Ethelwine: School Of Magic

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Chapter 19

Halloween Part 1

October 31st had rolled around and Dry Ridge was in a buzz of excitement due to the town’s favorite holiday finally arriving. To celebrate a large festival was put together throughout the town and in Ethelwine’s campus. The group decided to meet up in the basement so that they could walk to the festivities together. Sor, Rena, and Trevor unlocked the door and walked down the stairs. Hope had arrived early to help Bart with the costume she had picked out for him.

Bart was sitting on his desk. He had a big, baggy, and yellow button up onesie on. His big red shoes looked to be 10 sizes too big on him. Hope was standing in front of him with a tin of red face paint in her hand while applying the make up to his face.

“I can’t believe I let you talk me into this, I look ridiculous.” Hope continued spreading different colors of face paint.

“It’s FUNNY.” She kept laughing as she applied yellow face paint. “Besides, it’s better than your cliche Robin Hood idea. Like really, could you be less creative.” Bart jerked away as she touched his cheek with blue.

“Stop moving.” She was giggling some more unable to help herself.

“It’s cold. Don’t you need to be getting ready?”

Hope finished her last touches. “There.” She started laughing again “Perfecto. And it won’t take me long, I only need a few minutes.”

“Okay put it on.” She states holding out a wig for him to take.

Bart stood there grumly. “This is humiliating.”

“Stop being dramatic and put it on.” Bart sighed and grabbed a rainbow colored Afro wig and put it on his head. Hope tucked in his hair that was sticking out and started laughing again.

“There. You look great.” She turned to see her friends walk in. “Hey guys, check out Bart’s awesome costume.”

Sor was the first to walk in, she wore a white gown with a single halter over her shoulder that flowed down to her bare feet. Her short hair was curled with a golden leaf crown adorned on her head. Her eyes widened seeing Bart’s costume before she stifled a laugh “Oh. Bart, you’re costume is really...nice.” She gave him a forced smile.

Rena stepped in behind her dressed in her Red Riding Hood costume and let out a very loud laugh “Wow Winchester, that’s a spiffy getup you got going on.”

Trevor was in a Thor costume. He had a long blonde wig and was holding a plastic replica of the god’s hammer. When he saw Bart did his best to suppress his laugh. “Oh hey Bart. Nice nose.”

He pointed at the big red ball nose that Hope had stuck on his face.

“It was Hope’s idea.” Bart said glumly.

The blonde had a large grin on her face that was a mixture of pride and mischief. “Give me a minute, I just gotta get ready real fast. Ali and Garrett are up stairs, we’ll head up there once I’m dressed.”

With that, she walked into the bathroom with her costume.

“This.” Rena pauses between laughter “Is the greatest day of my life.” She got closer to his outfit “Aw and there’s a little flower on it too, how cute.”

Bart squeezes a small inflated ball that was hidden inside his sleeve and a stream of water shot out of the center of the flower hitting Rena straight in the face. “Oops. Sorry.” Bart said with a fake smile on his face. “Must’ve over-watered it this morning.”

Rena’s eyes widened in shock before she glared “I’m going to kil-”

“OKAY, let’s get a move on before Rena her murders Bart. Ali is waiting for us anyways.” Sor interrupts shoving Rena up the stairs trying to hide her giggles.

Hope came out of the bathroom in her costume. She wore a deep navy policeman’s uniform with a black tie and gold badge pinned to her left breast pocket. Her belt came equipped with a nightstick, handcuffs, a pistol holster and a handheld taser. Her hair was tucked into a navy captains hat on and under her nose was a very large, very fake, blonde mustache. Bart unscrewed the silencer off his pistol and handed it to her. She holstered it looking proud.

“Officer Johnson is on the case.”

Trevor rolled his eyes. “God, you’re obnoxious.”

Hope slugged him in the arm. “Whatever nerd. Let’s go.” The three of them went upstairs to join Ali and Garrett.

The group came into the living room to find the boys in full costume. Garrett dressed as a mime while Ali dressed as Vito Corleone. The Irish boy turned to face his friends and proceeded to walk with an exaggerated limp. “Ahhhh, my son,” he said, looking at Trevor before cupping his face with one hand. “You look strong. Come here” Ali faked going in for a kiss on Trevor’s cheek.

