about him.” Just then Sonya, the Hunter’s Stronghold captain walked up up. “Oh hey Sonya.” Bart said.

“Hey Bart.” She said gloomily. “I take it you heard about Leon?” Bart shifted uneasily. “Oh. Yeah. I can’t believe he’s gone.”

“Yeah me neither. He was a nice guy. Look, anyway, I know it’s soon but, you’re taking his spot on the team. I don’t think he would want us to dwell on it, he would want us to win this thing for him. So are you with us?”

Bart was somewhat stunned. “Uh, Yeah. Yeah for sure.”

“Okay good. I’ve seen you train, you’ll fit in great I think” and with one last small smile she walked off the opposite direction.

“Congrats Winchester. You’re no longer a benchwarmer.” Rena teases slugging Bart on the arm.

Ali put his hands on the back of Bart’s shoulders “You did it boy! Haha! We have to celebrate!”

“Look what happened to cause it though.”

Ali dialed back the excitement. “Aye, but that’s no fault of yours. There’s nothing you could do to change that.”

Amongst the excitement of the group Sor heard her name being called “Hey Sorina!” She turned around to see Kaiden jogging towards her through the mass of students.

“Hey Kaiden.” She greeted with a small smile.
“I’m heading to Botany, I figured since we have the same class I can walk you there?” He offered a charming smile hoping she’d say yes.

Sor glanced at Rena and Hope who nodded their heads encouragingly, urging her to go. “Uh sure. I guess I’ll catch up with you guys later?” She was still unsure about it, she didn’t want anyone thinking there was anything going on between the two of them.

“Cool, we should probably go before we’re late.” With that the two made their way down the hall “See ya later O’Malley.” He calls out with a grin as he passes the rest of the group.

Rena chuckled and shook her head “Americans, they waste no time going after what they want.”

Hope raised her eyebrow at Rena. She was American too.
Rena grinned over at Hope “Not an insult Hopey, just an observation.” She lowered her voice slightly “But I bet Kaiden will ask her to the dance before the end of the month.”

“Hopefully not.” Bart said with a distaste.

“Well, some boys are willing to take that leap of faith Bart. Some more than others.” She turned to head towards the Architect building “I’ll see you guys later.” And she stomped off not leaving room for anyone to reply.

“Okay What is her deal?” Bart demands watching her walk off.

“Ladies. No one knows what the deal is, lad.” Ali shook his head.

“Not going to answer that. Figure it out yourself Winchester.” She rolled her eyes and made her way towards her next class.

“See ya guys.” Bart said to Garrett, Ali, and Trevor. “But you do know!” He said chasing after Rena to their class.

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