“Get off me man! Stop!”

They wrestled for a second and then each came up laughing. “Well you guys look fit for a fright! As you can see, I am none other than the Don. Garrett is...ugh. A mime.”

“Less people to talk to.” He gave a flimsy smirk.

Bart narrowed his eyes at Hope. “Out of all the costumes that involve face paint you thought of a clown but not a mime.”

“Oh come on lad, I think it’s great! It takes a certain bravery to show up to such a huge party wearing that. It’s going to be a hit!” Ali took a final sip of his drink and motioned to the door.

“Let’s go! Lead the way, Bobo!” He gave a hearty push to Bart’s shoulder.

Bart grumbled something about clowns and Robin Hood as he walked out the door

Rena leaned over to Ali “Please tell me you’re going to get pictures of this.”

The boy held up his cellphone with a mischievous grin.

The group walked down the street observing all the decorations and all the things that people dressed up as. “So, what’s first Ali?” Trevor asked as he stared as a large inflated pikachu walked past them

“The same thing that’s always” They walked through the courtyard where games and set pieces were all spread out, creating one giant carnival-like event. “We’ll cut through to the dining hall. People like to bring traditional dishes from where they’re from, but make them spoooooky!”

“Can we get a count for how many times we hear the word spooky tonight?”

“At least 25.” Garrett said nonchalantly.

While never an official theme, there was commonality to the way the booths and the games were set up each year. This year in particular took a lot of inspiration from Salem. Professors dressed as either Protestants or witches and helped make the night go smoothly.

“Is there anything cool to do besides the grim building?

“Oh there’s loads!” Ali said, maneuvering through the dressed up students. “There’s costume contests and eating contests and a corn maze and...well, anything really! What sounds good?”

“Oh a maze sounds fun!” Hope said excitedly. They approached the outside of the dining hall.

“Hey isn’t that that Kaiden kid who’s walking towards us?? From your class, Sor?” Bart pointed in front of them.

“Is he...shirtless?” Ali said with pure annoyance.

“Why the heck is he shirtless It’s like 60 degrees out here.” Bart was equally annoyed. “Oh god he actually is coming towards us.”

Sor’s face turned deep red seeing Kaiden shirtless. Rena let out a laugh in amusement seeing her roommate’s blush covered face. Not only was the boy good looking in the face but the abs displayed on his body were very nice to look at. At that moment pretty much every girl was thankful for Stronghold training. Oh this was going to be fun.

All of the guys looked at each other awkwardly, also being sure to eyeball a way out of this interaction

Bart looked over at Hope, who hasn’t taken her eyes off of Kaiden. “Ahem” Bart raised an eyebrow at her.

Hope looked as if she was pulling her eyes away. “Yes? Oh. I mean what’s up Bart?” She tried to look innocent.

“Enjoying the view?” Hope’s face turned pink. “I was just trying to figure out what his costume was.” Bart laughed at this poor excuse.

“Oh yeah I’m sure. Hey, it’s not too late. You can go with him to the dance instead.” He had a sarcastic tone to his words but Hope could tell he wasn’t mad.

“Why would do that when I have such a handsome date already?” She again tries to give a big innocent smile.

“Uh-huh. Right.” Bart turned towards Ali and rolled his eyes. “What’s with this guy, man?”

“Rena stop it.” Sor hissed out as she continued making comments, smacking her arm.

Rena chuckled and shrugged still not taking her eyes off of him “What? He’s the one who chose that costume, I’m just admiring his work.”

“Ugh.” Sor groaned in annoyance as Rena continued to laugh as Kaiden approached the group.

“Hey Sorina!” He greets standing in front of the group “Great party huh? You look great.” Sor blushed again

“T-thanks Kaiden.” She did her best to look ANYWHERE but his bare torso.

“Hey nice costume Bart! A clown! Classic!” Bart gritted his teeth. “Thanks. You too. What are you? Underwear model? Nice one.” He said unenthusiastically.

“Oh no, I’m a lifeguard. See it says it on my float.” Kaiden chuckled a little pointing at the red float in his hand..

“Oh right how silly of me.”

Rena elbowed Bart in the gut “You’re costume looks great Kaiden!” She smiled sweetly at him.

He grinned “Thanks. So where are you guys headed next? Mind if I tag along?”

“Well actua-” Bart got another elbow from Hope.

‘Please don’t’ Ali mouthed silently behind Kaiden.

“We’d love for you to join us!” Hope answers with a smile ignoring the boys..

Bart looked at her in disbelief. Hope stared at him for a second and then laughed out loud. “Sorry, I can’t take you seriously when you have a rainbow wig and red nose.”

Bart glared at her until she finally composed herself and stopped laughing. She mouthed “be nice.” While her eyes seemed to say “or else.”

“We’re heading to the dining hall now, come on.” Rena says with a grin.
The group made their way towards the entrance of the building, before they could walk farther she yanked on the sleeves of Bart and Ali’s costumes pulling them back from the group.


“What the hell Rena!”

“Whatever problem you have with Kaiden cut it out.” She whispered threateningly as she glared over at the two “He obviously likes Sor and she could possibly like him back so don’t ruin this for her. Be. Nice.”

“Oh bean, I would never do anything to sabotage a blooming relationship. I’m sure he can do that all by himself.”

“You WANT her to like him? Look at him Rena. A lifeguard? It’s October”

“Maybe he’ll make himself ill and we can just ditch him on the lawn!”

“You two are ridiculous” She replies with her arms crossed “Look he’s a sweet guy and if you have eyes, you can see he worships the ground Sor walks on. She deserves that. So what’s going to happen is that you two are going to be NICE to Kaiden, he might be coming around more often, now’s the time to get over...whatever problem you have with the guy.” She looked between the two with a glare “Got it?”

Bart looked between Rena his mouth open. “I a-. I’m not-.” He clenched his jaw. “Fine.”

Rena grinned brightly, her threatening demeanor gone “Perfect, tonight’s going to be great!”

“But you owe us”

“Fine whatever, I’ll owe you. Now let’s get back to our friends.” With that she turned around and entered the dining hall mumbling under her breath “Idiots.”

Tonight’s spread was gloriously Halloween theme. Drinks disguised as potions; food disguised as flesh. Just about any European dish that you could imagine.

“Ooooh...spooky food.”

“That’s 3.” Bart sat down with his spaghetti. “You sure there no human meat in this?”

“Nah human meat takes totally different.” Sor responds monotone taking a bite of her food earning horrified looks from her friends “I’m just joking.”

Ali laughed. He took a massive bite of the pasta. “So, we’ll finish here and then hit the Maze, maybe play some games? And then...we’ll finish spooktacularly at the Grim building” the group groaned at this terrible use of Ali’s new catchphrase.

“Well look who we found guys.” Ian walked to the table flanked by two guys.

“Where’d you get the outfit Winchester? I’ve been looking for a Beasley costume all month.” Bart gritted his teeth. “Beat It Ian.”

Ian laughed. “The clown is trying to be tough. Beat it or what circus freak?”

Bart’s fist slammed the table as he stood up. “Or you’ll get a size 27 shoe up your a-”

“Guys that’s enough!” Hope said sternly. “It’s Halloween, don’t you guys have something better to do?” Ian and his friends snorted and laughed as they turned to walk off.

“What a loser. No wonder his family got themselves killed to get away from him.” Bart’s jaw dropped, but shortly after clenched with anger. He got up and started to reach for Hope’s nightstick. Too slow, Rena was already to her feet

“You really are an insufferable baboon aren’t you?” She said marching over to Ian who turned in anger.

“What the hell did you just call me you bi-” before he had a chance to finish his sentence Rena had already reared her fist back and sent him falling backwards clutching his nose in agony.

“I called you an insufferable baboon you asshat. And if I ever hear you say anything like that about MY friends you’ll see that this was mercy compared to what I can really do.” She glared down as him as he whimpered in pain, blood streaming down his nose.

“Ooooh shite!”

Everyone laughed at the large bully getting dropped. It had to have been one of the most embarrassing things ever.
“...we should probably get out of here, aye?”

“Yeah let’s go.” Rena answers as the group stands to their feet, she turned to join her friends as they exited the dining hall. “You’ll pay for this Beasley!”

Rena snorted and waved a hand uncaringly “Sure I will ape head”

“Your knuckles look like they hurt Rena, I’m sure I have some salve here to help with that.” Sor says pointing down to Rena’s red and slightly bruised knuckles.

Rena chuckled and shook her head “Nah I’m fine, I like looking down and being reminded of how awesome I am.” She smirked causing Sor to giggle

“At least take this.” Kaiden unzipped his red lifeguard fanny pack and pulled out a bandage wrap and handed it to her. “A life guard always comes prepared.”

Bart clenched his jaw to bite back his comment and looked at Ali. Ali looked straight ahead and nowhere else. His eye started twitching from not saying something

“You’re too sweet Kaiden. Thanks.” She smiled brightly at him taking the bandage and wrapping her hand.

Kaiden turned to Sor with a grin “Your friends are pretty great. Should of hung around you guys a lot sooner.”

Sor smiled awkwardly “Yeah they’re the best.” She noticed just how close Kaiden had been walking to her, their shoulders were nearly brushing with each step they took. Since they had begun spending time together during Kaiden’s tutoring sessions, they had move past acquaintences and have slowly become friends.

The group was slightly ahead of the two as they made small talk about plants, spells and whatever else they could come up with. Sor had begun to slightly enjoy Kaiden’s presence, it was nice to talk to someone who had the same interests as her.

“So Sor,” Kaiden starts off, nervously scratching the back of his head “This dance that’s coming up I was wondering if you’d-”

There was a commotion from their friends in front of them. Sor looked and saw Bart on the ground, Ali, Trevor and Rena were standing over him doubled over from laughter while Hope helped him to his feet.

“Oh my gosh, Bart are you okay?” Sor and Kaiden has caught up to them now.

“Yeah I’m good.” He grunted as he got to his feet and dusted himself off. “Stupid clown shoes. Who thought these were a good idea? They’re way too big and they make you walk weird.”

Hope picked his red nose off of the ground and dusted it off. “That’s the point dummy. They’re supposed to make you walk weird, that’s what’s funny.” She stuck the nose back onto his face.

“Maybe for you all.” Ali and Rena were still doubled over from laughter.

“Well that corn maze was pretty sucky.” Trevor said as they walked out.

“I bet I could design one way better than that” Hope said as if she were inspired.

“You have to admit, watching Bart trip over his own feet the whole time made it SO much better.” Rena replied with a laugh.

The group played a few games here and there before making their way to the main attraction. The Grim Dorm was truly a sight to see: the cosmetic spells made the whole building look old and decomposed. The yard was torn to shreds and the sounds of ghosts and ghouls echoed from the openings in the walls and windows.

"So. Spooky."

They arrived a little late, and had to wait in line for their turn. “How many are you taking tonight, O’Malley?”

“7!” Rena elbowed him in the side. “Ow! I mean...8.”

Kaiden and Sor has been making faces at each other, and unfortunately missed this lapse of memory from Ali.

The group walked into the building after waiting. “The Grims really go all out.” Bart said looking around the room. The room was turned, so where they walked in they were standing on the right wall. The ceiling was to their right and the floor on their left. They walked further into the building slowly. Distant screams could be heard from people farther into the building.

A hand burst from the ground and grabbed Hope’s ankle. She let out a blood curdling scream and latched herself to Trevor’s arm.

“We haven’t been here for more than 2 minutes Hope.” Trevor said in annoyance as he pried her off of him. “She jumps really easily.” He looked at the group and rolled his eyes at her.

The group moved farther into the building. They got to a long dark hallway. The arrows pointed to go towards the other end. They slowly made their way through the hall. Moans could be heard all around then. There was a rumbling in the floor, and then suddenly a giant stone wall shot up behind them.

“What the-” another wall shot up pushing Kaiden and Sor apart. Sor fell to the ground as Bart rushed over trying to get through the wall. A third wall sprung up, and then a fourth. The whole group was now separated.

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